Tarp is back on, then off

Sorry, folks. But just as the grounds crew was working on the field, it began raining again. A few minutes later, it stopped, and the tarp came back off.

It’s possible that the weather has the best deception of the night.


All they need to do is get one more inning in.

Not that anyone would ever suggest not trying to score more runs, but would we all be happy if whoever bats for the Tigers just sits there and either looks at three strikes or swings at 3 pitches off the plate so we can get to the top of the 5th and get through it to pick up the win?

I should know this, but does Marcus’ second HR get washed out if the game is called now?

No, the game will either be called as an official game since 5 full innings have been played, or it’ll be suspended and completed at a later date. I’m not clear now though what the rules are on when games are suspended rather than called as an official game.

According to the rules on MLB.com:

(a) A game shall become a suspended game that must be completed at a future date if the game is terminated for any of the following reasons:

(5) Weather, if a regulation game is called while an inning is in progress and before the inning is completed, and the visiting team has scored one or more runs to take the lead, and the home team has not retaken the lead.

So while it’s the middle of the inning, since the Tigers are the home team and leading I’d have to say that it would be called. Even if not, they’d just come back and play the last 2 innings before tomorrow’s game.

Quite a watershed week for the Tigers seaon. Have to tip the hat to JL for his contract extension and the moves he has made shaking them out of the funk. Have a feeling Mr I. was involved in the 2 year extension without anything going DD’s way.
What a catch by Kelly – has to be one of the best for the year diving full stretch and catching in front – easily the hardest IMO.
Hate my bias but I just can’t stand Boras – seems to represent everything bad about baseball, just hope Maggs isn’t caught up in the middle. He has plain had an ugly June thus far hitting .125 / .167 OBP for RISP scenarios. These are like Sardinha figures, not a guy getting $18m without legs capable of running.

Mr. Boras may be only doing what he thinks is his job, but his comments are way out of line. He can quote all the stats he wants, but anyone who has actually seen the games knows that Maggs is in a very unusual slump. This slump probably has much to do with personal issues and these comments from a man who supposedly represents Maggs’ best interests are making it worse.
This is a team issue and will be handled as such. Neither Jim Leyland, Dave Dombrowski, or Mike Ilitch have ever done anything to show themselves as anything other than straight shooters and the remarks from Mr. Boras are insulting to all three of these men. ….Denny Crane.
As longtime Tigers fans, we can disagree with JL or DD all we want, but I don’t want to hear any outsiders talking bad about them.

In situation like this, you guys should drive 3 and a half hours and play inside Rogers Centre. I wouldn’t mind that.

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