Rain delay update

UPDATE @ 10:10pm: Tarp has now been taken off the field. Looks like there’s a window to at least get this game official, if not finished.

UPDATE @ 9:20pm: This game had been set to resume around 9:30. Just when the grounds crew was about to remove the tarp, however, it started pouring again. The stakes are back in for now. This is going to be tricky, since there’s another nasty, large storm cell approaching from the west.

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Looks like there may be time to get in a couple of innings. At least make it an official game, since we’ve already had all this action. Hate to see it all count for nothing. It’s a messy business, trying to play a makeup with an NL team. Not sure if I’d take the same position if we were losing the game, though.
Hey, our bats were smokin’. Good to see. Marcus with 2 homers in 2 games off RHers, and a missile from Dusty. I thought the umpires made a good call on that one, BTW. I was afraid they’d put Anderson back at thirdbase. Galarraga was pulling a Houdini tonight. I just wonder if he wouldn’t benefit greatly from a short minor league assignment.

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