Ordonez calls situation embarrassing, but not angry

While manager Jim Leyland is going out of his way to emphasize that Magglio Ordonez is not benched, and agent Scott Boras is arguing that Ordonez didn’t deserve to be taken out of the lineup, Ordonez is sounding surprisingly calm about the matter.

That doesn’t mean he’s taking it completely in stride.

“Yes, it’s embarrassing,” Ordonez said when asked how he’s feeling about not being in the lineup right now.

Ordonez talked with reporters Friday for the first time since manager Jim Leyland announced he was going to sit Ordonez indefinitely. Leyland talked again about his decision Friday when asked about it after the Tigers announced Leyland’s two-year contract extension.

“Magglio Ordonez is not benched,” Leyland said. “What I said was, and what I meant was, that I’m going to get him out of there indefinitely. And what I mean by that is, by Magglio’s own admission, and from what I’ve seen and the coaches have seen, we were kind of beating our head against the wall, all of us.

“I’ve tried [batting him in] the third spot. I’ve tried the fifth spot. I’ve tried the sixth spot. For whatever reason, we just haven’t been able to get him going yet, and that’s also by his own admission.”

Ordonez said he had no problem with the way Leyland has handled the decision. Leyland said he had three different conversations with Ordonez recently.

“We both try hard, the organization, everybody,” Ordonez said. “They don’t want me to do bad. I don’t want to do bad.”

Asked how he’s handling it himself, Ordonez said, “I’m handling it good. It’s something that I can’t control. I just prepare myself to be ready to play every day.

“I haven’t been hitting like I used to. But, like I said, I’m just going to come every day to the park ready to play. I don’t have control of the lineup. When he chooses me to play, I’ll be ready to play.”

Ordonez was asked about his hitting. He has had his share of singles as part of his .273 average, but with two home runs and nine doubles, his power has taken the greatest hit.

“Probably one of the reasons is I’m worrying about things that are out of my control,” Ordonez said. “And I probably forget what I do best is hit and play the game. If you see my history, in my career, I have good numbers. But I’ll be OK. I’ll be ready. I know how to hit. I know how to play the game. I’ve just run into a little bump, and I’ll be back.”

Ordonez’s agent, Scott Boras, came to his client’s defense earlier in the day.

“Take a look at what (Red Sox manager) Terry Francona is doing with David Ortiz,” Boras told the Detroit News. “And this man has nowhere near the numbers of Magglio Ordonez in recent seasons. And Ortiz is coming off a bad year from the year before (2008).

“A-Rod in the month of June hit .137 in 2006. Jeter, I believe, for two months hit under .200. They didn’t bench him.

“Give me the compelling reasons for benching Magglio. You bench Magglio, and you’re gonna have a problem — a real problem justifying that to me.”

Boras did not return a phone message left Friday by MLB.com.

Boras becomes involved in part because of Ordonez’s contract. His 2008 club option at $15 million automatically vests if he has 1,080 total plate appearances in 2008-09. He needs 215 more plate appearances this year to reach it.

Asked how much his contract situation weighs on his mind, Ordonez said, “It’s something that is out of my hands. It’s something that I don’t control.”


Well, just got back from the park, decided not to wait out the rain delay. Even though I hear that the tarp is off, I tell you in Royal Oak there is a ton or rain, a ton of thunder and a ton of lightening right now. Weather is a amazing..
Regarding Maggs, I hope he can get it together, I don’t think that anyone including DD, Illitch and JL want this for Magglio, they want him to hit, they all know this guy is needed for this team to be successful. So I don’t buy Bora’s assertion that they don’t want Magglio to play because they don’t want to pay. That is rubbish.

This could get messy, considering how often the Tigers usually deal with Boras for free agents and draft picks.
Boras obviously has to defend his client, but I seriously doubt A-Rod hit everything weekly to the right side in June of 2006. If Maggs showed any sign of doing what Ortiz has done recently, I’m sure he would be in the lineup. And didn’t Boston sit Ortiz for a little bit to get right as well?
Hope they get this game in – finally some offense!

This sounds a lot like what Mike Babcock did with Chris Osgood when he gave him that ten day break because he was under performing and had seemed to hit a wall and it was time for Osgood to clear his head and get away for a bit. I don’t know why there’s a problem. Osgood wasn’t “benched” and was nearly unbeatable at the end of the season. He was likely embarrassed by it just as Magglio is about this, but it could be just what he needs. The only difference is instead of giving it a time limit, Leyland said “indefinitely”. The lack of precision in the amount of time off seems to have lead to misinterpretations by fans and Scott Boras.

I had wondered, and often thought about Magg’s contract, concerning that $3 million dollar perk; now my questions are answered. Post-pone his plate appearances altogether, and they save money.
Sure, can see why Boras is upset.. bad bargaining move for him.. sets up a precident for other teams to do with their big salary hitters.
Porcello, kid is doing a hell of a job, for going out there, start after start, proving he’s ready to be a big leaguer. He’s only going to improve.
Gman… he’s no pitch to contact hitter.. he’s a potatoe launcher, and their going out of the park. ouch! He needs to get some work down below in the minors. Its becoming apparent. Nice releif work by Zach.
I am not sorry to see Willis sent down. Bondo wasn’t ready, although he thought he was as did others.
THe team is rolling along, seeing them play St. Louis, brought back some bad comparisons to 2006 WS, but it has to hurt Jim Leyland, (if he can remember, sometimers) , more than it hurts us. Larussa showed his old buddy, who’s got the better team.
Minnesota is hungry again!…
Our bats better wake up… you can’t ask for more from V’lander or Jackson going out there.
And? WHat was that all about,7th’ inning last night.. yank Minor, throw in Bobby Seay for one pitch, caught pop fly, and yank him for Zoom-zoom… jeez Leyland!!! Are you trying to show us who is boss?
Rodney sure isn’t impressing me as a closer. Pitch to contact is to get people out… not walk the bases, “WHips”, etc.. for a closer… I thought T Jones retired. I know its not as easy as it looks, but come on.. one inning, three outs..etc.
The starters are expected to go, 7,8, innings, and run empty, with arms falling off…

A-Rod is also benched, his hand will be full with grievances. Some years ago Cedeño threatened to do the same,when Garner sat him, Im still waiting

I definitely think it’s all about the extension thing. As for Magglio, he’lll take it like the true professional he is. One thing he can’t control is the fact his wife has had 2 cancer surgeries. We knew she had surgery but Boras let that slip out and that has to be weighing very heavily on Magg’s mind. Sure hope she recovers and he does too. I love Maggs!

Maggs is handling this as a professional and JL is making a good move. If you are going to give him several days off, why not put him on family leave again and call someone up. You know Boras is going to yelp. The time off may help. If he hits close to the past when he comes back, the contract will not be a issue. If he continues like a punch and judy hitter, we will have to see what happens. I hope he can get back to form and turn on the fastball.

Magglio is the man. He is a true Tiger and is liked by all the fans. I can understand his being taken out of the line up as I onced coached a few teams. Leyland knows what he is doing and and this agent is causing nothing but confusion and problems for the team. God bless Magglio and his family.

Maggs is the man and he will be fine. Shoot, if we can put up with all the agony watching Willis pitch, this should be a cake walk.

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