Old school baseball on Sunday

pncpark.jpgThe Tigers and Pirates are celebrating the 100th anniversary of their 1909 World Series matchup today not just with throwback jerseys, but throwback atmosphere: No ballpark music, no mascots, no flashy graphics on the scoreboard. It’s just a coincidence, but there’s an old-school feel to the Tigers lineup: Less power, more speed, especially in the top third of the order.


  1. Kelly, LF
  2. Santiago, 2B
  3. Anderson, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Granderson, CF
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Laird, C
  8. Everett, SS
  9. Willis, P


  1. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  2. Andy LaRoche, 3B
  3. Freddy Sanchez, 2B
  4. Craig Monroe, LF
  5. Delwyn Young, RF
  6. Eric Hinske, 1B
  7. Robinzon Diaz, C
  8. Jack Wilson, SS
  9. Ross Ohlendorf, P


Seriously, is Anderson really batting third in the lineup. I think the guy is a good ballplayer, but we can do better than Anderson in the third spot. Why not Granderson or Inge?

Well not really feeling comfortable about this lineup. Are Polanco and Ordonez hurt. Because and stunning sub par as these two have been, Anderson batting 3rd??? Seriously are you kidding me??

Ordonez is getting a day off ahead of Monday’s scheduled off-day, then will play all three games at St. Louis, according to Leyland. The way he’s hitting, Leyland wanted to get him a break.

Polanco is in a pattern that Leyland has used for several weeks now, resting him on Sunday ahead of a Monday off-day. It worked well when Santiago was red-hot at the plate, of course.

This is quite honestly the worst lineup I’ve ever witnessed as a Tiger fan. I mean, it’s almost as if Leyland tried to put the worst lineup he could think up out there behind Willis.
It would be one thing to start an anemic lineup with Verlander or Jackson or even Porcello on the hill. But Willis? Granted, the Pirates aren’t exactly the Red Sox, and they’re also resting a few of their regulars, but still. You have to give your team more of a chance.
Kelly needs to get ABs, sure, but he could do so from the 7th or 8th spot in the order. I like Santiago and Everett, but playing Santiago and Everett in the same game is, to be generous, a bold move. And Anderson at the 3rd spot may be the weakest third hitter in the history of baseball. And I like Anderson a lot. Overall, the 1-2-3 hitters are almost laughable.
Anyway, hopefully Willis pitches a gem. Barring that, it’s going to be tough, although Cabrera really hit the ball hard last night and it seems like he’s about to come out of his slump. And you know, sometimes when you complain about stuff like this ahead of time, strange things happen to make you look like an idiot. What are the odds that Anderson will hit a homer?

Leyland is flailing (and if you left out the first”L” that would be accurate too). He gets to give the guys a rest while incorporating every LHB he can muster. Trouble is he has left out a power hitter in order to get Anderson in. He has also boxed in the bottom part of the lineup to encourage a RHP. Seems to have forgotten about balancing the lineup this time.
I don’t like the lineup but maybe this will be the chemistry tht JL is looking for? Oh, I guess he wouldn’t be doing that since he doesn’t believe in it–I forgot.
Could Anderson be auditioning?

I bet the Pirates would love to have a Thames or Raburn.
I don’t understand JL not giving Thames a go here. They need power and he is the only pure power guy on this roster. He has always deserved the opportunity to show what he can do as an everyday player. If he can’t do it–then trade him or release him. With Sheffield, Guillen and Ordonez not powering the lineup how much sense does it make to have him sitting when the team isn’t hitting?

I called that one before Anderson even came up to bat. I just knew they would strand that runner

Another predictable bad AB by Anderson (Our #3 Hitter”).
Wasted a run that are at a premium for us.

Zach warming up yet?

Speaking of butns—would that not have been a good idea with Anderson?

This whole game is a joke -from the unis right down to the Tiger dugout.

Enough is enough. JL is going to wait until this is a blow-out?
How many games can this ball club afford to give away?

I guess what JL really wants is to keep Dontrelle in long enough to swing the bat. Sure is interesting that this crusty old manager appreciates a good novelty when he sees one.
Like I said in another post-there is NO help down on the farm. If GMan can’t get it together this team is in seriously big trouble. Willis is unsalvageable and Miner will be the #4 or 5 man soon. Beyond him there is NOTHING.
And this hitting is so listless it is painful to watch. Weak ground balls and pop-ups, stranded runners, lack of power, lack of average. Ugghhh.

Anderson’s first AB wasn’t exactly terrible — he did foul off about five pitches, and saw 8 pitches total. It’s just that he shouldn’t have been batting in that slot in the first place. Why not bat him 8th? He’s clearly slumping! Or better yet, play Thames instead? But I agree — he should have bunted. A squeeze would have been awesome in that situation and it’s very likely both guys as speedy as that would have been safe. Whatever. Game over.
Willis is, simply put, awful. Dumbo has to cut him and just eat that money. You throw Miner in the rotation, hope that Galarraga turns it around, and call up a long-reliever like French from AAA. And here’s a radical thought — sign Glavine to an incentive contract. He’s no savior, by any means, but he can’t possibly be worse than Willis. At least he has impeccable control. I really don’t understand why they’re sticking with Willis so long. He’s done.

If anyone knows what they are doing in this organization, this is dontrelle’s last game in a tigers uniform. – Good Riddance

I’d also like to know what the team record is for Bases Loaded Walks in a season.. We have to be approaching a dozen by now.

This is one of JL’s bizarre ideas. He doesn’t feel comfortable unless Marcus i on the bench. I honestly think Marcus is partially to blame because he is so easy going he is a manager’s delight. JL can overlook, underestimate and ignore him and Marcus just patiently awaits for a LH starting pitcher. Yesterday Marcus was pulled after 2 RBI’s.
Today he was rewarded again by watching a little leaguer get the start ahead of him because a RHP is on the mound.
With the power outage this team has endured lately it makes absolutely no sense at all.
I’m pretty sick of these outlandish decisions by our manager.

Is Ross Ohlendorf, career ERA of 5.46, going to pitch a one-hitter? Seems likely. This is embarrassing. And great, another bases-loaded situation with zero outs. Bring in Miner!

JL is the only one who has to go

The Pirates are just about as horrible as the Tigers. They have let Wilis off the hook twice by undisciplined hitting. We are extremely fortunate to be in this game. The bad thing is that this is fodder for JL to pretend that Dontrelle still has a chance.

anoterh n0n-run for us. What is Ramon thinking?

No clutch hitting again from the RBI producers. We were damn fortunate to get a run at all that inning with MCab not holding up at 2nd base.
I have been complainging a lot (with a lot of other tiger fans) about the hitting the last couple of weeks. It just seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe JL needs to tell Dontrelle to walk everyone…..maybe the reverse psychology would work since he’s a head case.

not even worth watching this game.

Dontrelle’s 8 walks are most by a Tiger since Victor Santos, who walked same 6/7/01 at Boston.

I think Dontrelle is a pretty good guy and a good teammate to have on the club. He is a bit flaky and out of touch with (baseball) reality in a sense. He seems to treat all circumstances in the same way. Kinda like everything is OK even when chaos reigns.
I think his problem is not that he is a head case but in that he no longer has the mechanics and the physicality needed to be a MLB pitcher. That’s too bad, but to continue the experiment is insane.
The Tigers cannot affort to practice with 2 starting pitchers. It’s bad enough GMan is going to take awhile to right himself but to complicate this by throwing Willis in the mix is absurd.
JL has given up on this game. Where is Aquilino Lopez when you need him anyway?

I like Miner and all, but in all three occasions of Dontrelle melt-downs this year he has allowed at least two inherited runners to score… Granted, they don’t effect his ERA or anything, but it would be a much better situation if all they had to do was score 3 runs and get rid of Willis rather than score five and release…

Figaro won today for Erie. Struck out 10 in 7 IP–only 3 hits given up and 1 BB

Does anyone think there is a chance that we’ll see Nate Robertson starting at some point this season? Miner is a given to get back into the rotation, but Porcello is going to need to miss a start here and there and if Galarraga can’t find his competence… …
Or do you think there will be a deal for a #5 starter ?
Or, promote another youngster like Alfredo Figaro and keep experimenting through the season?

I hope Robertson gets moved for a starter… and I dont know about striking gold with youngsters twice in a season…

I don’t want to see that happen but it will. The Tigers will let Willis go and Nate is the logical LHP replacement. Nate hasn’t earned a shot at the rotation but he’ll get it anyway.

the tigers have no shot at making any trades..
Everyone that they’d want to get rid of, no one will take..
Then on the flip side, the tigers have no prospects to trade.. no one is gonna give up anything decent without perry or porcello.

Really glad I didn’t spend 10 hours to see that nonsense and also have to look at Sidney Crosby before the game. That is more than I could stand.

One bright spot – the game is finally over. Now we just have to wait for the news on the release of Dontrelle. It really is a sad story, but like what was said above, Dontrelles diminished mechanics and lacking major league skill-set make this experiment a failure and to drag it on any longer could be detrimental to the entire season…

Wow- MCab is underperforming as badly as anybody else on the squad. His average has dropped drastically over the last couple of weeks. Lots of 1st pitch outs now as opposed to 1st pitch hits before. Does seem to be swinging deliberately for the fences and that of course has a lot to do with the production tailing off.
This game (and series) was treated like a throwaway. I hate to see these guys play like this.
Look for a JL shakeup, (which means a recall from Toledo).
We are entering a very dangerous portion of the season. Verlander and Jackson cannot keep throwing to the level they have been. JL can’t just simply rely on them to chalk up a win for the team. This excuse for an offense has to contibute in order to win these next 3 games . If the starters can’t keep dong what they have been doing this will snowball badly.

I guess another bright spot is that the Cubs just walked off against MIN to save a three game advantage. With a starting performance like today and another 0-4 by Mcab (I was just looking at his MLB.com bio to see his last 10 games – ouch) every bail out is a big one. Cabrera needs to take that DL stint for his hamstring. he’s just not right.
That would grant another wish, Thames could play every day. Raburn, and Thames could cover first or throw Larish back there… MCab needs a break.

Hey Guys,
I have really tried to stay positive this year, but this series debacle takes the cake. We are now trying to win 3 out of every five games with Verlander, Jackson, and Rick P. My beloved Tiger organization is now ceding games every time Willis pitches, and most of the time with G-Man. Armando is fooling no one with his stuff right now, and Dontrell has no stuff to show. The first inning should have been the red light to get him out of there. Then you limit the damage. As far as hitting, or the lack thereof, Josh Anderson is not going to get us to the big dance. I play Ordonez every game until the trade deadline; if he begins to hit, I deal him for what I can get; if he doesn’t by then, you are no worse off than having Anderson in there. If you have to bite the bullet again, then bite it. I do think Leyland is right on one thing. I don’t think Santiago can play the game every day.
This team is so fortunate to be where they are. Barring a total miracle in a revival in hitting, we are heading South in the standings. If Willis starts another game, Leyland must be brain dead. It’s really time to start Miner, let Willis go, have Armondo shipped out to work on his outpitches, and bring up somebody. And then of course, soom it will be Dane Sardina time at the bat. Miguel, what is going on in your life. Ireally didn’t know how much Guillen’s presence in the lineup would be missed.


I’m done feeling bad for Dontrelle. He isn’t a major leaguer anymore. It happens. Dumbo needs to get whipped for signing him to that extension. Any volunteers?
Lloyd McClendon also has to go. He’s clearly not communicating well with his hitters, or he’s communicating the wrong message. Santiago’s AB in the sixth is a symbol of that. The Tigers are down 6-1. Kelly walks on five pitches. Then Santiago swings at the first pitch and pops up. Ridiculous. And something like that happens three or four times a game. But McClendon is obviously going nowhere unless Leyland also goes, and Leyland’s not going anywhere as long as this team is in first place. So we’re stuck with this nonsense.
Speaking of nonsense — Nate Robertson has about as much chance of getting traded as a sack of oatmeal. Who’d want him? Unbelievably, he’s signed for next year at $10M! But I doubt he’ll end up in the rotation. They’re probably stuck with Miner and Galarraga. Hopefully G-Man will turn it around, and Miner will at least give us some innings.
As for trades, it’s true that we’re pretty handcuffed in that department. No way will we trade Porcello, Perry or the new guy Jake Turner. Cale Iorg is probably the only guy in the minors that projects to be an everyday starter — and I’m not sure why the Tigers would trade a guy who might be their everyday SS in two years. Thomas, Larish, Ramirez, Strieby — they aren’t really ever discussed as elite prospects. The contracts of Rodney, Everett and Polanco are done after this season, so one of those guys could conceivably get traded, but then who do you plug in at 2B and at the back end of the bullpen? Man, what a mess.
Anyway, today’s game = PREDICTABLE OUTCOME. I really, really wish I’d bet my house on this game.

The detroit Tigers looked like Cream Puffs today. Figuratively and literally.
That day off couldn’t start too soon for them.
Shakeup coming? Look for Dusty Ryan or Alex Avila to replace Sardinha. Just kidding. Tha’s hardly a shakeup.
I think they will try to send Willis down, or failing that, just chomp the bit and release him. This mess of a team is not his fault but him being on the team is a mockery of the game of baseball.
I would not be surprised to see French back up here. They could be obtuse and try Bonine once again but even though he walks very few he gives up far too many base hits-even in the minors.
Ni could get the call with Robertson going to the rotation if GMan keeps struggling. I actually see GMan as trade value right now. We don’t have much of that. Zumaya too.
Something has to change.

Trying to stay positive – thank goodness we are in the weakest MLB division!!! Quite incredible how few errors the team is giving up despite the frustration at the plate and JL continually mixing the roster to try and kick start the offense.
Jason, do the players ever get their overall performance reviewed, say weekly or at the end of stretches on the day off?
All players in the dugout have issues requiring improvement involving hitting left and right pitching, bunting, throwing, fielding, base stealing and running. Thankfully, they all seem to be team players.
IMO, the Tigers don’t have one complete ball player with Grando and Inge coming closest. Grando doesn’t make it because of his poor record against lefties (base stealing this season is just passable for his potential with 10 / 3; Crawford is 36 / 3) and Inge doesn’t quite make it because of his base stealing – caught 4 times for one stolen base.
Maggs seems to have made efforts to improve his outfielding this year. Miggs has always run the bases poorly made worse with his injury. It is probably why he has gone homer happy lately for no returns batting .167 for June.
JL had no confidence in Willis before today keeping Miner in reserve to clean up the mess. Time to end the charade being played with DD.
How in hell did JL not start Thames, probably the only guy in form hitting .375 for June and over .3 against left and right handed pitchers.

Tough weekend to spend in Pittsburgh for a Detroit sports fan. It was fun watching young Rick pitch and hit. It is amusing reading the blogs and I will add some thoughts. Anderson was the hot topic for his start and now it the whipping boy. Is approach at the plate shows why he is out of options and if he does not turn it around will be released when Thomas shows he has shortened his swing. The Kelly move was a good one given his ability to play all over the field and he has been a hot hitter. I think the D-train would accept a minor league stint to keep working on his control and G-man need a stint in the minors to find his slider. Too many long balls. Polonco seems to be pressing. Could it be the contract year thing? Look for Sizemore in September. I think Everett will be back next year as Iorg is at least another year away with the bat. Erie has some good talented prospects. DD and his staff has done well in the draft. Tiger fans have a lot to look forward too for years to come.

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