Porcello hitting facts

Rick Porcello is the first Tigers pitcher to get a hit in his first Major League at-bat since Zach Miner doubled at Milwaukee on June 20, 2006. But that’s just the start. He’s the first Tigers pitcher with a multi-hit game since Jeff Weaver had two on June 23, 2002 at Florida.

He’s also the first Tigers pitcher with a multi-RBI game in the DH era. No Tigers pitcher had multiple RBIs in a game since Joe Coleman drove in three runs at Boston on Sept. 21, 1972.


Thank God Ricky can hit- Tigers are pathetic again in not breaking this game open.


Put Porcello in RF when he’s not pitching.
Ordonez is brutal

I was really amazed at porcello in the batters box.. it seemed like he has a terrific eye.. in the at bat in which he struck out, he was screwed when ball 4 was called strike 2.
Offense is still brutal.. even when they are getting hits they are doing nothing with them. Besides porcello, all you can get on the board is a solo shot?! come on!

Quite a job of pitching and hitting by Porcello. Without his bat, though, how would this game have come out?
Brandon Inge has 49 ABs against lefties and has hit .367 with 7 homers. That’s one homer every seven ABs. That’s wearing them out.
I hope JL’s reasoning for hitting Kelly 3rd was just a quote for the press and not his real thinking there. I understand that nobody’s hitting but that wasn’t a normal move to make.
I’d love to discuss the good things tonight, but this offense is becoming abnormally bad. You have your number two hitter go 4 for 4 and he doesn’t score a run? That’s hardly even possible. And this was Ian Snell tonight, no excuses for facing a tough pitcher. The fact that Porcello had to win his own game with his bat should be an embarrassment for the “real” hitters. Maybe we DH the wrong guys and should look to the pitching staff for help.
A win is a win and all that, but these guys are going to exhaust themselves if they don’t put in a few blowout victories too. The Twins showed bad form tonight by winning on the road, something they’re not supposed to do.
By the way, I have my own theories on Ordonez.

I guess we all get caught up wishing for better performances from our guys that we forget what a nightmare last season was and how much more enjoyable this one is. You have to wonder though, will a trade happen that can bring this team a more formidable bat? I think if Ordonez was going to come out of his funk we would have seen flashes of it by now. I was one of the first to mention trading him last year (Dan, you were one of the very few to agree). I can’t help wondering whether DD is hoping to sneak into the playoffs with the present roster and somehow pull off a miracle like the Cards did to us in’06.


Poor Rick had to win this game on his own. I have been complaining about these hitters for several weeks now. I just didn’t buy that every (either subpar pitcher or good pitcher pitching poorly right not) was just having the game of his life. We’ve heard it all season, so and so just pitched a great game, his ball was dancing all over the place. And while that may be true sometimes, more often than not I think it is just poor hitting and hitting approaches. We were getting by at the beginning of the season because some of the guys lower in the linup and Cabby were hitting. Well now it is so inconsistent and Cabby isn’t hitting we are lucky to get a couple of runs most night. Puts a lot of pressure on the pitchers to be perfect.
Admittedly I was paying more attention to the hockey game last night, although I had both on. But I paid enough attention to see Polanco hit well, a couple of doubles and a couple of singles (I think) and he didn’t score a run. I saw a few ground into double plays, and week groundouts to the left side of the field. Pretty badddddd.
Depressed the Wings lost, I can’t believe it still.

Just an addendum to my last post. This team kind of reminds me of the “06 Cardinals. They had Carpenter, Suppan, and a youngster Reyes. We got JV, Edwin, and young Rick. Their offense was basically centered around Pujols as ours is around Cabrera. Edmonds was a speedy centerfielder as is Grandy and their catcher was basically known for his defense as is Laird. They proved you can win with a team like that–especially a seven game series in which starting pitching is everything. Who knows, maybe DD wants to follow that same formula. I know this, I’d hate to trade Clete, Perry, or even Zumaya but realistically they are the ones most teams would want.


It is time Leyland starts taking a relief pitcher out the minute he walks a batter. Until he stops the late inning give aways, no amount of talent is going to keep the Tigers from being also rans.

The very fact that JL didn’t know where to bat Kelly (so bat him 3rd) is a hard indicator that the team as a whole, can’t hit.
Ibanez would have looked pretty good in a Tiger uni after all.
If Ordonez and Granderson can start hitting anywhere near the way they should be and Laird can chip in and be dangerous every now and then, the pitching and defense could carry this roster.
I am looking for a big day for Marcus today. My lineup would look like this:

I sure like the way Santiago attacks the ball in his plate appearances. He is one guy that can’t be accused of going through the motions.
This team really needs a middle of the lineup hitter. Best trade value we have is Zoom. Ya gotta give up something to get something, and though Joel could be great there is always a better chance that he will burn out. I do think DD will engineer a trade and I suspect teams will want a starter. The top 3 in the rotation are untouchable but I hope we don’t lose G-Man. He is struggling but he is a competitor and he’ll find his way back.
JL will live and die with Ordonez so there is nothing to do for fans but sit back and accept it. Wilkin Ramirez is good prospect but I think it would be unlikely for him to contribute much this year.

In regards to the “not knowing where to put Don Kelly in the order” comment, shouldn’t that right there tell you to bat him 9th? I don’t understand why Leyland continues to break up his four best hitters by putting a career .148 hitter (Kelly) at 3rd because he couldn’t put his career .261 hitter (Thomas) there…

Dontrelle, Micah Owings, Carlos Zambrano and Jason Schmidt (whn he was worth his weight in saw dust) have all been used to pinch hit on occasion. maybe little ricky can do the same.

I wish the offense was better yesterday so that we would know if Porcello could bunt… It might be handy in case Everett is already in the lineup

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