Perry's return could mean DL for Bonderman

Ryan Perry’s trip to the Minor Leagues was apparently a short one. So, too, might be Jeremy Bonderman’s return to the Tigers.

Though Perry was scheduled to join the Mud Hens on Thursday for the start of their homestand, he had no sooner arrived before he was emptying his locker again and heading out, according to the Toledo Blade. He appears poised to rejoin the Tigers this weekend in Pittsburgh for their three-game series against the Pirates.

By rule, players who are optioned to the Minor Leagues can’t return to the Majors within 10 days unless they’re replacing a player who goes on the disabled list.

That’s where Bonderman could come into play. He hasn’t pitched since giving up six runs over four-plus innings in the second game of Monday’s day-night doubleheader against the White Sox, an outing that by manager Jim Leyland’s account was “not too good.”

Bonderman was in the bullpen for the remainder of the series, but wasn’t used. Every other pitcher in the Tigers bullpen entered one of Detroit’s final three games in the series. However, Bonderman said after Thursday’s series finale at U.S. Cellular Field that he was available to pitch and was fine.

Bonderman’s outing Monday was his first Major League appearance in more than a year. He missed most of last season with surgery to correct a blood vessel restriction in his shoulder, then spent this spring building up strength in his arm. He still isn’t at full velocity and might not be until next year. The question the Tigers have faced is whether he’s strong enough yet to pitch effectively.

Manager Jim Leyland said Wednesday that Bonderman would work out of the bullpen for now. Asked if Bonderman could be a reliever longer term, much like Nate Robertson has been for Detroit so far this season, Leyland didn’t think that would happen.

“I do not think that,” Leyland said Wednesday.


It appears that Willis is set in the rotation. Well, if you toss out the Boston game, which I think is fair, he’s done okay as a back of the rotation guy. Plus he’s lefthanded. I still prefer Miner, but what they’re doing is okay considering contracts and all. That does come into play whether we fans like it or not.
I saw Kelly in each of the last two spring trainings and he usually gets a hit at some point. I don’t think he’s a .341 or whatever it is hitter, but he plays a lot of positions. He’s weak at firstbase.
If I may take my amateur psychologist crack at Zumaya, I think the lad thinks he’s a rock star. His interviews are peppered with “giving the fans what they want to see.” What the fans want to see, son, is you getting outs. Fans wanted to see Pete Townshend smash his guitar and the Stones play “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” for 40 years but they don’t want to see 102 mph fastballs being hit all over the park. You have to throw that curveball and throw it often. In case you haven’t noticed, you’re not helping the team lately.
I’m going to make a comment on Lyon’s Tuesday night performance. He’s taking some heat for that, but what he did was pitch two innings allowing a walk and a double. My only problem with him is the homers he’s given up and I hate that in a reliever. It’s one of the reasons I liked Todd Jones, he didn’t give up the longball. But people wanting to hate on Lyon may be running out of reasons to do so. This is not Jason Grilli.

Sure, Lyon only gave up a walk and a double in two innings on Tuesday. But he gave up the walk with the bases loaded and the game on the line. He gave up the double with the bases loaded and the game on the line. Sure, he then got four straight outs after the intentional walk to Pierzynski, but who did he get out? Beckham, Getz, Anderson and Podsednik. That isn’t exactly murderer’s row, Rich.
But yeah, he did well yesterday. Hopefully that continues — obviously I want him to produce because it would really help the team.

I should add that I appreciate that you want to like Lyon. That’s important. Sometimes I get too down on players on the teams I like. And you’re right about Zumaya — he’s the king of the world in his head. He’ll never be dominant again until he regularly mixes in the curve like he did in 2006.

When you talk about trades and who you have as value to offer. I guess you have to think of Zumaya. If he is resigned to being impetuous and uncoachable then they should think about getting something for him before he wrecks his arm once again.
I would love to see a mature, intelligent Joel Zumaya on this club and can only wonder on how uch of an impact that could provide for this team. But in my heart of hearts, I know that is very unlikely to happen.

I must admit to having the same thought cross my mind. Hey Zoom, if you’re reading this, we’re gettin’ ready to trade ya, man. Let’s use some thinkin’ out there. We just shut down the Sox for three days with Laird and Sardinha back there, so maybe we should throw what they signal for.
I guess I was trying to point out that Lyon would have had two more scoreless innings on Tuesday if he’d started the inning, since his run (Wise) got thrown out at the plate. 🙂 But then you’ve changed history and you get into that sticky space-time continuem thing, and Leyland has enough to worry about. I doubt JL wants to get into the ramifications of an altered past and angels named Clarence and all that. Seriously though, just saying that he’s pitching pretty good lately.

Actually, Zumaya was kind of the opposite after Thursday’s game. He was beating himself up pretty good while talking with reporters after the game until he finally put some things perspective. His recent struggles are definitely getting to him, and it was easy to tell that the errant throw bothered him the rest of that inning and onto the flight to Pittsburgh.

Great posts.

Completely unrelated to what is being said above but I was wondering two things:

1. Beck, can we expect a mid-season report card on the Tigers from you this year? It would be interesting to hear your thoughts (since you see them up close on a regular basis). If you are planning it – great! Could you also include a grading on the coaching staff?
2. Does anyone know any great baseball rumour sites out there? I have yet to find one out there that compares (in quality) to some of the great hockey rumour sites. This can’t be possible? Can it?

Thanks for the insight, Jason. All joking aside, he’s still only 24 years old. He’ll get there if he remains healthy. Most guys haven’t even reached the bigs at that age.

JUMS–have you tried: ?

Kelly might be another interesting and timely call-up. He gets his bat on the ball (decent K/AB ratio), has hit wel for average, great speed, and hasn’t made an error.
Rapada and Ni are both throwing well down there too.
Right now it seems incongruous that Anderson and Sardinha are still on the roster. (Still shakin’ my head over letting him hit with the bases loaded the other night.)
I’d like to see them give Avila a short shot up here or even fulfill St. Pierre’s dream and let him see the show.
It’s obvious Bonderman is going on the DL.

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