Looking at a 5pm ET start

The tarp is off the field and the Tigers are warming up. Still pretty dreary out there, but it looks like the weather will cooperate.


through the first few innings, pretty impatient at bats by the Tigers hitters (Chicago as well for that matter just that Thomes flyball carried out of this park) Looks like they just want to get on the plane.

I’m starting to wonder if these guys are ever gonna hit enough to contend.
Let’s not mince words-Harrelson sounds like a fool.

they can’t hit a lick – Jackson who by the way has not pitched his best game, but still has only given up a couple of runs, but those guys have only managed two flipping hits. These batting averages are horrible and the only reason they are winning some games is because they are pitching a little better. Whatever.

A’s get 4 in the last 2 innings to beat the Twins so at least we won’t give up any ground to them. For what ever reason Floyd has had our number ever since he came up.


JL treats Nate as a starter in the bullpen – one innings every 5 days.
Heaven help the rest of the arms when he hides Bondo there as well.

Miggs before the game was hitting .192 for June with 1HR and 2 RBI’s from 26 AB.
He sure aint going to help his leg swinging at balls.

Regarding Miggy, god forbid they give him a blow. He isn’t hitting well, I would rather see a healthy Marcus in there right now at DH. Miggy is an automatic out right now.

You’re right GK, they are the most anemic hitting first place club I’ve ever seen! Jenks awaits us in the ninth and we hit him even less than Floyd. Better do something in the eighth or we’re toast.


Go Ramon!!!
Boy, Chisox will never recover if we somehow snatch this one as well!!

Thames has come back more at ease at the plate.
Lyons going for 3 innings – JL had better be ready to pull at the first whiff of trouble!!

Nate now the specialist lefty against Thome. And he is yet to give up a HR!!

I was one batter out calling it. Pierzinski only hits Nate 50% of the time!!

Wow! Way to go Grandy! Never thought they could get to Jenks but I guess even the good ones give it up once in a while. Darn Pierzynski!


GRANDY – Saved us too bad about the inning before, or that cheap broken bat single that Thome had. Thome an infield single – who would of thunk??

Zoom can’t handle 9th innings period.
About going to Nate as the situational lefty instead of Seay, Thome was hitting Nate .409 career and .444 for 2008 and Pierzynski .357 lifetime and .5 for 2008. Seay has .222 career against Thome and no hits from 7 AB’s from Pierzynski. Why the heck did JL go to Nate for this role at this time instead of Seay??

Well I had a glimmer of hope for about 2 minutes in the 9th. And let me tell you folks that is why Zumaya is not a closer. He still doesn’t have enough to get it done. He is again in love with his fastball and like Rod says he throws it fast but he refuses to put a wrinkle in anything.
Although the fact of the matter is, this is a very light hitting team. (the Tigers I mean). They are going to have to figure something out, because non of these guys are hitting with any sort of authority or consistency. And lately that includes Miguel.
I am still glad that we got out of Chicago with 3 wins. That is great. I thought for sure we could win today though. I should of known better though a struggling pitcher and the Tigers = making that pitcher look like Cy Young himself. When does this become a hitters problem and not just all this wonderful pitching that everyone seems to hit except for us????

I will never, ever be happy that the Tigers lost a game- but Joel needed some humbling and he got it today. He absolutely blew the 9th inning and the game. We hardly deserved to win this one anyways, so it’s not that painful overall.
Even when Jackson’s not good, he’s not that bad. Kinda like pizza.
Will be torn tomorrow night with Game 7 on.


Just to play devil’s advocate – Floyd won 17 games last year, has the best stuff on the White Sox staff, is 14-3 in day games since 2006, was 5-0 career vs. Detroit and had given up 5 runs in his previous 5 starts, according to Hawk. This didn’t come out of nowhere. He wasn’t struggling at all and his numbers were inflated by the early season, much like Verlander.
Agree that Jackson did well considering he didn’t have his best stuff. Agree that Seay should have been in instead of Robertson…I really think this was a way for Leyland to give Robertson a chance to pitch well in a crucial situation to give them reason to keep him. He’s gone by the trading deadline, most likely via release.
Joel is definitely in love with his fastball. Remember the other night when he was smiling like crazy, feeling good about himself after the strikeout and promptly blew the lead? He hasn’t used his curve much and isn’t fooling anyone right now.

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