MRI confirms diagnosis on Guillen

Sorry for no pregame blog entries for you. Had some computer problems. Anyway, the news is good for Carlos Guillen, who had a third MRI exam Friday at Detroit Medical Center to get another look at his injured shoulder and see if there’s anything the medical staff was missing. This one was a contrast MRI, which gives a little different look than a standard one, and it came at the recommendation of Dr. Lewis Yocum, who examined Guillen Thursday in California.

The latest MRI results confirmed the diagnosis that Guillen doesn’t need surgery, but instead go on an aggressive rehab process.

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Everytime there are these injuries with negative tests, it makes me wonder if these guys are getting the best care. Or maybe if they could just be clear on what the injury is.
That was a good entertaining game tonight. It would have been a little more fun if we weren’t on a losing streak, but it was a good ballgame nonetheless. Ups and downs, lost opportunities on both sides, very very good pitching. We caught Santana at the wrong time, with him coming back from injury and just now getting it together. Verlander has just been dynamite. I thought JL pushed all the right buttons but nothing worked out. We’re really handicapped with injuries to big hitters, and these kids are only going to do so much.
Polanco’s struggles at the plate are beginning to fall into the shocking category. I’d have bet money he’d never have a stretch like this. Can’t figure it out.
I am wondering why Thames hasn’t been activated, as we certainly need an offensive boost. All I can guess is that Larish was the one tabbed to go down, but Cabrera’s injury precluded that. If that’s not the case, then what are we waiting for? LH pitchers? That’s not a very good reason.
I’ve been talking about this tough stretch for a few weeks now, and it’s not going well so far. We’re not halfway through it yet, however. This is the kind of year it’s going to be, a struggle to win but staying afloat within the division. Not easy to endure, but it’s better than last year. I do know that if we keep getting pitching like we have been, we’ll be there at the end. It will be a grind, but it’s better than watching football.

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