Laird, Granderson on bunt attempt

Gerald Laird nearly broke up Josh Beckett’s no-hit bid had his bunt remained fair, which might have created some controversy had it worked. But to the Tigers, it was a close enough game at that point — 4-0 in the sixth — that you do what you can.

Laird said he was bunting on his own, which makes sense since it was on an 0-1 pitch. In that situation, leading off the inning, he had no qualms about doing it.

“You’ve got to win that game,” Laird said. “It’s only 4-0. It’s in the sixth inning. It’s not like it was the eighth inning. When you’re only down four runs in the sixth inning, what does he want us to do? You do whatever you can to get on. …

“It’s the sixth inning and it’s 4-0. If I get on base and we get something going, the hole’s open for [the next hitter] or somebody. Next thing you know, [we’ve got runners on] first and third.”

Like most everyone else in the ballpark, Laird made the connection between his bunt attempt and the Beckett pitch that hit him in the eighth. He has no problem with that.

“It’s all right,” Laird said. “It’s part of the game.”

It goes back to baseball etiquette, which is a murky area in some situations in today’s game.

“I would say this: If that’s part of your game, I think that’s quite all right,” Granderson said. “I have bunted, and if there was a situation where I wasn’t getting a good read on him but I felt I could and it’s 4-0, why not at that point? For example, if the first baseman and third baseman were playing me back [in the seventh], which is the time when I would normally bunt, why not? Because at that point, Magglio’s on first base, I can put pressure on, and we’ve got another lefty coming up behind me who has home-run power. Next thing you know, there’s a potential to be down one.

“Is there anything wrong with that? I don’t think so. The main goal is to try to win, and you take away part of your goal.”


I’m not watching, have it online at work – what is up with Cabrera, anyone know? Hamstring?

Thank your lucky stars you aren’t forced to watch this debacle on tv.
Do yourself a favor and close the gamecast and get back to work.

Hold the presses, Pineapple got a bingo! Come on Clete.

Uh … OK. GIDP, yet again.

Yet another stroke to right or right center for Mags. I wonder whether he’s doing that on purpose or simply can’t get the bat around?

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