Guillen not likely back anytime soon

About a week has passed since Carlos Guillen received the MRI results that showed no need for surgery in his shoulder. Still, he appears no closer to getting back on the field for baseball activities, either throwing or swinging a bat. And the Tigers are relegating themselves to the likelihood that he has a long-term injury (by this season’s standards) with his shoulder.

“From everything I understand from the medical people, it’s going to be a while,” manager Jim Leyland said. “Exactly what it means, I can’t answer that. I don’t really know. It just appears that he’s got a pretty worn shoulder. It’s a pretty used shoulder, and evidently, it’s roughed up a little bit, from what I understand. But it sounds like it will be a while.”

It’s clearly frustrating for Guillen, who doesn’t want to say much about it at this point.

Exactly what that means for the Tigers heading into the summer isn’t yet clear. They’ve gotten a boost from having Clete Thomas and Josh Anderson in left field for their defense and their speed on the bases. But Guillen is also one of the veteran hitters on the team who could produce big hits. Marcus Thames’ expected return could be huge.


Too bad, I still think a healthy Guillen would be beneficial to our lineup, he is a smart hitter. The Anderson/Thomas defense has improved our outfield without a doubt. It will be interesting when Marcus returns, the guy can’t buy himself a full time left field position.

In this case, we may have to look at a trade.
If Thames can go on one of his tears, he can carry the club for a week or so and that would help immensely the way the entire division is playing. Marcus is not a bad leftfielder, steady, so you can use him there and still continue to rotate the DH. The other keys are Thomas, Polanco, and Ordonez. Clete can get better and I think he will. He can work the count but too often can’t take advantage when he’s got the pitcher in a hole. He needs to identify his pitch in those situations and not swing at just any fastball he sees. Polanco is down some 90 points from his average two years ago, and Ordonez about 80. That’s your number 2 and 3 hitter, and this has been devastating to the offense. We rarely score in the first inning after specializing in that during 2007. The stats, which I won’t list here, back that up.
Ordonez, although sporting a decent average, is not doing any damage. I’d swap him with Granderson in the order. Polanco still plays a whale of a secondbase and he’s my guy there, but it would be good if he could drop in the order till he gets straightened out. The problem there of course is there’s no real replacement for him.
I’m not being negative, as there are still plenty of good things going on and I think we’ll stay in the race this year. We need a LH bopper, and that means a trade.

Gonna miss the game today. Have a good one folks.
As to the lack of RHB power. Sardinha is going to have to play this weekend and against the Chisox in the DH. Why give away those ABs. Call up Dusty Ryan for a peek. He has some issues behind the plate but Sardinha does too. Part of his Dane’s label as being a good defensive catcher has something do with the fact that he is so poor offensively he MJST be good defensively.
He has had a few passed balls here (though 2 were called wild pitches) and he has thrown only 1 out of 8 guys out trying to steal. All this while hitting under .100 and striking out 12 times in 24 At Bats. I can’t see any virtue in carrying a guy like that on the ML roster.
Ryan has been around 35% as far as throwing out base stealers. This year he about half of that though. He does have a good arm and only 2 PB in 38 games thus far. His bat is a vastimprovement over what Sardinha can provide. At least for for the short haul here, he seems like a better alternative. Granted Sardinha is a better handler of the pitchers

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