Cabrera leaves with pulled left hamstring

Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera left Thursday afternoon’s game against the Red Sox with a pulled left hamstring.

Cabrera came up limping as he rounded second base following Curtis Granderson’s second-inning single. He remained in the game at that point after manager Jim Leyland and head athletic trainer Kevin Rand came out to attend to him, but Cabrera was clearly hobbled as he trotted home on Brandon Inge’s ensuing RBI double, and Granderson appeared to help him back into the dugout.

Jeff Larish replaced Cabrera at first base for the top of the third inning. A Tigers spokesperson said Cabrera will be further evaluated Friday.

Cabrera has had nagging leg injuries, including a tight quadriceps that lingered early last season, but he had been fine so far this season until now. His health had helped him out to a fast start at the plate; he entered Thursday fifth in the American League with a .351 batting average to go with 10 home runs and 38 RBIs.

Any lengthy absence would be especially damaging for a Tigers offense that has struggled around him.


Well we all thought it was going to get interesting having Bonderman and Thames coming up, but now it is going to get even more interesting. With Cabrera now injured i think Leyland is going to pull a few strings and see if he can catch lightning in a bottle if you will. Maybe i just like change, but here is what i am thinking should be done:

Bring up the following:
Dusty Ryan
Don Kelly
Marcus Thames
Jeremy Bonderman

Send down the following:
Jeff Larish
Dane Sardinha
Dontrelle Willis

I know it sounds like a lot, but we need to make some changes to this team. I am not a big fan of Larish, and i wouldn’t be surprised if we trade him. I think this team is going to look a little different by the time the trade deadline comes around. I guess we will wait and see what happens.

If I have to watch Larish, Clete Thomas, Ryan Raburn or Dane Sardinha bat one more time, I’m going to do something drastic, like pull down my pants in front of a cop car just so they’ll arrest me and get me away from my TV. These are minor leaguers. They will never be major leaguers. It’s no fun watching players who, even if they get a hit, you aren’t excited, and are in fact upset because it means they’ll stick around for another 20 ABs before getting another hit. Send them all down. Now. Please.
And while you’re at it, take Miner. A relief pitcher who enters the game with three runners on and allows all three of them to score, along with one of his own runners, has no business being in a major league bullpen. I mean, Willis sucked, but in my opinion, the Tigers had no chance in the game because Miner allowed four more runs to score that inning.
Anyway, Thames is coming up, hopefully tomorrow. Raburn will almost certainly go down in his place (righty for righty). They’ll probably have to keep Larish around to play 1B in the event Cabrera is out for a bit — he’s the best back-up option. But man, I wish they’d just send him packing, too. As far as trading him goes, or for that matter Clete, or any of these turds? Not a chance. Who’d want them? Reminds me of that great line Dombrowski had about Dean Palmer and Craig Paquette years ago.
The team does need to make a trade, though, or this fun little ride we’ve had isn’t going to last. The hitting is just pathetic, and Leyland makes it worse with his rigid managing style. Just so we never, ever have to play Larish or Clete Thomas again, this team needs a big left-handed DH/OF bopper to slot third or fifth in the lineup, so Leyland won’t think and will just have to play the guy every day. They can then push Granderson back to leadoff. I’d say just throw Josh Anderson up at the lead-off spot every day, but Leyland is too annoyingly dumb to do that. So a trade must be made.
But I’m really not sure what the Tigers have to trade. Wilkin Ramirez? Galarraga? Anderson? Rodney? Thames? I just don’t know how much those guys could pull in. Maybe they could toss Ryan Perry’s name out there to see if that gets teams interested. The best lefty bat out there who might actually be available is Adam Dunn. He’d be perfect for the Tigers. But I don’t think Dombrowski will do what it would take to get him — or anyone significant, actually. Hopefully we’ll be able to hang on.
Argh. Just frustrated. Sorry for the long post.

Dean Palmer was pretty good when we was a Tiger. Craig Paquette was miserably bad.

Don Kelly seems to me to be career minor-leaguer. I doubt he would hit at the big league level and he has no power or speed to make any impact.

Dusty Ryan wouldn’t seem to me to make a big enough impact with his bat to risk losing Sardinha’s rapport with the pitching staff. I know Ryan looked like a Hall of Famer last September, but remember Torey Lovullo? Or Hurricane Hazel?

I was wondering why JL didn’t consider bringing in Zumaya instead of Miner. Although it was early, it was a crucial situation, and Zumaya is more capable of getting out of a bases loaded jam. Obviously the plan was to at least get him some work today, why not do it with the game on the line?

Drummer – that’s a good point about Zumaya. They were still ahead 3-2 when Miner came in, with one out and the bases loaded. Zumaya could have gotten out of that inning, I think, and then they could have either stuck with him for the 4th, or gone to Miner to pitch long relief. I wish managers would use their top relievers that way more often.
As for Palmer, well, he was very good for his first two years, and then Randy Smith thought it would be a good idea to give him $24 million for three more years. He played less 87 games total over those final three seasons, batting under .200, and then retired.

Ha, at least Palmer could blame injuries for his demise…what was Paquette’s excuse?
I wonder if there was some sort of agreement made when the Tigers acquired Willis and Cabrera that the Tigers would sign Willis to an extension or he would not agree to the trade, and if he didn’t agree to the trade, the Marlins wouldn’t have sent Cabrera to the Tigers. I don’t think he had a no-trade clause, but there still could have been some sort of “understanding”. In any event, the Tigers still came out way ahead on that trade by getting a guy like MCab.
Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller are starting to hit that point where their top prospect status is fading. When other can’t miss guys like Porcello, Longoria, Votto, Lincecum come up and dominate alomost immediately, it makes you wonder why those two haven’t been able to be even average in the majors over the past 3 years.

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