Thames likely returning this weekend

Marcus Thames is continuing his rehab stint at Triple-A Toledo, but there now seems to be an end game to the process.

“By the end of the week, we’re hoping Marcus is swinging good,” manager Jim Leyland said, “because we’re going to see four left-handers.”

The stretch starts with the Angels’ Joe Saunders, who starts Sunday, then continues into next week’s series against the White Sox. Clayton Richard, who has been pitching really well since joining Chicago’s rotation, is on track to pitch one of the games Monday. Mark Buehrle and John Danks are also on turn to pitch in that series.

“Marcus, I would expect to be rejoining us soon,” Leyland said.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Bonderman’s Minor League rehab stint is officially over, according to the notes from Triple-A Toledo. He’s scheduled to throw on the side again one more time — he threw Tuesday — and then the Tigers will re-evaluate him. Leyland said he knows who will start the second game of Monday’s doubleheader, but isn’t ready to announce it. Armando Galarraga, you might remember, will start the first game.


  1. Thomas, LF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Granderson, CF
  6. Larish, DH
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Laird, C
  9. Everett, SS

P: Armando Galarraga


  1. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
  2. J.D. Drew, RF
  3. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
  4. Jason Bay, LF
  5. Mike Lowell, 3B
  6. David Ortiz, DH
  7. Jason Varitek, C
  8. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
  9. Nick Green, SS

P: Josh Beckett


Big game for both Larish and G-Man. Both guys can be optioned and Thames and Bonderman want to come back home!
I think it probably that Larish might outlast Raburn, at least this time with the above mentioned LHP scenario.
I don’t know what JL and DD are going to do about Bonderman. I do hope Miner is not the sacrificial lamb. if they are wanting to ease him in they could keep G-Man and Willis and send Perry down. Seems probable. Perry needs to sharpen his control and the minors seem a logical place to do that.
I hope we see some kind of inspirational or motivational upside today. We need it. The team seems to be fighting a malaise, at least on the sticks.
Rich–did you go to both games on Sat and Sun?

I don’t think I’ve seen a more talented squirrel since National Lampoon’s “Christmas Vacation”. Hopping and running through the outfield with a carefree squirrelish “game plan”…..a magnificent rodent!…. Too bad the rest of the team never showed up.

On the rodent theme—-First the Squirrel and now the Gopher!.
G-Man has that proclivity doesn’t he? Reminds me of Frank Lary a bit though Lary didin’t give up many with men on.
G-man has to get over that.
Work the count guys!

With Beckett hitting the black on the outside of the plate (and the ump giving him a little more)-it’s gonna be a rel challenge. Our hiitters are just not intimidating right now.

Well you can’t beat Beckett if you like like toast, and can’t add any “jam”. They look, what’s the word, incapable, at the plate.

So much for working the count.
Seems like some of the problem is that the players are thinking like a lot of us fans: like, “we’re gonna be lucky to take 1 out of 3 from the Bosox”, or we’re not likely to beat this guy or that guy.

Well after 4 our hitters are looking all too familiar.
When a guy the caliber of Beckett manhandles you like this you can accept it a whole lot better than a Bergesen or Hernandez.

I may be a grumpy old man but geez Inge, what’s the point of taking a bat with you?
The Red Sox are laughing at us on the inside. We are making this far too easy for them.

Yeah Dan, Beckett can barely hold back a smile. This is brutal. Glad I elected not to watch the game with my friend who’s a Red Sox fan. Maybe I should have elected not to watch the game at all. Beckett can’t be this good.

All right Curtis! Saved us the shame of a no hitter. Kudos to G-man. He’s getting no support tonight but other than some early mistakes he kept focused and continued pitching while watching his teammates strike out. Shows some mental toughness.

It is painful watching Larish these days. All the announcer talk (earlier) about his “quite” batting stance. Wellhave a look at his front shoulder Lloyd. It ends up flying open to first base almost ever swing. Add the lack of a follow through and he just looks brutal at the plate. If he isn’t sent down there is something really rotten in Denmark.
And Rod and Mario have little to talk about except squirrels and breaking up no-hitters.
They need to turn this around and quick or The White Sox series is gonna change things up drastically.

Uncle Fester!!!

Even Polanco looks like he has given up on this one. Slow tag!
Miner is pitching like he already knows he is the sacrificial lamb.

In the spirit of my gameday negativity: Ortiz is gonna park one off of Nate. It may not be a grand slam though since Nate is gonna throw a WP first.

Ah, you can’t be right all the time.

Watch for the laughing on the outside now. Nice to see the guys in te bullpen enjoying the game.

Nate’s not winning any points here……….

He may have saved Miner’s job.

Almost prophetic Dan. Missed it by “that much”.

tough game to watch,but even tougher to listen to the ********* mario and rod are talking

Problem with the way things are going is that this team doesn’t take a game like this and put itbhind them and move on. They are inclined to let it influence (and contaminate) their next games.

He sure didn’t save any of the runners Miner left out there. Our conversation is a little out of whack Dan. Like the old Hercules movies. Mouth moves, sound comes out a second or two later……… It was an accident Youk! This game is getting weirdly interesting.

Boy I know that the Tigers don’t deserve the benefit of many doubts (like that grammer) however after the way Saito pitched the last inning does he really deserve those boarder calls?? Wow.

Just an awful game and we still came within one hit/walk of bringing Cabrera (potential tying run) to the plate.

That being said, I’d take him over Lyon.
How are these guys EVER gonna provide the support you know Willis will need tomorow?
Again, trouble is they are thinking the same thing.

Thames went 2 x 5 tonight with another HR.
Hessman went 4 x 4 tonight! (4 K’s) His next career move is probably overseas as North American novelty.
The Boys of Summer are looking pretty whacked out.

Crazy night here, with a thunderstorm knocking out first my satellite signal then my internet, which I just got back working. I missed a couple of innings there. I did see the replay of the “obstruction” call, and everyone seemed to think it was the correct call. I guess so, but I’m not so sure. How many feet inside the baseline does the runner get to bull rush the “obstructing” player?
Then we have the no-hitter situation. During the second inning, I said to my wife “If that ump is giving Beckett that pitch all night, he’ll throw a no-hitter.” Then I have to suffer through nearly seven innings of no-hit ball, all the time wishing I’d put my darned prediction on the blog. 🙂 Imagine predicting a no-hitter in the second inning and not being able to prove it! Thanks Grandy!
And the entire division, Cleveland excepted, lost. It gives credence to the Onion headline that said “Every Team In The AL Central Tied for Fourth place.”
And for the second night in a row, the highlight had nothing to do with the game. Zumaya’s picture of Uncle Fester Bobby Seay was a side splitter.
Back to the, uh, serious side of baseball. If Wakefield does to us what I think he will, we’ll be swept. I can’t imagine Willis holding the Red Sox down. Heck, those guys won’t swing at anything unless it’s to foul off a close pitch. Then again, it’s just like our guys to win this one when we don’t expect it.
Does anyone think I should travel into Washington tomorrow to see Randy Johnson go for his 300th win?

G-Man wasn’t bad. He wasn’t really good, but he did have some encouraging moments.
I think his last 2 losses, while still losses, were pitched well enough to keep JL from using them as an excuse to send him down.
The bullpen had a lot to do with losing this game tonight. I didn’t think either Miner or Robertson looked like they gave a ****.
If I were JL I would be playing Ramon a little at short. Everett is now whowing why he has a no hit label and has trouble getting the ball very far out of the infield. Anderson is showing signs of poor plate discipline and often rolls over his wrists and hits easy ground balls. Laird and Thomas are hacking away at the first pitch too often. MCab can get away with that and, in my opinion Gradnderson could actually benefit from it, but there is not another first pitch hitter that I like on this team..
Granderson is showing definite signs of coming “out of it” and it is imperative that 2 or 3 other guys help to co-ordinate this offense.
The starting pitching is starting to come back to earth and somebody needs to pick them up because they are not gonna be able to hold the opposition to under 4 runs as often as they were.
I think Miner is going to get the boot when Bonderman comes back. I just can’t see them admitting major failure on Nate’s contract and Willis for that matter. I think Zach is decent pitcher with potential. I don’t think he is going to get a regular enough role to develop that though. I have a feeling that he is not one of JL’s “favorites” either. After some of his outings lately, it’s kind of hard to argue the point much.
It’s time for “Hope & Dream” again. JL (and we fans) can indulge in a little of that when Marcus comes back. We can hope he will be OK and dream that he will realize his power potential and hit 30 home runs from here on out and solve the lack of 3-run HR’s.
I’m hoping for a strong Willis performance tomorrow. One where he limits the bases on balls and is able to command his stuff. I don’t see how he can make a viable comeback with his mechanics, personality and shattered confidence. But, stranger things have happened in baseball.

Guys, you have to swing the bats, and I mean swing them, enough of watching the called third strike and enough of these check swing groundouts and flyouts. The offense is very frustrating, seems like everyone is slumping at once and they certainly do look uninspired at the plate right now. Can every pitcher we have faced in the last few days really be that good all the time?

Another game when we have the bases jacked and can’t get one of the runners in.

Frustrating, but luckily for the standings, the rest of our division seems to want to struggle as well, we are fortunate for that to give us time to get our heads in order. I would say we need the heat of summer to help our offense out, but that wouldn’t explain our great offense to start the season.

I missed the Uncle Fester thing – I kind of gave up on watching and just flipped back and forth every once in a while. I could have used the comic relief.

A pet peeve of mine is that the batters never look ticked off when they strike out or get out. I know they have a ton of at bats and obviously they aren’t always going to get a hit, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a little emotion and a little bit of energy in their faces.

Ah, but they are still my Tigers – I have faith that our offense will come roaring back very, very soon and then watch out!

Well, that was interesting. These guys are looking worn out. But some observations:

G-Man: I thought it was a quality start. Started rough but I think he started getting a groove thyere until he got whacked in the fifth. Some bad luck there. Shot up the box that would have been fielded I think by Polly. That puts one on. Next guy hits one to Right center and Mags “saunters” over with a half-assed effort fielding it and then getting it back into the infield that allows the runner to SCORE. Mags, it’s Ellsbury. The brother can run. How’s about showing some effort. Then the errant throw by Miggy on a great play by Binge. Not sure what Miggy was trying to do there (perhaps thinking of bygone days as a third baseman). So that inning wasn’t entirely on G-Man. The look he gave Mags in the outfield was, uh … interesting. Field the ball cleanly and hit the cut-off man. It’s not that hard Mags. Clete Thomas would have made the effort and I’m not a huge Clete Thomas fan. Heck, I doubt the Red Sox would have sent the guy in knowing that Clete was out there. It was a quality start by G-Man and I’m encouraged by it.

Then the collapse with Zach and Nate in 8th. It’s a toss up on them now, but I think the post was right … Nate saved Zach’s job.

So, unless we can get an old fashioned softball game (12-10; 13-11) today it does look like a sweep is in the offing.

What’s got me more concerned right now is the hitting. With the exception of Miggy and maybe Curtis, there isn’t anybody in this line-up that would scare me as a pitcher. Just throw the ball letter high and chances are they are swinging. Larish is striking out too much. Polly isn’t doing well right now. Even Razor has cooled off. Troubling times for the hitters. Bring out the Rally Squirrel.

Oh and Tiger Girl, I share your pet peeve. Being in LA I got to witness Garrett Anderson for the Angels, striking out (alot) and then turning, staring up into the sky and wandering back to the dugout without a care in the world. La ti da. I’ll take Bo Jackson snapping a bat over his leg every time.

Well now, Eric, wait a minute. That hit by Ellsbury was one of the plays I missed last night because of signal loss, so I went back and looked at it today. On the Boston feed which showed a long shot, I see Ordonez running as fast as he can, I mean flat out sprinting, to cut that ball off. That right there is as fast as he can go, and I don’t see sauntering, although it doesn’t say much for his running speed. 🙂 With his back to the infield, he turns and fires over Polanco’s head who probably didn’t have a play on Ellsbury anyway.
I agree with your premise, that Galarraga pitched well. He did. And I’m still not overly thrilled with that obstruction call. You can call him out for running out of the baseline too.


When I saw it, I saw the ball hit not that sharply, more like a cross between a Texas league and a blooper I guess. I don’t know whether Mags was playing him further to right or didn’t get a good jump on it or got fooled by it, but seems to me that he didn’t get there all that quickly. And, as I recall the throw back in was at Polly’s feet and scooted by him. Once he got to it, seemed to me like he figured Ellsbury was going to either stop at second or maybe third.

PLus, I just think the word is out around the league with Mags (that you can run on him).

But, I could be wrong. I DVR’d this and will study it like it was the Zapruder film tonight. 🙂

Boys are getting hammered. Might be the end of the experiment for D Train.

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