No word yet on Bonderman

Jeremy Bonderman threw a side session today and came out feeling fine, but there’s no news yet on what will be his next step. Manager Jim Leyland said this afternoon that pitching coach Rick Knapp was working on a plan.

“We’re going to look at it and evaluate it and see where we stand,” Leyland said.

One factor that could come into play is the day-night doubleheader at the White Sox scheduled for next Monday. Leyland said Armando Galarraga will pitch the first game on his regular turn, but hadn’t determined anything yet for the nightcap.

There is one move on the injury front: Dan Dickerson is back in the radio booth for tonight’s game. He’s on crutches and having a hard time getting around, but he’s in good spirits.


  1. Thomas, RF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Ordonez, DH
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Granderson, CF
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Anderson, LF
  8. Laird, C
  9. Santiago, SS

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
  2. J.D. Drew, RF
  3. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
  4. Jason Bay, LF
  5. Mike Lowell, 3B
  6. David Ortiz, DH
  7. Jason Varitek, C
  8. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
  9. Nick Green, SS

P: Daisuke Matsuzaka


Cory Hart, give me a break. Call me old fashioned but I wouldn’t mind lettiing this team ride out the season. If DD has to do a trade to help his own ego, do so only on the basis of dumping payroll by trading Willis and Nate in that order. I think Nate has something to offer down the track in relief, but not worth his $7m and $10m for 10. Receiving some young pitching or right hand offense prospects in return would be great.
Oddities of the season – Inge and Grando playing all the games to date and Nate and Seay yet to give up a long ball.
Looking forward to todays game. A days break sure is a long time!!

Corey Hart is not on the market.

I will not mention Leylands name again. How do you not have Clete bunt. I am a die hard Tiger fan but……this is hard for me to say….I do not see a WS with the current manager. Maybe Millen will hire the old coot.
Go Tigers 2009! –Dave

Is it just me or do these Tiger hitters need a strong dose of Wheaties? After watching the Baltimore and now Boston hitters, Tiger hitters look like they are playing in a Powder Puff game. Only the Tiger pitchers have managed to keep the team in the game so far.

5-1, middle of the 6th, and this is the worst game this club has played this year.

That’s saying a lot, Rich. It hasn’t been good but I can remember some I thought were worse. What is it with this no clutch hitting epidemic? They seem to get a runner or two on base and then melt away.

Need I repeat myself? NO CLUTCH HITTING!!! Pass the Wheaties, please.

At the time I said it, it was the worst, IMO.
I’m not going to get into all that “sky is falling” stuff over one loss. It’s just that tonight we played brainless baseball. We’re talking people who don’t know what the count is, a baserunning gaff by an otherwise smart ballplayer, a doubleplay that wasn’t because the catcher didn’t make the throw, and atrocious hitting approaches in situations that required some intelligence. Matsazuka came into this game 0-3 with an 8.82 ERA for a reason, and everytime we had him on the ropes, we got impatient. Sometimes it pays to just let some pitches go by. We would have been better off.
Both of Porcello’s poor performances came against Boston and New York. Neither team wore him out, but he seemed to have subpar stuff in both games. Probably coincidence. They’re both tough teams to pitch to, but he didn’t have his weapons either time.
Anderson had a scrappy AB against Papelbon in the 9th, but in actuality, it was one of those typical “closer in a non-save role” performances, and not a surprising result. The use or Larish in those spots is rather self-defeating, since he’s being sent up there to possibly run into one. That’s not a good mindset to take to the plate. He knows he’s there to hit a homerun, and that’s no way to take a smart approach.
Onward and upward, hopefully. Mondo will have to throw some strikes tomorrow night. I don’t know what we’ll do with Beckett, but I’m not confident in our ability to get to the knuckleballer Wakefield on Thursday. You don’t want to get swept here.
At least Chicago lost, and that series is looming large next week.

I agree Rich a big fat dud. Went to the game and was completely board and unispired. They have been horrible with batters in scoring position for the last few weeks. As you can see when you go to the batting averages and such, they just stink. They have been winning games for the most part because of pitching and it wasn’t good enough to night. They let Dice-k off the hook a whole bunch of times as they did to the pitcher on Friday night in Baltimore. I think those two games are pretty close to tied for the two worst games.
And I agree this was one of the games that we had to win.

Where oh where has our offense gone?
We have to be one of the best teams at having a runner on second and not scoring on a base hit – happens all the time. I know we aren’t the quickest, but I think we need to force the issue at times.

Agreed, there should have been a bunt with runners at 1st and 2nd and nobody out when Thomas came up to bat – can’t remember what inning it was, but after 2 walks to start the inning and nobody scored, that is horrible.

We need the next 2 games – my boss is a huge Boston fan and I need to give him a hard time after taking it this morning from him. He is going on Thursday, I hope our bats come alive again and ruin his fun!

By the way, there were an aweful lot or Red Soxs fans at the game last night. I don’t know if there are that many transplants in Michigan or if they traveled for a game in June??? It was odd though

In many ways, the best part of last night’s game was the squirrel. When he first appeared in rightfield, a lefty was hitting. When a RH batter followed, the squirrel moved to leftfield, prompting me to speculate that he was playing a defensive shift. Then there was the “” sign behind home at the same time all this was taking place. The best part, TV-wise, was the shot of him flattened out on the top of the wall out there, catching his breath. And it all of course brought back memories of dogs getting loose on softball fields and being dubbed the Rover.
Jason’s interview in KC regarding the giant rat he saw in the Metrodome reminded me of another rodent-related story. This was told to me by a local Philadelphian. It seems that when they imploded Veterans Stadium a few years ago, literally thousands of rats scattered in all directions. Most of them ended up scampering through the South Philly neighborhoods, which must have prompted the locals to think of “letting my people go.” Either that or look for the guy with the flute.

that squirrel is a celebrity now. can’t find a sports feed that isn’t talking about it.
just hope it didn’t have the plague and spread it to bostons dugout…… hmm….

Had any one of the three guys last night come up with a timely hit I think the Tiger front office could have jumped on a golden marketing opportunity for the “Rally Squirrel”. Living in LA I have to see that damn “Rally Monkey” at Angel games. But, even though, nobody could square up on Pappelbon, I think the fornt office has to get in front of this. Get the boys designing a Disney-esque Squirrel cartoon for the scoreboard, convert one of the GM plants to “build” Rally Squirrel plush animals, maybe a “Rally Squirrel” cap of some sort (in the tradition of Daniel Boone).

I’ll leave all that to the marketing guys. But clearly the squirrel has “captured a nation”.

Don’t you think that idea is a little squirrelly?

i was hoping for a fly to right, the squirrel giving chase while getting tangled up in JD Drews legs, thereby causing him to lose site of the ball.
damon, then has to run from center to right to collect the ball as Drew is being mercilessly attacked by the squirrel, as he is running, sidesteps to aviod squirrel poo, pulling a hamstring doing so, now 2 boston outfielders are down, and pedroia has to run from second base to the wall…..
that would’ve been hilarious.

LOL correction to last post: ellsbury not damon.

I think a better thing would have been a timely base hit by Ramon into the gap. Three runs score, and while Razor is headed to third, Drew, reaching for the ball, instead grabs the squirrel and flings him to the cutoff guy who in turn fires to third. Squirrel hits the ground “a runnin” and Razor trots home from third. Scored tied. “Rocky” meanwhile is in the Tigers runway, exhausted from his adventure but enjoying a smoke with Leyland.

I sincerely hope we have more to get excited about today.
BTW, Fu-Te Ni is throwing really good ball in Toledo. There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that he has a brother under house arrest in Taiwan by the name of Di-Te Ni.
Difficult question of the day: Would you trade away a Tiger victory today for a Wings Win?

Well, I’m a baseball guy first and foremost. Beyond that, the Wings are going for their 5th championship in 11 years. The Tigers have won two in my lifetime.
I wonder when they’re going to recall Thames? Chicago?

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