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I didn’t get a chance to get into it more than in passing in the article, but it’s obvious that making room for Bonderman poses a difficult decision. Justin Verlander, Edwin Jackson and Rick Porcello combined for 14 wins in May. They’re obviously not going anywhere. Dontrelle Willis had been pitching well until his last start last Friday at Baltimore, where he gave up seven runs on 10 hits in five innings. He won’t be heading back to the minor leagues. Armando Galarraga struggled for much of May, then had better stuff last Thursday against the O’s, but still lost with three runs on 10 hits in seven innings. After double-checking, he supposedly still has an option left.

If somebody gets pushed out into the bullpen, or if Bonderman goes into the bullpen (more on that shortly), there’s still a move to be made. And among the current Tigers relievers, there’s a similar crunch. Fernando Rodney, Joel Zumaya and Bobby Seay aren’t going anywhere. Nor likely is Nate Robertson, who pitched well in May as Detroit’s second left-hander and has service time. Zach Miner has pitched better in shorter bursts and is out of options. Ryan Perry can be optioned back to the minors, but has pitched effectively in situations.

I mentioned the possibility of Bonderman to the bullpen in the article, but Bonderman brought up the possibility first.

“Maybe I won’t be going back in the rotation. You never know,” he said. “I don’t know what’s going to happen. That’s the thing. Nobody can sit there and say, ‘You’re going back in the rotation.’ Nobody knows. The way it’s going, heck, I wouldn’t blame them for not putting me back in the rotation. I’m willing to do whatever to help the team. Wherever they put me, I’ll pitch, and I’ll go about my business and worry about it one day at a time.”

To Bonderman’s credit, he isn’t going to make any demands. That still isn’t going to make the Tigers’ decision very easy. One thing to keep in mind is the Tigers’ doubleheader at the White Sox next Monday. With no off-day from this Monday (June 1) until two Mondays from now (June 15), they’ll almost surely need a sixth starter for one turn through the rotation.


dump Brandon Lyon and the method of bringing him back on the 25-man roster becomes quite clear. Then it’s just a matter of who goes to the pen after they use Bonderman to start one of the double-header games (or use someone else and spot Bonderman elsewhere in the rotation).

First of all they have to be SURE that Bonderman is totally ready. They could give G-Man and Willis 2 more starts each and use Zach for the Chicago Double Header. That would seem fair to all 3. I don’t see Willis as being able to pull this comeback off. G-Man has the pitches and the demeanor to succeed. Zach, as always, is odd man out.
I think we could benefit from having a LHP in the rotation but if the RHP staff can be dominant thens so be it. I Think Willis will likely show he is the one that goes. JL and DD may attempt one of their “Message Moves” and take advantage of G-Man’s option but but I don’t think they will and if he pitches well in his nes next 2 starts they would idiotic to make that move.
They will want to keep Lyon for his experieince. And they truly believe he is going to justify their move to bring him here. I don’t think he is going anywhere unless the can trade him off. The guy that should be worried out in the bullpen is Nate. They did show no reluctance to dump Sheffield’s salary and even though they need a LHP to buoy the bullpen (especialy with Seay misfiring right now), he could be getting his walking papers. The logical, least exciting and most sensible move (I hate to say this), is probaly Ryan Perry. He’s got the options, he could benefit from being in a closer role with Toledo (though relistically, how many save situations will he have with Toledo. Winning games for them are rarer than a “Hen’s” tooth lately.
The key (as mentioned) is making sure that Bonderman is ready and that this is not just management wanting to see him ‘earn” his salary again. There are teams looking for starting pitchrs right now too. The Phillies for one, so a trade is not out of the question. It will be interesting.
Anybody notice Don Kelly in Toledo? He’s batting .358 with 11 Stolen Bases. guess what–he is a LHB Center Fielder! Yikes! Seems like we have 3 of those already.
And what about Ryan Strieby in Erie. 6’5″ RHB 1st Baseman who hits for power with a decent average. Got one of those too. Talk about your development being blocked!
Thames had 4 hits for Toledo yesterday (all singles). Would seem to me that Larish needs to refine his game a bit but Raburn as the RHB on the bench might be the guy to go. For all the talk about Larish being able to play a corner OF position, and that was talk, he would be the guy to be demoted if JL continues on his “versatility” credo. I would imagine Thames is ready when the club gets back to Detroit.
Thomas has supplied some real important contributions lately and you can see that he feels like he belongs here. Anderson has been struggling at the bat. Lots of rolling over to the 2nd baseman ground balls and weak batted balls. He is not a small man, I am surprised he doesn’t hit with a bit more authority. It would be very interesting should he come around to being a force in the lineup.
Porcello at Fenway! Youkilis, Ortiz, Bay Varitek, Drew, Ellsbury, Lowell, Pedroia and the Green Monster. That will be one tough test of the Kid’s mettle.

Something else to be noted fromJasons article. Bondo is sounding more mature and diplomatic. That’s gotta be a good sign too. This injury has been frustrating for him but it even sounds as though he may be looking to take all the positives out of it that he can. The development of a changeup is critical for him–moreso than ever before and congratulations to him for the hard work on “gettin ‘er done”.

My apologies in advance, Dan, because some of my thoughts on the Bonderman situation are the same as yours.
This is one of those nice problems, i.e. “how do we fit one of our better starters back onto our first place team without messing it up?” These things tend to work themselves out, but management obviously can’t wait for that to happen so they have to prepare. I agree that Willis probably won’t be productive enough, but here again management can’t assume that…….just yet. It’s nice to have the lefty in the rotation, but it has to be a good lefty. The goal of limiting Porcello’s innings also comes into play. The two weeks of games stacked one atop the other actually comes at a convenient time, by the end of which we may have the answer.
If it comes down to bullpen changes, Perry is an obvious choice. I like the fear factor the Tigers pen has been putting into opposing hitters, but Ryan really needs some steady work. I don’t think he’s near as wild as he’s shown so far. Or they could “dump Lyon.” Don’t see that happening.
I liked Bonderman’s comments too. I’ve always had a soft spot for Bondo because I knew a lot of guys like him in high school. Over the years, some have advocated him being a relief pitcher because he basically threw two pitches, but if he’s utilizing the change-piece I’d like to see him starting.
Don Kelly played firstbase during the past two spring trainings, but he’s blocked there too. Perhaps we can package some of those young position guys with one of our hard to trade pitchers and swing a deal with someone.

And here’s a cautionary tale for you, Jason. 🙂
BRISTOL, England, June 1 (UPI) — A British man said he ran head-first into a low-hanging branch while jogging to work because he was posting to his Twitter page while on the move.

James Coleman, 23, said he was sending a message, or “tweeting,” on his BlackBerry while running to work in Bristol, England, when he ran into the heavy branch and was sent careening onto the pavement, causing a heavily bruised black eye, The Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

“I guess you could say I feel a right Twit,” Coleman said. “One minute I was running along posting a tweet, the next I was lying on my back on the pavement in agony.”

“The branch came out of nowhere and hit my face hard,” he said. “I could only see through one eye for a couple of days afterward, but the swelling has started to go down now.

“I was a laughing stock at the office. I don’t even use Twitter that much to be honest. But I certainly won’t be tweeting while running anymore.”

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