What next for Galarraga?

galarraga.jpgFor now, it’s back to the drawing board, or at least to the side sessions. Jim Leyland said after the game that pitching coach Rick Knapp had noticed some things going on. For one thing, he was throwing from different arm angles and wasn’t being consistent with it. For another, he wasn’t getting on top of his breaking ball, which we haven’t seen much of lately.

As far as the rotation goes, he doesn’t seem to be at any risk this turn. With Jeremy Bonderman set to make another rehab start Tuesday, and no off-day for the Tigers before Galarraga’s spot comes back around next Thursday at Baltimore, there isn’t much flexibility there. It affords Galarraga some more time to try to figure out what’s going on.

If he struggles again, then it becomes interesting, because the Tigers could go a couple different directions. If Bonderman is deemed ready for the big leagues after Tuesday, he could conceivably move into that slot on long rest. Or with an off-day coming up a week from Monday, the Tigers could choose to skip Galarraga’s spot, much like they did with Zach Miner, and sit on it for an extra week or so. It’s probably not what Leyland would prefer to do; he’d probably rather give his pitchers the extra day after some of these high pitch counts lately. But it’s doable, even if it turns out that Galarraga holds onto the spot a while longer.

Another interesting thing that Leyland mentioned after the game is that he saw something like this from Galarraga down the stretch last year, with this stuff not being as sharp. He didn’t point to a fatigue factor in this case, though, not so early in the season.


Well Rich continue on your comments from the last thread. I too am getting frustrated with Curtis. He is hitting weak ground ball after weak ground ball to the right side of the infield. What happened to a double or a triple???? Heck I would even settle for a single. I don’t believe that he has had a day off all season, and feel that he should get one today or tomorrow. He is killing the team right now. Polanco isn’t much better, but at least he has gotten a few key hits here and there. Curtis is either a homerun or nothing and that isn’t what is going to make him an effective hitter.
Galarraga was okay but not great. He pitched well enough to win on a lot of days, but the guys couldn’t hit a lick either so it wasn’t good enough.
Go Tigers

I think I would take Curtis’ increase in HRs over triples and doubles. He already has 11 HRs for the season.

And I know his BA is .278, but his OBP is .348 and SLG is .493, not exactly horrible.

Curtis is actually hitting .246, .328 OBP and SLG of .479 which puts him around 7th on the team if you ignore Ramirez. He is also only .237 in RISP. He has stolen 5 bases and been caught twice. How could you justify continuing to give him the most at bats this year with 167 to date as against Ramon’s 61 or Anderson’s 76?
Curtis has yet to get a day off despite his season long dry spell yet to get over .25 for either April or May.
JL should give him a day off and bring him back down the order before or after Inge.

Weird, I wonder if the site hasn’t updated his stats yet. Either way, I’m not worried.

If Curtis gets a day off, I’d prefer it to be on the road. Comerica is a tough centerfield to patrol and even if he goes 0-4 today, there is no one I would rather have out there defensively than him.


Also, you give him the ABs because he’s a proven player that’s in his prime right now, and he’s just in a slump. Granderson’s career batting average on balls in play is .331, and this year it’s .248. That’s a gigantic drop when most everything else is the same in his stat line. All that is due to normalize, and when it does he will leave Santiago and Anderson in the dust. (this is also ignoring the fact that even with Curtis hitting the way he is, his weighted on base average is still better than Anderson’s).

Curtis Granderson is a superstar (no matter if he’s underrated or not), and you don’t panic on superstars just because they’re in a slump.

No panic from anyone, and no one has said to bench him or anything close to it. Most of us are advocating a day off (good point, Ed, about doing it on the road) from time to time. Some of us are advocating moving him in the batting order, as he’s not doing what a leadoff man should be doing. And that can also be temporary.
With the exception of Cabrera, all of our WBC participants are having a bad time of it. On the flip side, the WBC gave us the opportunity in spring training to look at the kids who have helped through the first 40 games.

But Curtis didn’t play that often, and Galarraga didn’t start as much as the other pitchers for Venezuela (for those arguing that WBC “exhaustion” is the cause).

It doesn’t really have anything to do with the WBC at all, Galarraga is coming off a year where his stats were better than his peripherals would indicate. While Magglio and Guillen are both well into thier 30s where players usually heavily decline.

Curtis is just having a bad run of luck right now and none of this has anything to do with the WBC.

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