Different look up top

A day after the top third of Detroit’s lineup went 0-for-12 with two balls hit out of the infield, the Tigers did a little shifting for a day. Placido Polanco was already set to get the day off, so Ramon Santiago both plays and hits second. Josh Anderson is batting leadoff for the first time in two weeks.

Jim Leyland said Sunday morning that Granderson seems like he’s not getting in a good position to hit, instead getting caught in between. But as Leyland pointed out, Granderson can get back to hitting well in a hurry.

“He’s always been kind of a streaky guy,” Leyland said. “But we have to get him going, no question.”


  1. Anderson, LF
  2. Santiago, 2B
  3. Thomas, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Granderson, CF
  6. Ordonez, DH
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Everett, SS
  9. Sardinha, C

P: Dontrelle Willis


  1. Dexter Fowler, CF
  2. Troy Tulowitzki, SS
  3. Todd Helton, 1B
  4. Matt Murton, LF
  5. Ryan Spilborghs, RF
  6. Garrett Atkins, DH
  7. Yorvit Torrealba, C
  8. Clint Barmes, 2B
  9. Ian Stewart, 3B

P: Jason Hammel


Good call there, Skipper. Shake it up a little.

For sure. This was due. Even if we just finished winning 7 in a row–this was due.

Interesting lineup. A little surprised to see Granderson ahead of Ordonez. I would rather see Curtis hitting 3rd. and Ordonez 5th-Thomas 6th. But at least we did get some thought put into this today.

Bases loaded and Sardinha up. I couldn’t think of a worst case scenario.

Well we coulda used a couple more but I must say I was very impressed that Willis was able to master Helton with 2 men in scoring position and in trouble. That is extremely encouraging.

Willis played with fire twice there with 2 out against Fowler, TT and Helton. You knew Helton is gonna make you paye sooner or later. Those darn walks.
Tigers again are not hitting te ball well enough. I think they have seen some good starting pitching, but it is their job to hit the ball.
Can’t see Willis getting beyond the 6th inning today.

Here we go. Bottom of 6th and the middle of the lineup. Need to make some things happen. Unfortunately all of these guys are eith not hitting or have cooled off recently. MCab can snap out anytime though. Thomas has a key AB coming up.

Boy, we need somebody to pick up this offense. The struggle seems to be everyone’s right now. .

Dontrelle pitched well but it would be great if he didn’t make the same pitches to Helton over and over. Needs to bear down with 2 out just a little harder. fact is he should not have been in the game in the 7th anyway.
So far this game is like yesterday’s in the sense that we haven’t played well enough to deserve to win. Hopefully that will change in the last 3 ABs.

Well as good as they were for a while the offense is pretty anemic the last three games (and yes I know they won on Friday, but they still didn’t hit real well.) And it isn’t as though this pitching is cy young. I suppose that we have seen this a lot over the last few years. They hit the guys that are better but seem to have trouble against those that they should hit fairly well. They have been doing so well so I hate to sound so frustrated but I have seen far to many weak ground balls the last few days for my liking.

Can someone tell me what Clete Thomas has EVER done to deserve hitting #3 in a lineup that inlcudes Miguel Cabrera, Magglio Ordonez and Curtis Granderson? Is Jim Leyland serious?!! How long is this going to go on? How many more batting titles does Ordonez have to win before that senile smoke bag realizes he should be in the top third of the order? How many at bats, not to mention at bats with runners on base, is he costing the two best players on the team by putting Clete Thomas in the most important spot in the order?

Hard to win when every single hitter on the team is in a slump.
For lack of anything else worth saying…….I was uneasy with pitching to Helton a second consecutive time with firstbase open. 50-50 on that one. As it was, the best and nearly only hitter on their team beat us two days in a row. I’m more sure of the bottom of the 7th, where I wouldn’t have burned Larish there. I would have gone with Laird, then if Hurdle came with his lefty for Anderson, PH Raburn right there. Then you’ve got switch hitter Santiago and Thomas, who is supposed to hit lefties better than Anderson. And that leaves Larish for the 9th and Street. Doesn’t matter though, since none of them would have come through today. Just a thought.
It doesn’t get easier with Gil Meche and Zack Greinke coming up next. Somebody(s) needs to bust out here. Pitching and defense is still top notch, but you have to get at least a few runs. So says Captain Obvious.
–Rich (Captain Obvious)

A very quick comment. You can analyze and overanalyze as bloggers are prone to do. No one is hitting, that’s for sure, but the table setting is missing, and IMO the two most vital pieces are Polly and Grandy. Whole offense is out of sync. We’ve ridden Thomas and Anderson about as far as we can for the moment. Looking forward to seeing Verlander Sat. night in Baltimore.


I agree completely with the comment of Clete being out of place batting #3. The novelty of it should have worn off over a week ago. Somehow him batting there has found its way into another mysterious Jim Leyland formula and his reluectance to change it. Ordonez probably should be hitting there. If not I see it as a place suited for Granderson (if he evr gets going again).
Sardinha is a wasted roster spot. The way Avila is playing with Erie I would suggest they give him a look-see.
Team needs a shot in the arm.

So our our production today was provided by dane Sardinha.

Well the Tigers were completely anemic and boring for the last few days. They were given two pretty okay pitching performances and gave them little or no run support. It seems that even those that were hitting a bit were baffled by this Rockie pitching. As usual it seems as though they rise to a difficult pitcher, but a team or a pitcher that they should handle well, suffice to say they make him look like the next coming of Cy Young. Hopefully they figure it out with KC coming up in the next few days. Because this little lead that we built will get slimmer and slimmer.

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