Makeup game in Chicago

The Tigers’ next series at Chicago will now be a five-game, four-day series against the White Sox. They’ll make up their rainout from a few weeks ago on Monday, June 8 with a day-night doubleheader. First game is at 2:05 p.m. ET, with the night game at 8:11. It’ll be interesting to see how they work in a starting pitcher for that game, since it’s right in the middle of a two-week stretch without an off-day.


Typical crap that always happens with Chicago. They always seem to find a way to screw us up. A few years ago when they weren’t playing so well and we were and they cancelled a game early and it was bright and sunny by the time the game was played. Like last time when they threw the tarp on the field and didn’t allow the Tigers to take batting practice. It always seems to be something with them. They are a bit shady as far as I am concerned. My guess is that Zach Minor will take one of those games.

At least we won’t be facing Jake Peavy! Hah! Serves ’em right!

Chicago……..shady………..Chicago………shady………hmmmm…….seems I’ve heard those terms used together before and it had nothing to do with baseball. 😉
Bonderman and Robertson could also take some starts too, GK. JL has no shortage there, but someone has to stay in the pen. Unless you……….piggyback them!
If you were given a choice of living in San Diego or Chicago, which would YOU choose? That’s one of Leyland’s “no-brainers” right there.

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