Pitch count facts

Edwin Jackson’s 132 pitches are the most by a Tigers pitcher in the Jim Leyland era. The last Tiger to throw that many in a game was knuckleballer Steve Sparks, who threw 132 pitches against the Mariners on Aug. 21, 2002.

The last non-knuckleballer to hit that count? Remember Felipe Lira, who threw 135 on Aug. 11, 1996. He gave up nine runs on 14 hits in 6 1/3 innings that game.

The 132-pitch mark is also a first in the Majors this year, topping the 131 pitches from Pittsburgh’s Ian Snell on April 29.

Manager Jim Leyland has not put as big an emphasis on the number of pitches as much as the situation and the strain with which they’re thrown. Still, he usually tries to avoid racking up high pitch counts in back-to-back starts for a pitcher. Jackson went 97 pitches in his last outing May 15 against Oakland after topping 100 in his previous four outings.

The biggest thing to remember is that Leyland wanted to rest Joel Zumaya today after back-to-back outings.


WOW! Two sweeps in a row. Maybe the Oakland sweep was not too big a surprise, but this Texas one sure was. They came in, I believe, with a 7 game winning streak. Right now we have to commend the pitching coach. He seems to be getting most pitchers in shape. Look at what Chuck Hernandez is doing for, or to, Cleveland. Meanwhile,
Bill Knapp seems to have Verlander back in stride, Jackson not showing too much wildness, Porcello doing well, and now, maybe Willis back to his former self. Oh, wait, that’s Rick Knapp. Bill Knapp was the one with the reataurant chain, right? LOL. My biggest concern right now is the return of Thames/Guillen. When they come back, will it kill the momentum that has been built up by having Anderson, Thomas, and Larish in the line-up? It would be nice to get more relief pitching. Especially when they had Jackson blow
his lead with 132 pitches. Not having Zumaya “available” seemed to put a crimp in Leyland’s scheme. Now on with Colorado. It is probably a statistical improbability or impossibilty but it would appear the Tigers could gat another sweep with the way the Rockies have been playing lately.

Duh! Twins 20, White Sox 0. Maybe they do need Peavy from the Padres.

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