Magglio back for Friday's game

The Tigers announced after the game that they’re activating Magglio from the family medical emergency list for Friday’s game and optioning Wilkin Ramirez back to Toledo. Leyland said this morning that Magglio’s wife was reportedly got through surgery all right, but that Ordonez would not be able to get back in time for the game today.


I hope all is well and for a quick recovery.
Start with the good – the Rangers have now been swept twice this year – both by the Tigers!! And after they had swept the Indians, Mariners and Angels leading into our series. The Kids are impressive and have lifted the team to 2nd in the AL for defense.
Strange game again that we got away with when not on our A game. Jackson, like JV, were not at their best but they are sure turning into strong young lions that you can depend on.
If JL wont trust any other pitcher to do the 8th, stop wasting Zoom for 2 innings or games we are well ahead in. If he no longer wants Perry to pitch in tight end situations, he should not have wasted Zoom in the first game when 4-0 up and then burned Lyon and Seay each get only one out.
The word bunt should be removed from the Tiger dictionary and placed on the endangered list. Please report any sightings.
Why didn’t Ramon play today?? He is a home field specialist hitting .5 with .542 OBP at home and only .25 & .27 away. Further, he is hitting .591 with .625 OBP in day games and only .194 and .216 OBP in night games. Hitting .478 and .5 OBP overall for May is a tear in anyones language.
I know the figures look crazy but are true.

Forgot to mention how good it is to see so many locals out in force today, with 34+K easily the biggest mid week home crowd of the season other than opening day. The country night theme no doubt helped.
Wonder what having a likely 1.25-1.5m less patrons this year on less margins will do to the budget this year. Getting $3-5m from the Mets on Sheff would have come in handy.
Our home record is now 14 & 5. Let me guess how many games GK has gone to!!🙂

Well Dave, I have been to 6 games and they have won 2 of them. Opening day and last Friday against Oakland. We had tickets to Tuesdays game, but couldn’t go so I gifted them to a co-worker, and of course that was the 1-hitter game. I am not saying that I am a jinx, but the closest thing to it anyway. .
Sorry guys I am going Friday night. So either watch the Wings, or something because I make no promises?? LOL

Don’t look now folks, but our guys have opened up a nice little 3 game lead in the Central. Conceivably it could be a little wider come Monday as our two closest rivals have tougher matchups in St.Louis and Milwaukee. What I think is on most Tiger fans’ minds these days, though, is something Illinoifan alluded to. What are we going to do with Thomas, Larish, and Anderson when Guillen and Thames come back? Maybe the question should be what do we do with Guillen and Thames? I am concerned that taking one or both kids out of the lineup will kill the momentum we’ve got going. It’s not like any one of them has played their way back to Toledo. In my mind, there is no way Guillen should be in the field –if he plays it’s as DH and we’ve got to see the occasional long ball from him. I think that when these guys come back, if this team starts playing station to station ball like last year there will be a lot of unhappy campers at Comerica.


I agree Ed. I think they will cut a lot of slack with Carlos. He can hit and as a switch hitter he is very valuable. He is a character guy and a veteran presence.
I see Marcus as being showcased for a trade to a team that needs raw power. There should be no way he can displace Thomas. I think his role as a DH will be affected by Carlos, as will Larish’s. Raburn complicates Marcus’ life too.
Anderson is playing OK but he has really tken a step down in excitement/contribution since Clete showed up. I don’t like the fact he seems to have stopped bunting.
Thomas’ non-catch notwithstanding, it has been a huge defensive relief we have seen in RF since Maggs has been gone.
Bonderman had a so-so outing for Toledo today. Threw mostly strikes though and left at 98 pitches.

I wrote a detailed post late this afternoon which, upon submitting, was immediately vaporized by the blog system. I was then unable to log in for six hours.
I won’t go into it much, as Dave has touched on a couple of my themes. That is, the clumsy use of the bullpen and the lack of a bunt when the situation screams for it (see today’s 7th inning). JL is winning games he doesn’t deserve, and his management style is going to cost us down the road. You can’t always be lucky.
Enjoy this now, because in about ten days it’s going to get VERY rough. Following an off day after the Baltimore series, we play three with Boston, who runs up pitch counts, then three with LAA who also runs up pitch counts, then the newly scheduled doubleheader in Chicago, followed by six more consecutive games, three with the White Sox. No days off. As we ponder who goes down when Guillen and Thames returns, it appears to me that we will need a 13th pitcher during this period. And there will be no hiding anyone out there. Everyone will have to get big outs, and that includes Perry and Robertson. With that in mind, I’d like to have seen Perry in an important role in this Texas series. JL instead overused Zumaya. You think the old man can get us through this stretch?

Maybe thats why they rested Nate Robertson, along with his lower back? Get it together, or else!..?
Yes, -132- Too high a pitch count for Edwin, that could unwind something, that made him dynamic in April, and May.
I can see Clete possibly being a cheap replacement for right field, when Maggs contract expires? One day doesn’t make him a great player, but he made some noticible addititions, or plays to the game against Texas Thursday. That bullet to Pineapple at the plate was beautiful. Can’t do that every time.. but darn.. that put a huge hold on the Texa scoring machine. Really showing a good selection of players that can make it happen.
Just Great, another sweep to mark on the calendar! Go get ’em boys!

Regarding “clumsy use of the bullpen” and specifically the use of four pitchers, including Zoom and Rodney, in a 4-0 game:

It is my belief that JL did the right thing. That is, he attached enormous importance to getting Dontrelle his first win, and thus pulled every lever available to him. It seems to be his view that this increases the chance that Dontrelle will get his head right, and that we will be rewarded come August and September.


That may be true, John, but I wasn’t referring to that game. On Wednesday night with a 5-1 lead he came back with the same pitchers, Lyon and Zumaya, and left himself shorthanded for Thursday’s game, the one where we were going up against Millwood, a guy we’ve always had trouble with. I thought that 5-1 lead starting the 7th would have been a good time to get Perry in there. So while he may have been stroking Dontrelle’s confidence on Tuesday, he did nothing for Perry’s on Wednesday.
Besides that, my original post that got lost was much more about bunting than the use of the bullpen. Game management in general and that sort of thing. I think Leyland is good with people and his players like him, and that’s important, but I wish someone else was making the in-game decisions. But that’s the fun of baseball, we get to manage right along with the real skipper.

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