Ramirez batting third at DH

If Wednesday is the only game Wilkin Ramirez plays in a Tigers uniform before heading back to Triple-A Toledo, he’s going to make the most of it. The Tigers are certainly trying to get the most out of him. He’s batting third in the Tigers order tonight, between Placido Polanco and Miguel Cabrera.

One reason behind the move, manager Jim Leyland said, is that they don’t have any obvious candidates. Clete Thomas is out with left-hander Matt Harrison pitching, and Magglio is away from the team. Plus, Leyland said, Ramirez brings speed, which Leyland has been able to use with Thomas up there. Ramirez usually batted third in the Mud Hens lineup, and he was tied for the International League lead in stolen bases at the time he was called up.

You’ll also notice Brandon Inge batting fifth for the first time this year. His other games have been in the sixth (9 games), seventh (19) or eighth (7) spots.

In other news, Leyland laid out more of a game plan for his bullpen today. After Bobby Seay and Brandon Lyon each got a big out in the seventh inning Tuesday night, Leyland said he wants to use both of them in that inning with a lead moving forward. Which one he uses depends on how the opposing lineup looks between lefties and righties. He also said he’ll mix in Ryan Perry on occasion when Lyon isn’t available.

“I think Brandon Lyon’s really coming on,” Leyland said.


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Ramirez, DH
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Inge, 3B
  6. Raburn, RF
  7. Laird, C
  8. Anderson, LF
  9. Everett, SS

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. David Murphy, LF
  3. Michael Young, 3B
  4. Hank Blalock, DH
  5. Marlon Byrd, CF
  6. Nelson Cruz, RF
  7. Chris Davis, 1B
  8. Taylor Teagarden, C
  9. Elvis Andrus, SS

P: Matt Harrison


Hmmm. No Razor. Dude seems to be simply hammering the ball lately so I’m a little surprised.

As for Mr. Ramirez, welcome to the big leagues.

Hopefully Polly can get things moving here. Could really use his bat.

I also take note that Blaylock is in the lineup. Their first four is as good as any in baseball when they are right. But at least no Hamilton again.

Go Tigers. JV.

I have to say this—-how stupid was it to have Laird swinging away in that situation? You reward a guy who fails to lay down a good bunt on the first pitch by letting him swing away. What kind of message does that send out about small ball to your players?
That was a prototypical time to lay one down. Your pitcher throwing a good game and needing some runs?
This is why JL drives me nuts.

BTW, Ramirez has had trouble whenever he goes to a new level of play. The 2 Ks is not surprising.
1-0 game and JL isn’t into manufacturing runs? Mind-boggling. The Rangers can score 2 or 3 runs on 1 mistake.

That was a very gutty performance by Verlander in that inning. We have seen him, all too often, losing a no-hitter , then the shutout and then the game in situations like this.
He kept his composure very well.
The more I think about Laird’s AB–the madder I get. I have never been a fan of hitting and running with men on 1st and 2nd and no out. And in my mind as a manager you have to insist your player lay the bunt down—not let him off the hook. In fact I was thinking that if Laird missed the 2nd one I would make hkm do it again.

Amazing how one play totally cjanges the game. Hopefully JL will remember the triple play for a long time. JV just got away with it, would have been a 5 run innings last year.

Jl will forget it. Chicago 2006, 2 on , he ordered H & R, Triple Play

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