Postgame roster move

The Tigers optioned left-hander Luke French back to Triple-A Toledo after the game tonight so that they can activate Nate Robertson from the 15-day disabled list in time for Thursday’s game.

That’s likely to be the only roster move made in time for Thursday’s game. Manager Jim Leyland said he does not expect Magglio Ordonez to be back in time for the game, so he’ll likely remain on the family medical emergency list.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but tonight’s game felt to me like one we were going to lose. It’s nice to be surprised with a win.
Addressing the bunt situation/triple play by Laird, I agree with Dan. If your average is hovering hear the interstate, you better be able to get a bunt down. I also wondered why Anderson didn’t attempt a steal while Everett was up, rather than a hitter later. That left Granderson’s bat shattering popup as an inning killer. Those longballs bailed JL out tonight. Jim is obviously very good with people and his players like him, and that’s very important. His game management, however, drives me up the wall.
Okay, on to the good stuff. I didn’t think Verlander had his really good stuff tonight, but he was able to be effective nonetheless. His ability to drop that curveball in for strikes at will is a deadly weapon. His high pitch count continues to be an issue, but I’m thinking you just have to throw that out the window for him. It’s not his fault that the hitters swing and miss so much. Well, it is but in a good way. Anyway, the only way for him to go deep into games is to throw a whole bunch of pitches. He needs to be judged on how he’s doing rather than how many pitches he’s thrown. I do worry about his total in any single inning, of course. 40+ pitches will wear a guy out. He hung in there very well and pulled off a good performance again.
Rodney is going to blow a save here at some point and I hope he doesn’t take grief from a lot of people when it happens. He’s done a very very good job in the role. Besides, I’d rather have Zumaya available for the 8th inning or any situation with runners already on base. Lyon will never get the fans off his case if he comes in and gives up bombs like that, but he can still get it done, at least IMO.
That brings us to tonight’s hero, Mr. Ramirez. No small thing, breaking a 1-1 tie in your first big league game with a monster homerun. He does need to cheer up when rounding the bases, though. 🙂 I hope people don’t start clammoring for him to stay with the big club, because his first two ABs is more than likely what you’ll get. That said, he’s definitely in the picture for the post-Maggs Tigers outfield. Lot of talent there.
These are the good times, still early in the season and your team is establishing itself as a club to be reckoned with, but not so late that the games take on a life and death feel.

Well Rich, _ thought about you last night with all the runners that were stranded. The triple play was a freak thing (and I do think that Laird should of still tried to get it down the next pitch.) But that is just baseball, that just as well could of been a double into the vast outfield. He hit that hard. I am more concerned about the inning later when we had a runner on third with 1 out and Granderson screwed that up.
And I hate to be a complainer but when are the big guys (minus Cabrera) going to start coming through more often than not??? I mean Polanco, Maggs, and Granderson. It doesn’t mean that they don’t occassionally but these averages are really low for these guys and nobody is scared of them. Maggs was showing signs of coming out of it hopefully he isn’t too and everything is okay and he can pick up where he left off.
I also agree that it felt a lot like a blown game last night, and I am glad we still came out with the win even though it wasn’t pretty.

Not once did I feel we were going to lose. Verlander’s one inning did concern me but he came right back out with strikes. If we’d had a one run lead, then bringing Lyon in would have scared me, but he did OK. The Rangers have a very good team and I was nervous about how we do against them. Some guys are in slumps, some guys aren’t. That’s baseball.

white sox trade for peavy?
that’s a pretty big deal for them.

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