Tigers place Magglio on bereavement list

Magglio Ordonez will miss at least the Tigers’ next two games Tuesday and Wednesday against the Rangers while he attends to his wife, who is having surgery.

The Tigers will place Ordonez on the bereavement list, which is permissible for players dealing with medical emergency. A player can remain on the bereavement list between three and seven days, and the team can call up another player from the 40-man roster to take his place.

The move is something the Tigers had planned out over the weekend. Manager Jim Leyland said Saturday that Ordonez would leave the team after Sunday’s game and hopefully return Thursday to tend to a personal issue. It was uncertain whether Ordonez would rejoin the team in time for Thursday’s afternoon game against the Rangers.

Neither Leyland nor Ordonez specified the issue at that point, but Ordonez said he would not be traveling home to Venezuela.

The team made an official announcement after Sunday’s win over the A’s, and requested that reporters respect Ordonez’s privacy. Ordonez was not available for comment.

With a scheduled off-day Monday, the Tigers will wait until Tuesday to call up a player to take Ordonez’s spot on the 25-man roster. Josh Anderson and Ryan Raburn are expected to get more playing time in Ordonez’s place during the upcoming series with Texas, which will start two right-handed pitchers and a left-hander for the series.


Well I hope that she is okay and is nothing too serious. I wonder who they will call up???

I’m sorry to hear this. Explains away Magglio’s slow start a little bit, and sure puts things in perspective. At the end of the day, it’s just baseball.
Great comeback today. Tigers are now 4-0 when I go to CoPark.


Hoping for all the best to Magg’s wife and family.
The kids are sure powering this team along with Thomas, Larish, Ramon, Raburn and Anderson all now at ease and more than holding their own. Resting Inge and Polly today is hopefully a sign JL will extend this more to the regular top five with Curtis and Miggs still yet to have a day off.
Ramon’s 19 RBI’s is now the Tigers 4th highest from only 54 AB’s. He has to get more playing time and JL’s decision to include the 2B option will hopefully be part of this strategy now that Everett is more than holding his own with 16 RBI’s from 85 AB’s hitting .381 in May and .306 overall.
Great to see Bondo getting back to full health. GMan should be able to be sent down having been traded and only in his 3rd ML season. Hopefully he can sort himself out at AAA and Nate also comes back via a stint at AAA.
Couldn’t agree with you more Rich about Miner. He sure is handy to have around and his $410K contract a steal. Being out of options, they sure had better not trade him to make room for their high cost starting pitchers who haven’t delivered for years.
The Rangers series will be interesting as they are shaping as the team to beat in the west sweeping the Angels as part of a 7 game streak. Good that we have them at home again.

Now is the time that Maggs needs to be with his family, tomorrow is another day to play baseball. It is good seeing his stroke coming back at the plate, I hope all works out will for him and his wife.
I can’t stop smiling, at the unique combinations, by inserting these young players, in, and watching them connect. I miss Marcus, but now am really impressed with Ramone, and the production that takes place. The unlikely players made this series happen!

What a difference a year makes. To come from behind after the second inning, 0-6 would have done in many teams, and fans would have left the park early. What a comeback.. the bats are smokin’, and it isn’t even June yet! Wow! Double sweeps on consecutive weekends, are there any stats on that streak?
Texas is going to be an interesting series for the Tigers.
Willis starting wednesday scares me.

I wonder, Did the World Baseball Classic this spring hurt G-man ? Something is really going wrong for him, or are teams reading his pitches better?
Zach Minor, is just a good utility pitcher , rob him from the bullpen to start a game, or plug him in when it looks the worst, and he comes thru. I admit, there are times when he’s out there, I am scratching my head, lets loose this kid, he blew it the last two outings, but then he pitches a dang good game, and am thinking maybe your going to make a niche on the team after all!

I wonder if we can take 2 of 3 from Texas?


I sure pray Maggs’ wife will be OK. He has had to deal with some adversity lately. His bad is definitely back on track.
Those of us who have been fighting for Santiago for at least 2 years now are finally getting some satisfaction. He’s as good a middle infielder as you could ask for. Just hope JL rewards him with more starts. We have 3 very capable middle infielders, any combination of which will work great.
Miner is a keeper.
Porcello and Perry are keepers.
Just imagine our pitching potential had we never traded Jurrjens for Renteria. Plus Ramon could have played last year like he should have.
I see the Raburn critics have quieted down a bit.
This team is much more versatile than last year. The more ways you have to win a game the more games will be won. I agree that the young guys are really picking up the defense in the OF. A lot of fun to watch. I’m glad they brought Clete back up. He’s a good ballplayer.
I still like Marcus a lot. I think at first the team missed his presence in the lineup after his being lost to the DL, but it offered an opportunity to the young guys and they have since answered. Same could be said about Carlos. The team can only benefit when these 2 guys get back but it does raise questions of a weakened outfield defense.
I’m no pitching expert, not even close, but seems G-man needs to live down and on the corners to thrive. Last year he had that control plus could get the hitters to chase. Now it seems, though he’s not missing by much, it’s just enough. If hitters remain patient against him he’s missing a lot of those close pitches, not getting the calls, and then sets himself up for getting hit. It’s gotten into his head now and maybe he does need a break with Toledo to right things. But it might be early yet to push the panic button. Seems he’s earned the respect of a bit more patience imo. But at the same time there are going to be some decisions as Jeremy and Dontrelle make bids to come back. The team seems to have a potential abundance of pure starters as opposed to pure relievers, which isn’t a bad position to be in actually.
I don’t have a lot of confidence in Willis, though I do like the guy and hope he can find his way back to the success he had early in his career, although that sounds funny because he’s still very young.
I hope Nate can find his way back. I like him a lot.
First place mid May. Not bad. Getting swept by the Twins is still bothering me. They should have salvaged at least one of those games.

To answer your question about whether the World Baseball Classic hurt Galarraga, I asked him that question Saturday when he was talking about his between-starts work, and he said no. He pointed to April as proof that he had things going right, though he couldn’t point to any particular moment when things turned for the worse.

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