Rain delay update

The tarp was off, then back on, and is now off again. They need three outs to make this a complete game, so they’re going to try hard to get this in. Not only is the grounds crew moving in a hurry, the Tigers are warming up fast. Jackson is warming up in the bullpen.


wow two slams tonight. good job getting on base tigers. good job taking advantage. grand slams are great. i would like it a lot better if they were swinging for singles or gappers rather than slams though……. without the 8 runs by grand slams, the tigers have scored 5 runs. good for them.
i just hope this doesn’t make JL get back (if he ever left?) to that ‘sit around and wait for the dinger’ mentallity…….

Maggs is definitely on the return. Now for Polly and hopefully Carlos back with some form.
Fantastic effort by Jackson once again. No way he was never not coming back to get the result.
Perry, Zoom and Rodney have to be kept for close games. No way I would have burned Perry for two innings tonight. With a 12 run lead, why not give French his first start and the opportunity to go 2 innings.

The more I see Clete, the more I like him. Seems more at ease this year at the plate. Using the whole field, not hitting everything to left like last year. I’m not saying we don’t need Guillen–but I do like Clete! Watched the baseball gods get even with the Twinkies as Nathan gets roughed up–baseball is a wacky game.


What’s the bet JL suddenly remembered French was there. So much for Perry doing long stints and if going back to one innings work, why French following Perry when you hasve no idea how he is going to handle it. Bizzarre management.

3,4, and 5 set ’em up, and 6 and 7 drive ’em in. That’s one way to do it. 10 RBIs for Inge and Raburn.
It was fortunate that E-Jax was able to come back and throw three innings, that was a big help. Glad that JL et al let him.
Perry lately has looked like the pitcher I saw in spring training. I’m not sure why they want him stretched out for multiple innings. Seems to me you could use him for an inning one night and Zumaya (or Rodney) for an inning the next night. That’s pretty much what they did with Zoom and Rodney in 2006, although the out of town media insists that they both pitched the 7th and 8th innings every night that year.
Nice to see some familiar faces in the dugout tonight. Jeremy Bonderman. Carlos Guillen. This club has done a pretty good job of hanging in, even staying in first place, while some big parts have been missing or slumping. There also seemed to be a little extra spring in their step and a lot more smiles tonight, and that was before the game even started. It must feel really great to get out of that warehouse that the Twins call a ballpark.

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