MC Hammer at Friday's game

MC Hammer, aka Stanley Burrell, will throw out a ceremonial first pitch at Friday’s Tigers-A’s game. He’s also taking in pregame batting practice as Curtis Granderson’s guest. No, it’s not ’90s night at Comerica Park. Just figured it was worth a mention.


90’s, eh? Sounds like a fun night at the old ballpark.

Maggs could take a line from MC Hammer and hang a sign on his back “Can’t touch this”.

New series, new opportunity…………..go Tigers.

Players all wearing the super baggy pants tonight?

Well played.

You know you’re getting old when even MC Hammer is AFTER your time.

Miner is going to pitch his way off this team. JL will not do anything rash with Seay and he needs an injection of dependability in the pen.
Miner is unlikely to see a start anytime soon with the return of Willis and Bonderman imminent. Willis will be given another opportunity ( and probalby rightfully so) as pitching in the Twinkie Dome is not a definitive test paramater.
Not sure what is going on with Seay-he just has lost his edge I guess. Lyon is really nothing more than an innings eater now–kinda like Lopez last year and Grilli before him.
I’m still upset with DD about that the Lyon acquistion. There is a reason he lost his job as Arizona’s closer.
We will be dipping down to Toledo and Nate, Miner are likely scapegoats.
What this club really needs is to start poinding the ball from #1 down thru #9 That kind of medicine will be therapeutic for the whole team. Perhaps a definitve lineup change too. Granderson looked lost yesterday.

Leyland needs to be off the team, not Miner. Zach is a starter and I’ll bet any other manager would see it that way, especially one who’s hitters have tried to get good wood on Miner’s pitches. This is so obvious to me it’s maddening. When Zach starts, he can use all of his pitches and if he gets into trouble, he can get himself out of it. He doesn’t have that luxury as a relief pitcher.
While trying to find openings for Willis and Bonderman, how long before we cast a baleful eye in Galarraga’s direction? He shouldn’t be immune to scrutiny. In fact, he may have options left. Anyone know? It wouldn’t be the first time a pitcher who’s had success had to go down to get straightened out.
My biggest fear is that we lose pitchers while spending time finding out that Willis isn’t able to help us. It’s not enough to avoid walking hitters, he has to be effective also. I don’t foresee that happening.

Rich, I am in total agreement that JL needs to go. As I said in an earlier post, the Tigers have some good pieces, Leyland just can’t put the puzzle together. JL’s decisions are made according to how much he likes a player, not by the player’s ability. And how about some small ball? Best way to play a game. Honestly, I don’t like JL…….I don’t like him a lot.

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