Grand slams

The two grand slams in one game are the third in franchise history, and the first since June 24, 1968, when Jim Northrup hit two. It's the second time for a Major League team this season. Raul Ibanez and Ryan Howard each hit one for Philly on April 27.


Well was at the game last night and I wasn’t a jinx unless you consider the rain a jinx. I do I have to be to work and 7:30am.
Well I knew it had to be a good day was having lunch with a friend in Birmingham, I saw Polanco (sweet ride by the way). Then walking down the street saw Marian Hossa, Hudler, and Thomas Kopecky easting at an outdoor resturant. Also saw the A’s bus take off for the stadium from the Townsend..
Was real interested that when we actually got to the park that it wasn’t really raining nor for the first hour that it was in the rain delay. As soon as the game started it slowly started raining harder and harder. If they just would of started the game on time – which they could and should of???? I would like to hear the explaination behind that.
All in all it was obviously a fun game to be at – so far this year they haven’t been all that fun 2 wins this year and 5 losses the games that I have gone to. GOOD LUCK TODAY TIGERS

Nice to see all cylinders firing. It is painful to watch Gerald Laird right now. I sure hope the guy can get a lucky hit to break him out of this incredible slump. He is not hitting the ball well at all. With Sardinha out he is gonna have to fight through this. BTW, Dusty Ryan finally started to hit again down on the farm.
Not to rain on Raburn’s parade but Jl has to be cogniznant of his tendendies to hit 2 hoppers to the left side of the infield. GrandSlam notwithstanding, I would still rather see Thomas or Anderson ahead of him.
Not sure what to make of Luke French. He didn’t “look” like anything special but he did get results. It might be very timely with the apparent vincibility we have seen with Bobby Seay.
Be nice to see Bonderman have a real solid (and physically trouble-free) outing tonight. I am not a personal fan of Bondo but IMO he could be one of the better pitchers in the game if he could augment his slider with an off-speed pitch. He is a battler and to his credit, has shown a lot of courage in getting through this injury.
If he can make it back all the way I do believe we will see Miner or Robertson gone. Rich is spot on with his assessment of Miner as a SP. He could be a pretty dependable middle of the rotation guy if given the opportunity.

Nothing against Marcus and Carlos, but the way Josh and Clete are performing, kind of makes you wonder whether the Tigers would be better off sticking with the young guys in the lineup. We all know that won’t happen– but the speed and defensive improvement that those two youngsters provide is sorely needed on this team. And Dan, if Bondo does make it all the way back, what should we be looking for if we deal Nate or Miner? I wonder, too, if the Willis experiment doesn’t work out whether he would be kept around for an emergency start or just an innings eater in games that warrant that.


I couldn’t disagree with you more regarding Thames I think he is true homerun threat that we are missing off the bench. The problem is, is that we have a team with really too many DH’s. I also think that we are missing a healthy Carlos in the lineup – not for the homerun, but for the steady hitter.

gk, at this point, we really only have one DH, that being Larish. The problem with too many only happens when Guillen and Thames return. If Carlos is willing to DH full time and can return to the hitter he was, then there really isn’t a problem. But if CG insists on playing in the field, you take away the defense that Anderson or Thomas would provide as well as their speed on the basepaths. I would agree with you that Thames would be a nice bat to come off the bench. Marcus has provided some key hits for us in the past and obviously is more feared than Raburn. I guess that my like of Clete and Josh stems from the fact that they introduce a new element in the lineup that has been missing. Last year was too much station to station–waiting for the big hit that almost never came. Remember how many times we got shut out? They just seem to give us a better balanced lineup.


I like Clete and Anderson as well, I miss Anderson being in the lineup. I agree they add a different dimension. That we agree on.

It’s looking more an more like the scouting staff and management hae found a gem in Porcello. To pitch this well so young against MLB hitters is very impressive. The fans around me in Seattle were even buzzing about him.

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