First pitch set for 8:05

The tarp has been taken off. Edwin Jackson is heading for the bullpen to start warming up.


Lyon is gonna take a lot of abuse from Tiger fans this year unless he turns things around in a hurry.
He has given up more hits than IP and darn near as many walks as IP too. He has the same number of walks as Jackson and Jackson has thrown 3X the amount of innings!
The walks have killed us. This is the one area that they figured he would be a big help in and they have bargained for the opposite.

We sure could use a real quick innng here. Gotta make sure they get this game in.
A little off topic but I was sure cheesed off at the refs in the wings game yesterday.
It almost seemed as though they were given directives to get a major market team into the next round. Case(s) in point both involve the notorius Chris Pronger.
The first on Pronger literally mugged Hossa behind the net directly in FRONT of the ref and there was no call. Flabbergasting.
The second had Pronger cross-checking Hudler into his own goalie and the ref givng Hudler the penalty for goalie interference.
I think we all remember the goal that was disallowed earlier in the series.
The Wings will be in tough against the speedy BlackHawks.

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