Robertson placed on DL

The Tigers not only lost a 13-inning game to the Twins Wednesday night, they also lost a versatile middle and late-inning reliever who could’ve helped in that game. Detroit placed left-hander Nate Robertson on the 15-day disabled list Thursday morning, retroactive to May 6, with a low back muscle strain.

To take his spot in the bullpen, the Tigers called up left-hander Luke French from Triple-A Toledo.

Robertson hadn’t pitched since last Tuesday, mainly because the Tigers’ starting rotation had been pitching deep enough into games that relief innings were scarce. Wednesday’s game against the Twins was very much the opposite, which made Robertson’s absence notable.

Robertson was the only Tigers reliever who didn’t pitch in the game, which ended with Joe Crede’s grand slam off Brandon Lyon in his third inning of work.

The 23-year-old French has enjoyed a solid opening inning in the Mud Hens rotation, posting a 2-2 record and 2.91 ERA in six starts with 29 strikeouts over 34 innings. He’ll be in uniform in time for Thursday afternoon’s series finale against the Twins at the Metrodome.


So did Nate not pitch last night because of the back issue, or was he available and just not used? Maybe that’s why Lyon was left in for so long. If the back was an issue before last night, it seems they should have put him on the DL before the game. Hindsight is 20/20 though.
Looking back, I guess we found out why Lyon isn’t a long reliever.

Beginning of end for Nate? Is the DL going to get fans used to him not being around?
I actually think Nate cooked his own goose back at the start of the season when he was put in the bullpen.
He’s been a good Tiger and one that was just on the verge of being a quality starter. But, as George Harrison said, All Things Must Pass.

BTW–I was not happy with the pitcht that Zumaya threw Kubel. He was sitting ( and should have been sitting) on a fastball. If Joel throws one in that situation then it had to be on a corner and not over the heart fo the plate. You can sometimes get a way with that if you have a guy setup with a few breaking balls but Kubel (a fastball hitter) was sitting on that baby. Other than that-Zoom pitched really quite well. He has some control on that hook and that is very encouraging.

well looks like the tigers are coming out flat again. first inning they seem to want to turn baker (1-4 with a 6.something ERA) into the next coming of Cy Young…
hope verlander has a good day.

verlander has 2 strike outs, but he’s hanging some (most i’ve seen so far) in the zone.. he won’t get away with that too long.
and yeah i’m just seeing the mlb gameday zone, idk how accurate that is.

well, now we know why he wasn’t called on last night.

Come on guys, let’s salvage this last game of the series.

Lathargic, flat and tired is the best thing that I can say about the Tigers. Justin is good but throwing too many pitches in the first few innings and the Tigers are making Baker (yet another pitcher that has been struggling look the the next Cy Young.

Another double play, by my count that is 13 in the last 6 games. (Cleveland series and this series). We’ve always been good at it but this is ridiculous

unless nate hurt himself yesterday afternoon, there is no excuse for him not being put on the dl whenever it was that he was hurt…
great inning.. now lets hope our taxed bullpen doesnt blow it in the 7-9th.

Particularly since we just sent Rincon down. If Nate was hurt couldn’t we have put him on the DL and kept Rincon around? 15 day DL gives us the latitude to evaluate DTRain.

Only if applies if Nate didn’t get hurt yesterday. Retroactive to May 5 though … hmm.

JV looks like he’s hit the wall here int he 7th,

I don’t understand this umps strike zone today. There are a lot of pitches that appear to be strikes and are getting called balls. You would think that how Justin has been pitching he would get the call. That being said I think that there have been some weird calls for Baker as well.

Seay has been struggling lately, You knew it was going to happen sooner or later. The fact of the matter is that this ball club has not been good at this dome. AND SEAY just destroyed this game. Typical dome action. And Miner is no comfort here. Wasted opportunities.

Verlander should be really really pissed at his pen right now. I am about to blow my top right now. Unrealiable and undependable are they.

it should have been french right away… with a 5 run lead. seay has not been good in his last few outings.. and to let him just completely throw the game away is a disgrace.

why in the world!!!! I don’t care if the best left hander in the history of the game is pitching.. how do you justify pinch hitting raburn for larish?

So apperently Breslow stinks for every other team but us. And now you are pinch hitting Ryan Freaking Raburn???? The buy how has two hits all season. Because he is your big cluth hitter.
I hope it works out but, the odds are not in our favor. Can you all tell that I am pissed??

HORRIFIC FREAKING TIGERS. You owe Justin the way he pitched a little more than that. Miner and Seay again screwed it up. Is something wrong with Seay?????

Sklant, yep, I can tell your pissed. Horrible ending, I thought we would take this one for sure. These guys have a lot of good pieces, JL just can’t put the puzzle together. He needs to get a haircut & find another job.
Leave this one behind you boys……Go Tigers.

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