Leyland ejected from game against Twins

MINNEAPOLIS — Tigers manager Jim Leyland was ejected from Wednesday’s game against the Twins after an unusual seventh-inning scene in which home-plate umpire Paul Schrieber put his arm around Magglio Ordonez to try to end an argument.

Miguel Cabrera’s three-run homer had just given the Tigers an 8-7 lead before reliever Matt Guerrier struck out Ordonez, who disputed the called third strike. Schrieber put his left hand on Ordonez’s back to try to guide him away from the plate and back to the Tigers dugout, but Ordonez — who did not initiate contact with Schrieber — immediately took offense, and the argument heated up.

After the two exchanged words, Leyland burst out from the dugout and got between the two. Instead of diffusing the situation, however, Leyland picked up the protest and had some pointed words to Schrieber, who eventually ejected him. It marked Leyland’s first ejection this season.

Leyland continued to vent after the ejection, walking up and down the dugout and yelling back to Schrieber before finally climbing the steps to the visiting clubhouse at the Metrodome.

Hitting coach Lloyd McClendon took over as manager for the game.

Ordonez was not available for comment after the game. Leyland, meanwhile, bristled when asked if he had any comment on it.

“Did you see what happened? OK, then you write what you saw,” Leyland said angrily. “I don’t have to say a word. You write what you saw. And I hope you all got the guts to write what you saw.

“I don’t need to say anything. Write what you saw. I don’t need to say a word. If you watched the … game, then write what you saw.”


You have to admit, the gesture on the part of the Umpire was a little odd — particularly since he blew the call and Ordonez really didn’t argue excessively.

It’s the kind of thing you see at a little league game when an adult umpire deals with a little boy who questions the adult’s call.

Even a rookie deserved some venting time after that call let alone a veteran All-Star like Ordonez.

I know the umps want to maintain control and command some respect, but in this case, you can’t really blame the manager for getting ticked off.

The umpire had no business putting his hands on Magglio. Jim Leyland was doing his job, defending his player.

i thought all 3 strike calls were all outside so magglio had a beef.. it’ll be interesting to see if we hear about this ump getting suspended.. don’t players face automatic suspension for making any sort of contact with the ump?

It doesn’t smell good here in the bottom of the 11th.
Lyon in and the way Twins can scratch out a run. It just doesn’t feel good.
We had our chances tonight.

he had no business putting his hand on maggs… he had every right to toss leyland.. but i think the league should take a long look at what Paul Schrieber did…. the only reason you put your hands on a player is to stop a fight….. and maggs was not fighting anybody…
sorry .. the ump blew this game for the first pitch.. take a good look at what the strike zone was.. maggs was thinking what alot of poeple were thinking.. where is the zone?????

Well glad I was wrong. Lyon pitched pretty good. Still don’t like all the walks he has given up but you do have to be extra careful with a guy like Mauer.
Raburn up.
Safe to say–that man is due.

well look, willis blew us from the start! But ump had no right,… and i am glad the skip did what he did, NOTHING WRONG! But No matter the Tigers are going to do this year what we all thought they could do last year…..its gonna be a slow may…wait until june…..then wham bam and we are going to take this…oh and KC LOST so lets get through this top of the 12th,…..HELL YEA BASE HIT!!! like i was saying though we win tonight and with Big V on the mound we take em out tomorrow we’ll be ok……..so no worries!!! GO TIGERS!! World Series 2009 WHATS UP!!

Well we dodged a bullet (or two) in the 12th. Lyon got hit very hard but we squeaked through.
Gotta get a run.

Hope we have the fortitude to gut this one out. Not sure why Lyon has been run out there again but that’s why the pay Lamont the big bucks.
The option is Nate (I think)

Geez-Lyon started to smell a little last inning-how the heck is he gonna limp though this one?

Not very well as it appears.

Like I said–you could smell it.
Seems like we the club just knows how to lose against the Twins and the Sox.
Crede has hurt us as a Sox and no surprise he continues as a Twin.
Awful pitching by Lyon in the last 2 innings. But nevertheless, a tough one to take on the chin.

The reason for not pitching Nate at any stage had better be good. Otherwise, Nate or JL had better be gone soon.

Why in the world was Lyon out there for the last inning? He threw 60 pitches. I’d be curious to see when the last time he threw 60 pitches in a game was. Horrible management. Two lefties leading off the inning with Span and Mauer….was Nate not available? He’s obviously either hurt or in the doghouse for one reason or another. I think he’s only appeared in 8 or 9 games this year so far, not that I’m overly confident in him, but wasting a roster spot if you’re not going to play him is stupid.

Terrible. And a nice offensive night too.

Why does Leyland keep sticking with Lyon for two straight innings? Every time that happens, Lyon blows the game.

I think the umpire had no right to put his hands on Magglio. If a manager or player accidentally touches an umpire they get ejected and fined and suspended. I really hope that their is some type of discipline for the home plate umpire.

I think the umpire had no right to put his hands on Magglio. If a manager or player accidentally touches an umpire they get ejected and fined and suspended. I really hope that their is some type of discipline for the home plate umpire.

FYI, Leyland didn’t have anything to do with Lyon pitching for so long. Lloyd McClendon had taken over the managerial duties after Leyland was thrown out. Ease up on Jim.

Doesn’t matter what the reason an ump doesn’t touch a player!!!! I can only imagine if Maggs had touched the umpire how upsetting it would have been.

If a player cant make contact with an umpire a umpire should not be able to touch a player. Ordonez had the right to be angry and so did leyland. If Ordonez or leyland accidently bumped the umpire they would be suspended. but this unfortunatly will go unpunished, that is if ESPN does not make a big deal about it. I for once hope they go over the top because then it will go punished

Hey Jason, any word on why the pitching change in the middle of an at-bat? Was there some physical reason for this? I can only guess that, he was pitching fine and was ahead in the count.

Too bad they lost after battling back. I missed the final 2 innings, but am unfortunately not surprised that it was Lyon who gave up a grand slam. Just can’t find anything to be excited about with him.

I haven’t been a big fan of Larish, but give him credit for his power display as of late, coming up big when he gets his chances. I hope to become a big fan of his this season if he can give us some power – we are lacking horsepower out there at times, but nice to see 3 hr’s tonight.

and Dontrelle looked decent tonight, a few misplayed balls might have made a difference for him (Cabrera is really struggling the last few days at first isn’t he?). Outstanding play by D-Train on that line shot at him.

Sure, Lyon has been a big disappointment. But he pitched 2 scoreless innings. Why bring him out for a third??? He threw 60 pitches!

I watched the whole game- and this one is not Lyons fault. We had the 1st batter on for three innings that could have broken the tie and ultimately won the game, and we didn’t even TRY to bunt, steal or hit and run. Didn’t even try! Led to to 3 double plays. Can’t even blame Jim for that one. Are they all dense on that staff?
We put Raburn in to pinch run instead of Anderson- who could have stolen a base. Rod tried to hint around that it was a dumb substitution, but he couldn’t come out and say it. The minute the Twins get a guy on- they sacrifice him to 2nd and there it begins……
So frustrating, because we had every opportunity to win and the managing blew it.
That’s my two cents this morning after 3 hours of sleep.


Well here our my comments about last night and early mornings game. First of all I am really tired.
My feelings on the Magglio thing – the ump even though I doubt he was being malicious still shouldn’t have touched him.
If it would of been the otherway Magglio would of been suspended faster than you can say poor pitching.
Now this leads me to pitching performances of last night. I still stand by that Willis was fine. He didn’t walk anyone (not only my opinion but that of my spouse, the announcers, and K-Zone on gameday. Only the homerun ball was hit hard against him. Everything else was a turf single, or bloop or a bleeder. His defense wasn’t exactly stellar last night. That is a tough place to pitch for a lot of pitchers, and while all of our hit found there was into double plays theirs seemed to bleed through the infield.
In my opinon Dontrell shoud of stayed out there for a few more pitches, he was pulled out after 86 I believe. Miner was horrible and he is the one that really screwed up the pen. He is supposed to be your long relief guy and he wasn’t anything of the sort. Zumaya was okay except that he threw a cookie down the plate to Kubel. Rodney was okay, and Lyon wasn’t horrible he was just out there way way too long and it was going to be a miracle for him to get out of it. 70 pitches is just way too many. I think that Robertson would of been the next guy in, but alas it didn’t get that far.
And last night even though there looked like glimpses of coming out of hitting slump, they still grounded into 4 doubles and that is unacceptable no matter how you look at it. I don’t what the final numbers were but my guess it was probably something like 3 for 16 with RISP. That cannot happen.
Well I am done with my short story. Will be interesting to see what happens today if they need the pen. Probably only Rodney and Nate are available (oh maybe Miner). He said he wouldn’t use Perry until Friday. So hopefully JV doesn’t need them so much. You almost wonder if they would send a position player down to bring up a reliever without a day coming up for a very long while.???

Lyon has pitched multiple innings in the past, at least in 2007 that I know of. I can understand trying to squeeze one more out of him. I don’t think it’s fair to hang the loss solely on him when the rest of the staff gave up 9 runs, but I suppose people must have their whipping boy. Nobody says a word about Zumaya giving up the game-tying homer. I do wonder what Nate Robertson’s role is supposed to be on this team.
The umpire put his hand on Ordonez’s back in a motion to physically move him along to the dugout, shooing him away in essence. Rod Allen had it right when he said “Maggs has earned more respect than that.” Leyland was correct to protest it.
Willis didn’t have problems with walks, but you can’t realistically call that a good outing, no matter how much you’d like to. Mario went from calling it “not bad” to later terming it a “pretty good performance.” I wouldn’t go that far. We will see.

Raburn was put in because Anderson had already been put in for Magglio as a defensive sub at the time. I thought that last night when it happened but then remembered that he was already put in.

Well, I have to agree that the umpire just has to be disciplined. Can you imagine if he had put his hand on Sheff like that. It was demeaning and Leyland was correct to go off on him. I was disappointed Willis wasn’t left in to finish his inning, but Leland just can’t let things alone. A terrible loss, but you gotta wonder how bad is Nate in the doghouse? And, if only Anderson could have caught that ball. We should have won both these games. We’re a better team than what were showing.

I dissagree with slowbyrne. Schrieber had no right to eject Leyland. Schrieber should have realized that he screwed up and taken the heat from Leyland. Let me tell you, with as ********** as Leyland was, I’m surprised that he didn’t shove Schrieber in the face. Let me also say this, when Leyland doesn’t want to comment on something, he will let you know. In fact, if I was the media, I probably would have known better that to ask him for a comment. When he gets that pissed over something and you ask him to comment, he always says, “Shut the hell up. You saw what happened.” But like I said, unless Leyland said something that was totally out of proportion, Schreiber was totally out of line to toss Leyland. And WHY THE HELL did Mcclendon put Robertson out there? Because he is a teribble coach. He sucked in Pittsburg.

I don’t recall saying anything about the ejection or if the Ump had the right to eject JL. But since you asked–of course he had the right to eject him. He’s the ump–apparently they can pretty much do what they want!
The keys to the game were still in Leylands pocket, even after the ejection, don’t kid yourself. The decisions to not bunt, not bunt, not steal etc etc etc are all being made by the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain.
Lyon did not pitch well. He pitched OK in his 1st inning of work, totally lucked out in the 2nd and obviously flamed out in the last inning. He was a mistake in the off-season and he is a mistake here in season.
In JL’s (or whoever else one thinks was running the show) defense he didin’t have anyone else to go to. Nate was apparently injured–though the way the DL has been used one has to wonder about that. And there really are no rubber arms in the starting rotation that could have filled in, even in emergency. Brandon Inge was probably in the cue if the the game had unmercifully gone on a few innings more.
It was very distressing to see Polacnco come up “short” with Granderson on 3rd in the 13th. He is a crucial element of the Tigers machine and he is not clicking. I actually would not have been surprised if he had whiffed in that AB-he did not look like the Polanco of old, but more like an old Polanco.
I hope he can get it together.

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