Laird to sit two games

After Tuesday’s 0-for-3 performance extended Gerald Laird’s hitless streak to 21 at-bats, manager Jim Leyland decided to give him some time off. He’ll sit both tonight’s game and Thursday’s matinee before getting back at it this weekend against Oakland.

“I’m getting him away from it for two days,” Leyland said, “because right now he’s beating his head against a wall.”

He isn’t literally doing that, but Laird did get his head shaved. He’d been thinking about doing that anyway, though.

“Obviously, what I had going was not working,” Laird said.

Can the same be said of his approach at the plate? Laird said this afternoon that he’s been getting pitches to hit over the past week or so and missing them. It’s to the point now, he admitted, that he isn’t having good at-bats, let alone results.

“I’ve had some long nights sitting in my room, trying to figure out my swing,” Laird said.

That explains Dane Sardinha’s presence in the lineup. You’ll also notice a lot of left-handed hitters against left-handed starter Glen Perkins. That’s going off the numbers and the stuff. Left-handed hitters are batting .364 (8-for-22) against Perkins this season and .352 last season, compared with .226 this year for right-handed bats.

“The cutter [he throws] to righties is devastating,” Leyland said, “so I’m throwing the lefties. If the numbers play out, lefties should have a better shot.”


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Thomas, LF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Ordonez, RF
  6. Larish, DH
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Everett, SS
  9. Sardinha, C

P: Dontrelle Willis


  1. Denard Span, LF
  2. Matt Tolbert, 2B
  3. Joe Mauer, DH
  4. Justin Morneau, 1B
  5. Michael Cuddyer, RF
  6. Joe Crede, 3B
  7. Brendan Harris, SS
  8. Mike Redmond, C
  9. Carlos Gomez, CF

P: Glen Perkins


I’m getting pretty sick of not seeing Josh Anderson’s name in the lineup.

In that case, you’d want Anderson (2 for 6 against Perkins) in place of Ordonez (2 for 8), plus Josh might give you a much needed putout to avoid extending an inning. This is the same lineup he would have used regardless of who’s pitching. Why does he say these things? I always get the feeling he’s blowing people off. We stand humbled in the presence.
All that aside, let’s go Dontrelle. If he walks a bunch of hitters but still can go seven innings with 3 runs or less, (and I don’t see how that’s possible), I’d say good work.
If we can steal one here, we’ve got Verlander going tomorrow. Maybe JV can bring more of that stuff and ‘tude he’s been bringing lately. Hey, a new word. Verlander has stuffintude. 🙂

Note to Jim Leyland:
Anderson is hitting .321

Note to Jim Leyland:
Raburn is hitting a half-a-buck.

On the other hand, I’m pretty happy not to see Rayburn’s name in there. Thought that was a lock, considering the pitcher. Maybe that’s why Leyland said that — so that Rayburn’s feelings don’t get hurt?

Gosh the way that Gerald started the year I thought what did Texas get rid of??? While I don’t think that he was the +300 hitter at the beginning of the year he also isn’t this hitter either.?? He just might need a mental break to talk with Lloyd and figure it out.
I too am getting sick of not seeing Josh Andersons name in the lineup.

Lord knows, Goodge. Other than Raburn, this is the only lineup he COULD put out there, unless he subbed Santiago to hit lefthanded for Polanco. Polly is 2 for 13 off Perkins. There’s really no strategy in this at all. No wonder his postgame interviews on FSN get cut off all the time, he has nothing to say. Wouldn’t it be grand to have Joe Falls substitute for Trevor Thompson?
I’ve got to get off this Leyland thing………..

Yes by my count there are three lefties in the lineup. He has just loaded the lineup with lefties. Have Everett sit out again (even though I have nothing against him or Polanco) Maybe he needs a day off that double play that he screwed up yesterday.) Give Magglio another day off and put Josh in. I don’t know but don’t say JL that you are putting in a lefty heavy lineup and it isn’t even close to that.

Inge has played every game this year, hitting .171 in May and is 0 for 5 against Perkins. This to me says give him a day off!! Play Ramon at 3rd at least for a day!!
At least we are consistent. JL has frustrated the hell out of us when we were coming last. He continues to frustrate us when we are (just) first.
Time to go in a baseball news free period and will read the post mortems after the game. I would have kept Rincon abd sent any player with available options down until Bondo or Willis are back for good.
Please prove me wrong D-Train but the past pain is too still too raw for me to watch. You deserve to make it considering the pressure and scrutiny you have been under.

i didn’t watch yesterdays game, so this camera angle directly from mound to plate is very interesting.. I can’t decide if i love it or not. You get to see some of the movement on the pitches and it’s much easier to see if its a strike.. at least in or out.. it takes a tad away from the high low and is a little farther back.
this is a new angle isn’t it? i don’t recall seeing it before in minnesota or anywhere else.

Dontrelle is not getting the calls already tonight. I hope he can overcame.

I mean overcome.

This drives me crazy. When are they going to cut their losses and get rid of the “D-Train”. Yesterday Leyland blew it by not moving his baserunners around with some bunts and base stealing, I would really like to see Leyland and the D-Train take the next train.

Does Rod think the fans are stupid? We can see how bad Willis is pitching, how bad he pitched last year and it is not surprising the Marlins wanted to get rid of him.

Not entirely certain I understand why we acquired Anderson. This is not a lineup that strikes any fear in my heart. Willis gives up the homer and that might be all they need.

Here we go again. Get a guy on base, do we try to move him over (steal or bunt) maybe have a run in on Granderson’s base hit. Looks just like yesterday.

Well Mario, if Willis wants a stress free inning – maybe he should start pitching better.

What the hell is the game plan to swing at the first pitch every at bat ********* believeable,

would enjoy the game more if tigers played better,and did’nt have to listen to mario and rod both full of ****

Probably the most important double play of dontrelle willis’ career right there.

And Krohnme I agree, Inge singles hows about letting Everett (best bunter in the league) move him over. Dane is an auto out but gives us a shot at least. Scratching for some runs. Need a big inning from the boppers right now.

Right now Mags. Right now.

Another stroke to right or right center field. His bat is just slow right now. Sheesh. Larish got one more in him?

best bunter in the league?.. where do you get that?
i agree that everett is a guy you can let bunt but i recall at least 3 times this season he’s been up to bunt and he hasnt been able to get one down.

what the hell was larish doing..??
that’s pretty lucky.

Bases loaded for Everett. He’s surprised me in the past. We’ll see.

Time to pinch hit for AE. Razor or Gates Brown.

Whats interesting about the two walks that Dontrell has given up is that they were horrible calls and not really walks. He has done fairly well, and as far as I am concerned he didn’t really walk anyone. Pretty good job D-Train if not for a few bleeders and a poor defense it would look pretty good. GOOD JOB.

i’d like to know when a near 8 era and 2 whip turned into “not bad”

Way to go Brandon!!

like i said mario and rod are full of ****

Well I am trying to look on the bright side. Apperently you would rather not. I am looking that he threw a lot of strikes and in my opinion and the opinion of k-zone neither did he. That the only ball that was hit hard off of him was the homer to Morneau. That he had little defensive help from his friends and one of those runs should probably be unearned. And the rest of the hits were turf singles or bloops. So yes I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say at least it wasn’t horrible.
Give him a chance dude.

Discouraging results for Willis IMO. No K’s, and same old bouncing around the field and smiling even after giving up a hit. In my mind you have to be somewhat pi$$ed-off when you give up a hit or two-not acting like everything is peachy keen.
He was better than we saw last year but hardly MLB material at this point.

I disagree on that one. Part of the point about the anxiety issue was to get him to stop letting a bad pitch or two unravel him the rest of his outing. Tigers wanted him to shake off bad pitches.

Tough job for Bobby Seay right here. Turning point in the game coming up and maybe for the season series with these guys. We need to make a statement that they can’t beat us just cause they want to anymore.

Don’t you just hate these Twins? 0-2 groove ball and now the game is pretty much done.

You all act like no major league hitter is ever going to get a hit off of any of our pitchers. He was fine and who cares if didn’t strike anyone out. Getting too many strike outs often racks up a high pitch count. I would rather have a guy get quick out then drag on with strike out sometimes. Miner to me was the bad pitcher of the night. And Seay just hung that pitch.

I realize there really isn’t a spot for him in the rotation right now but haven’t they figured out that Miner is a far better starter than reliever. Need to win this one tonight but not looking good as Span just hit a triple off Seay.

Walks are killin’ us, when are Tiger pitchers going to stop throwing so many balls?

Seay wasn’t so Seay like there.

Jason, my point is you can never tell when he is unraveled. I want my pitchers to look like they are serious and intense.
The happy go lucky stuff looks good on a rookie.

MCab up now and we really need a big hit. He was so solid early on but lately has been up and down.
Miner has never been one of JL’s fav’s, and my guess is he is pitching himself out of job here. Those walks will kill you.

Well that one was certainly “UP”.

I don’t think Willis pitched well enough to have a spot in the rotation. Nice to see Cabrera finally showed up this series, way to go!

what a wacky wacky game tonight..

Roast beef sandwich baby. Did you see how far Gomez jumped in the air. Holy crap.

Tough break. Could’ve had Redmond on the bench and then Kubel was allover that fastball.
Everett comes up and smokes the ball up the middle and it bounces offf nathan for an easy DP.

We had that game and it is a bloody shame what these Twins seem to do to us.
It will be a pretty tough chore for Zumaya to get us into the 10th

Zumaya actually looked pretty darn good. I didn’t like the 0-2 fastball on Cuddyer when he had him fooled on 2 previous curve balls. Figured he could snap off a test project breaking ball on that pitch.
Anyway-be nice if the guys can steall one here-they may need a few since Rodney will no doubt be coming in.
Laird is just brutal eh? Whatever happened to patience at the plate?

Kind of scary to think how Ordonez, Polanco and guillen have been this year. Usually 3 guys that you can count on at the plate. Safe to say it is real important that they all start to find their former selves. Polanco is striking out more than I can ever remember.
Here we go Rockin’ Rodney on the hill.

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