Bonderman to make rehab start for West Michigan

Tigers right-hander Jeremy Bonderman will begin a Minor League rehab assignment on Saturday with a start for Class A West Michigan.

Bonderman threw a side session Wednesday morning at the Tigers’ spring training facility in Lakeland, Fla., and reported no soreness in his right shoulder. With that, he was cleared to go out on rehab.


I hope Bondo doesn’t become this generations Bobby Higginson. Higginson disappeared like he was in a witness relo program. Whatever happened to that dude?

Any doubt that Bobby H. was using the juice too?

Wait — don’t dis Bobby Higginson! A recurring elbow injury derailed that guy, when he was already 34 and past his prime. If anything, the lack of a baseball career in his late 30s is an indication that he DIDN’T use the juice. (On the other hand, he did retire in 2005, the same year the penalities were put in place, but he just doesn’t seem like a steroids case to me — he was pretty average in build. Although at this point, nothing would surprise me.)

Anyway, I consider him one of the Tiger saints because he was there during the worst years imaginable (1996 and 2003) and never got a whiff of success (no winning seasons in ten years!) and yet always played hard. On top of it, Higginson never played for another team — he was a life-long Tiger. That’s worth something.

good luck BONDO ! hope you go out and pitch a great game . having a guy like bondo on our staff will be a luxuary most teams dont have . GOD ‘ i hope he gets back to 100 % soon . i love his approach to the game . he is all buissness !that also seems to rub off on the younger guys . GO TIGERS !!

higginson was a good DETROIT TIGER for several years . leave the guy a lone . he gave 100% for the tigers . when the tigers were real bad ‘we traded jeff weaver and higgy was the only one who spoke out about it . weaver was our best pitcher at the time . i dont think you no what your talking about !

Geez, a lot of bloggers on a weekday afternoon! Everyone must be eagerly awaiting Dontrelle’s start. Put me in the “not expecting much” group. I’m inclined to side with you, Rich, a four run six inning stint better not elicit all kinds of praise from the skipper. Heck, we could get starts like that from Nate or Zach. In all honesty, I wish D-Train the best–a return to prior form would help the Tigers. I certainly wouldn’t mind eating crow.


Wow, some Bobby H fans out there. I guess my reaction (pessimistic as it is) is that 95% of the guys who played baseball between 1997 and say 2001 were on the juice. I recall Canseco saying something to that affect. Higginson’s career fell off a table and I seem to recall some incidents on the team plane with Tiger players smoking grass and harassing the stewardesses. Thought I remembered Bobby beingin the center of all that. We’ll let it lie. I see that he’s running a limo service now so more power to him.

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