Rincon designated for assignment

The Tigers made room for Dontrelle Willis on the 25-man roster after Tuesday’s game by designating Juan Rincon for assignment. The versatile 30-year-old right-hander made the team out of Spring Training as a non-roster invitee to provide a veteran arm in the bullpen, but ended up pitching in just seven of the Tigers’ first 31 games. He last pitched May 5 in a 9-0 win over the Twins at Comerica Park. For someone who said back in Spring Training that he needs to pitch regularly to be effective, it was not a good situation.

According to Tigers vice president/baseball legal counsel John Westhoff, Rincon has three days to decide whether to accept an assignment to Triple-A Toledo or become a free agent. He went 1-0 with a 5.23 ERA for the Tigers, allowing six runs on 12 hits in 10 1/3 innings with six walks and 10 strikeouts.

Manager Jim Leyland also said that the way Ryan Perry was used Tuesday will probably be the way he’ll use him for a while. He’d like to use Perry in situations where he can get 40 pitches in a game.

“I think this is a good way to break him in,” Leyland said.

UPDATE: Rincon’s agent, Ed Setlik, said Wednesday afternoon that he and his client are weighing his options before getting back in touch with the Tigers. “We’re still in the process of evaluating what’s going on,” Setlik said. He didn’t get into possibilities. Given the Tigers’ pitching situation and the need for relief on other clubs, however, free agency would seem the more likely option.


Ugly game – this not hitting has got to change. No Galarraga wasn’t good enough but the hitting was horrible. And god only know why Ryan Raburn wasn’t sent down he has been brutal.

I agree with the 1st commentor. Why not send down Raburn. I thought the same thing. I think we’re covered with fielders without Raburn. Oh well, if I’m Rancon I’m opting for free agency. He proved himself in spring training, why wait for an opening here when it’s already full.

The only way I see this guy wait it out is because he loves playing with his fellow countrymen from the Venz.

It is time for Leyland to go. No imagination. Too old. Always waiting for the home run. How many have we left on base and how many double plays do we hit in to?? No wonder they didn’t extend his contract. Even if he does well in the first half, the second half of the season is always worse. Career record under .500…

I think this is bullcrap. Raburn should be sent down. I hope Rincon accepts to be in Toldeo. He is a great insurance policy if someone gets hurt, and he’s really not that bad of a pitcher. He really didn’t get much of a chance. Maybe he needs to pitch regularly to be effective, but he’s still a good guy to have on you’re staff, and he’s much better than Lyons. I hope he sticks around, what if Rodney, Zumaya, Perry, or Lyon don’t work out? They probably will, but if they don’t the tigers will be sorry.

Our offense is really struggling these days, we need a wake up call for the bats to come back out to play.

Nice play by Clete – not as dramatic as Grandy’s, but great effort.

Anyone else really nervous about Dontrelle tonight? Prove me wrong D-Train!

After seeing the game last night, I am also nervous about Dontrelle tonight. He needs some guys to step up and give him some run protection to help him build confidence through the game.

Loved Clete’s catch…………Grandy Junior. Would have loved to been a fly on Galarraga’s shoulder last night during Leyland’s one-on-one visit to the mound. I wonder if Galarraga even understood what the mush-mouth mumbler had to say? : ) Sorry, JL, you get no love from me.

Looks like the offensive form of the lefties fringe players forced JL’s hand – hardly likely to send his prodigal son Raburn down.
Just hope we are able to hold onto Rincon as none of the AAA pitchers are setting the world on fire. You always seem to end up not having enough pitchers, particularly ones with experience.
One big collective holding of breath for D-Train tonight. I don’t think I am quite up to watching it yet.

Yeah the D-Train experiment scares me too. Hope he does great but if not how many times do you let him go out there and then what? Eat another contract? At the Metrodome would not be the place that I would want to make a comeback so it will be a test for sure.

At some point somebody on the offense has to get hot. Right now Larish is about the only one doing much. Guillen and Maggs’ lack of production is what is hurting the most IMO.

They couldn’t send Raburn down because that would leave only three guys on the bench, and that won’t do. I’m not in favor of Raburn being the 4th man, but someone has to be. As it is, he’s just a body in there, but JL plays him against lefties. The shame is that Rincon will probably opt for free agency and will be lost while we continue this Willis experiment. I hope we don’t lose too many games doing this.
But that’s not the main problem.
The main problem is Jim Leyland. He’s holding this club back. There were several opportunities last night to bunt, we never put a runner in motion that I recall, no hit and run, no attempted steals, nothing. Leyland spent the evening waiting for slumping hitters to hit, and killed the time having conversations on the bench with Lamont, probably about whether he should hit Ordonez third. We’ve got guys who could go 4 for 4 spiking bunts down onto that carpet, but we didn’t take advantage of our talents. They should have made Leyland buy a ticket to last night’s game. Perhaps he should go on the DL. After being successful the previous week, why would he call off the dogs like that?
This team has a legitimate chance to win this division, but only if they’re allowed to.

What was making us successful in the first few weeks was the so-called “small ball game” Well for some reason he won’t do it now. And now is the exact time that we should be doing because no-one is setting the world on fire. Guys at the bottom that were doing well in the beginning Laird, Inge, Anderson are either not playing or have really really stopped hitting anything. I don’t know it seems we are back to station to station baseball.

Time for Leyland to go! Nothing against the guy personally. He is the wrong guy for this team. I guess we have to keep under achieving to prove that.

Time to Go if we wont to move ahead!

Tired of hearing its the players fault. If managers dont matter then why do they pay them millions.

I love the Tigers!

Time for Leyland to go! Nothing against the guy personally. He is the wrong guy for this team. I guess we have to keep under achieving to prove that.

Time to Go if we wont to move ahead!

Tired of hearing its the players fault. If managers dont matter then why do they pay them millions.

I love the Tigers!

I agree that the Metrodome isn’t the place for Dontrelle to make his first start, but JL can help him out by putting Magglio at DH and playing Anderson, Granderson, and Clete in the outfield. Of course with a lefty on the mound for the Twins that probably won’t happen.


I agree with your comment. We had lots of baserunners last night and plenty of opportunity to move runners along, stay out of double plays, etc. I can recall three straight innings I think where we led off with a hit or a walk. But JL just stubbornly stuck to a belief that he’d get the Earl Weaver 3 run HR. Team isn’t hitting so let’s do some other things and try and open it up.

Hate to say it but G-Man looks like he’s lost his way here. He was lucky to get out of the 1st and you just knew he was going to get hammered. Last year’s strength is this year’s weak link.

I might have been inclined to send Ryan down and see how Dontrelle does. Rincon at least has an arm. If Dontrelle gets shelled it is decision time.

I like your idea of sending down Raburn to see how Dontrelle does, Eric. Unfortunately, I think Willis would have to be shelled more than once before the club does whatever it is they’d do in that scenario. Darned Dombrowski, good President/GM overall but some of his contracts are perplexing.
On the other hand, it would be bizarre if Galarraga was replaced by the guy he replaced last April.
There’s this unshakable feeling that we’re in first place but messing with the program here. I will say that if Willis gives up, say, 4 runs in 6 innings and everyone is going “not bad not bad” I’ll vehemently disagree. The bar is set a little higher than that.

Last night I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. No bunts, No steals, No hit and runs, No nothing. Just sit back and do nothing. JL is not a good manager by any stretch. I would love to see him gone. Don’t hold your breath on Willis. He’s still walking batters to the tune of one every other inning in the Minors where they swing freerer than in the bigs. Major league hitters won’t be swinging at the slop that Willis throws. It should get pretty ugly tonight. I don’ understand the love affair detroit has with Inge. He makes the great play now and then but is a .220 hitter who strikes out too much. And he is over paid to boot. Yuck!

Well, one good thing is that everyone in baseball seems to be pulling for him. But I think if I were to quibble with the decision I might have been inclined to not bring him back against the Twins in Minnesota. If his problems are about confidence then I don’t think having him face the M&M’s in the “baggie” is the right moves. Lots of stuff can go wrong there that isn’t the pitchers fault especially with that rug. I think I’d have him start with Oakland in the friendly confines (and I assume Detroit fans would be friendly).

And I hope JL protects him like he does with Porcello. If he looks like he can’t locate his pitches then he’ll need to be on the spot in going out there to the mound and not in the dugout runaway choking down a heater.

Mr. Baseball:

We’ve been hard on Inge here within these writings. But one thing is certain the guy is a heckava an athlete who can really flash the leather at third.

Funny how baseball is a game of averages. Inge and Laird start out like gangbusters in April but are now coming back to their lifetime averages here through May. Gives me some hope for Mags. Guys don’t go from .220 to .300 in one season nor do they go from .330 to .240 in one season. Cabrera showed that last year (and to a certain extent this year)

why not send down rayburn ?? no right handed bats on the bench.. Clete Thomas (left), Jeff Larish (left), Josh Anderson (left), Marcus thames (Hurt)… We have plenty of Rincon like arms in the bullpen and in our system.. hes just an innings eater…

You know with everyone on JL’s case you’d think that he’s the one failing to drive runs in with 1 out. I guess the team really needs Buddy Bell back. As for Larish, he should try driving through a ball rather than trying to stop the bat as soon as it contacts the ball (IF it contacts the ball).

i’ve read a lot of the comments and most i agree with . first jim leland needs to move on . the game past sparky anderson by in the 80s and it has past leland by in 2007. ryan raburn must be on the trading block ‘ why else would you want to play him ? im not sure there is any value left for raburn . if larish could play every day he could hit 30 hr. and drive in 100 easy ! wonder if they ever thought about putting larish out in left ? i’ll say this before he pitches tonight ‘ willis wont be any better than he was before he left for the dl. but i’ll be more than happy to be wrong about him ! cant wait to see MAGGS and LAIRD get those bats swinging like there capable of ! GO TIGERS !!

I don’t want to criticize but I do want to voice another opinion about how the club is being managed right now. why isn’t Anderson playing, we did so well when he was causing a little havoc on the base paths. Grandy’s only leadoff hitter characteristic is he takes the first pitch right down the middle. He’s scared to run when he does get on which is rare. Let him hit third until Maggs finds his stroke, rest Polanco a little, and Anderson lead off. Anybody can see we need to score at least from time to time in the first inning. Anderson’s hitting over 300 and 6/7 on steals. good grief. Take some pressure off Cabrera and let’s support our pitchers. Great Job Coach Knapp!!!!

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