Postscript on Granderson's catch

Curtis Granderson said he saw the replay of his highlight catch on television last night while he was flipping through the channels on his way to the Lakers-Rockets game. He’s usually a Nick at Nite viewer at night when he gets back to the hotel, he said, because it helps him get to sleep.

“I like Fresh Prince and the Cosby Show, even Roseanne,” Granderson said. “I go through my phases with Roseanne.”

Progressive Field, he said, is a pretty decent park in which to see the ball. The only challenge he cites is that the light towers are so high up. But then, he has to admit that he likes going to a lot of ballparks in other towns, largely because of how much less territory he has to cover compared to at home.

“I love going on the road,” he said. “Every other ballpark seems so much smaller. Even Texas, as big as it is, you feel like you can just cover more ground because of the fact that it’s in the South. The grass is that warm-weather grass, so they keep it cut low. It’s almost like running on a track. You can gain more speed.”

For a combination of conditions, he said Angel Stadium is up there among his favorites. As for Progressive Field, he said, “This is a good one.”

Outfield coach Andy Van Slyke said Otis Nixon’s catch of one of his drives in ’91 ranks as the best he’s seen. He also ranks Granderson’s catch from two years above this one.

“Curtis had a great catch,” Van Slyke said. “It was a great catch under the circumstances. But what Otis Nixon did was one story above.”

Van Slyke, like Leyland and everyone else, didn’t think Sizemore’s fly ball would carry that far.

“I didn’t think it was going out,” he said. “And it didn’t.”

Van Slyke said he does try to challenge Granderson with some fly balls at the fence to give him some practice during BP, including Friday night. That said, Van Slyke added, “Joel [Zumaya] actually made some better catches than he did.”


Question for longtime Tiger fans.

Did Chet Lemon make a catch against the Angels in Anaheim that saved a home run that was shown on the closing credits for “This Week in Baseball” for a couple of years?

Good memory! Lemon robbed Rod Carew of a game-winning 2-run homerun in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs in a one run game.

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