No personal catcher for Verlander

Dane Sardinha has caught Justin Verlander’s last two starts, both of them gems, and gotten rave reviews both times. Still, don’t expect Sardinha to become Verlander’s personal catcher, starting every time he takes the mound.

It’s not meant as an offense. Leyland called him “a heckuva catcher.” It’s just that Leyland doesn’t do the personal catcher thing.

“I won’t do that,” Leyland said. “It’s been done. It’s been successfully done. There’s nothing wrong with it, in my opinion. But there’s nothing good that can come out of it sometimes. I know that there’s issues going on with that right now in baseball, and I don’t think it’s good.”


That’s four consecutive shutout games and incredibly, we’ve won three of them. The adjustment to make Carmona throw some strikes worked. If you can lay off, a lot of his pitches do dip out of the zone. Laying off is the hard part, obviously. Scoring a run without a hit is just a winning accomplishment, and I like what we’re doing here, especially with the LH hitting lineup.
Edwin Jackson is turning the trade into the steal of the year.
Polanco made a nice catch on the lineout/double play. Inge’s throw sailed but Polly made the adjustment for the catch and still hit the bag for the out. This is the kind of thing I referred to earlier today. Polanco plays a Gold Glove caliber secondbase every day of the week. Conversely, Sizemore tried to make a circus catch on Larish’s drive and only succeeded in playing it into a run scoring triple with Big Cab rumbling all the way from firstbase.
This is the kind of ball I hoped to see coming out of spring training. Three games over .500 again and it’s nigh onto time to start stretching that out some.
Just to be consistent with previous posts, I was thinking JL might have used Seay for the 9-1-2-3 part of their batting order, but I was right with him on having Inge take a strike, then bunt. When my wife is able to stay up for the game, she’s the involuntary benefactor of all my first guessing. 🙂

I’m wondering what the Tigers’ individual and team records are for scoreless innings. They currently stand at 22 consecutive scoreless innings. The best I could do was to find the league records (54 by Baltimore in ’74 & ’95 and 56 by Pittsburgh in 1903). The only Tiger record I found was Ed Summers 18-inning shutout in 1909, which ties for both the American and National League records for longest shutout.

Hey, All.


Its been quite awhile since I posted on here, so I figured I would drop in with a healthy, ‘Hello’ to everyone. I miss talking to quite a few of you guys (Dan, Rich and I know there are others I am missing), but have been busy working on a few projects. Though, it doesn’t stop me from coming on the site and reading your posts and news (remember I’m in Cleveland and don’t get to see alot of the games on TV). Speaking of games, I was fortunate enough to travel up to Detroit for a Texas game (the one after their home opener) and really enjoyed myself – minus the crazy beer and dog prices. The Tigers actually won that one, which is a rarity for me to see in person.


Anyway, hope everyone is doing well. Drop me a line sometime and let me know how ya’ll are doing.


Take Care,


Ty (Cobb)


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