Treanor's season likely over

Catcher Matt Treanor underwent right hip surgery as expected on Thursday, a procedure that is now expected to cost him the rest of the season according to the team.

Dr. Bryan Kelly performed the operation at the Center for Special Surgery in New York, removing a bone spur that was causing him inflammation. Treanor indicated earlier in the week that he hoped to be back in two to three months, but the surgery was apparently a little more extensive.

If this is it, Treanor’s season ends with an 0-for-13 line at the plate in four games. He was also the catcher for Rick Porcello’s Major League debut. The Tigers signed the 33-year-old to a one-year, $750,000 contract in December after the Marlins non-tendered him.

At this point, the loss is not expected to change the Tigers’ plans at the backup catcher spot, where veteran Minor Leaguer Dane Sardinha has taken Treanor’s place. Sardinha will never be known for his offense, but he has earned a reputation for working well with pitchers.


This is a big break for Dusty Ryan. He will get a lot of reps at Toledo while Sardinha languishes in the bigs.
As to Raburn–geez. Open your eyes JL and if the cat can’t hit then don’t keep pretending that he is going to. IMO, this is where you give a guy like Ramirez a shot (if Raburn can’t cut it).
Back to Ryan, after being one of those guys that gave excitement starved Tiger fans a little taste of what he could do—he proceeded to Winter Ball and AAA and has been pretty much unable to hit the ball. Not sure if his “D” has improved, but it would be nice to get a big strong kid in this lineup someday.
Maybe some day this team will have a Dusty, a Clete and a Deke on the roster. Sounds like a baseball team anyway.
New nickname for Josh Anderson—“Dirt”!
We do need a win today, tall order for Miner though. I don’t think he matches up very well with these guys.

My lineup today would be:

Ordonez (DH)

So is it about giving Raburn a “big opportunity” or winning divisional games? I’m repeating my earlier post, copied below:
But I’m here to talk about Anderson. I don’t do stats often, but here are some: He has 248 ABs lifetime, hitting .315 with 13 doubles, 2 triples, and 3 homers. He’s stolen 17 bases in 20 attempts. His slugging pct is .419 and OPS is .781. Oh, and against LH pitchers? 65 ABs and a .262 batting average.
I bring up that last bit because we face 4 LHers in the next 5 games. I’m assuming Raburn will start these four crucial games, and Leyland will be an idiot if he does. I’m also assuming that by about Wednesday of next week, I’ll be calling for Leyland’s head, just like last year. I hate this “no-brainer” stuff.

IMO-this is big AB coming up for Guillen. If he looks as feeble again as he has been then even JL will be forced to reconsider what he is accomplishing be thrwoing him in there every day.

well i’m shocked raburn didn’t GIDP and walked instead. hopefully everett can get a single. tigers need to put this one away.


i’m only watching mlb gameday, anyone watching the game, is the ump not calling strikes or are these pitches really just low?

wow nice everett!!!! first GS in his career! congrats!

NICE RABURN – He has made way too many errors this year, slip or not that should of been caught
WOW this is out of control.
Magglio great.
This is typical freaking Tigers.

Raburn missing that routine play ) has killed his team again. JL loves this guy. He is versatile–equally poor wherever he plays.
The official scorer should be drawn and quartered on punishing the pitcher for that horrible miscue. Raburn must have these scorers in his back pocket. The one he blew a week ago was just as bad.
And they scored that one a hit too. Pathetic. both on the scorers part and Raburn’s. I’ve said it before –this guy is and always will be a minor league ballplayer.
He cost 5 runs and quite likely the the game against their division rivals. Smarten up Leyland. Now we go for our typical 6 pitch inning when your starter needs the blow. Unbeliebable!

Be interesting to see if Raburn bats next inning. If he does it will also be interesting to see what kind of fan reception he gets.
I still can’t believe this. The team seems to have a knack for opening the flood-gates.

Raburn has cost this team approximately 9 runs this season with his errors

I don’t know if they can come back and win this, but the point is, they shouldn’t have to. Raburn has been a liability this season. I don’t remember him making errors like this before (and yes even though they didn’t call them errors, THEY WERE. They know it, I know and I am sure you all agree.
Boy everything that was exciting me about this team in the first few weeks, now in the last week, has gone to hell. Hopefully they can turn it around and quick like.

I was blacked out today, which is usual for Saturday games that Fox pilfers. Had to go with a combination of Gameday plus Gameday audio, Dan and Jim. I’ll have to look at selected parts of the game later on the archive.
Obviously, Raburn demonstrated his continued liability, and just as obviously, JL will run his sorry butt out there again tomorrow. I want to see this play with Granderson and Ordonez that got messed up. That’s the second time this week. What’s going on there?
Sounds like we kept scrapping, though, and pulled out a much needed win.
I understand that the contract with Fox Saturday baseball is the same one that allows the local Fox afilliates, like FSN-Detroit, to carry the games. Guess we’re stuck with it. Sure don’t like it.

Rich I think that what you are talking about with Magglio – he made one of his slide catches that he didnt’ make this time and it got behind him this time. I can’t think of what else you are talkng about.

I left for the 9th—looks like Rodney gave folks a scare as he gave up a couple of hits.
The play Ordonez made was a poor choice and an unskilled effort. Not the time to go into QB slide into 1st down mode. If you are gonna give your all then just do it. Dive for the ball and sacrifice your body. I’m 60, and I still do that. And I don’t have a guaranteed contract. Ordonez did get a clutch hit today but this guy really shouldn’t be anybody’s “Tiger”.
Granderson had a huge clutch hit. I’m surprised and I hope this will be the spark that he needs to move on to the next level. He is ALMOST there.
Everett did have a really nice AB early on and a slick Sac bunt in his next AB As to what I notcied in the field he looked quite good too.
Zumaya did OK. That is encouraging–would like to hear impressions of Rodney’s performance.
Raburn has to go. There are too many quality ballplayers aaround to justify his taking a roster spot.. He is capable of big plays but he is a sub .250 hitter with questionable skils in the field and minor league power. Get smart JL and bring something to the table that works up here.
We got a way with another Win that we didn’t deserve. Be thankful and read the tea leaves.

Pheeeewww!!! At more than one stage of the game I could see us ending the series with the same win total as the Indians.
In terms of Raburn, I now know why he is gets to be known as versatile – he can do a lot of positions but none well.
The hobbling Carlos is a huge concern with walking Miggs to get at him a sign of how far he is sliding. Unfortunatley the AAA bats are cold but I would at least give him 2 or 3 games break, send back Rapada seeing JL isn’t going to use him again and bring up Ramirez who is hitting OK and is a good base runner.
Bringing Seay in for the 7th looks like JL has closed the book on the Rapada experiment. Surprised he was called up when he did as Clay was not pitching great in AAA with a 6ERA and then thrown straight into the deep end when NY was smelling blood on the floor. If Anderson hadn’t got a bit lost and had caught Matsui near the wall, Rapada would have only given up the Swisher HR, his first since 2007. I hope JL gives him another chance.

2 more things:

Miner pitched a GOOD game. he deserved a better fate and the official scorer needs to educated in baseball.
Josh Anderson scored an easy run ahead of Curtis’ clutch HR but he had a clutch hit himself. That is what the club needs in LF. Raburn has to go down–I think the guys will try to stoke him up a bit but the skillset is just not there.

What about bringing Brent Clevlen back up? I know he can’t play infield like Raburn but I’ve never seen him miss routine flys and has a cannon for an arm. How many mistakes does Raburn have to make before he gets sent back down? I’d have way more faith in Guillen or Thames in left than Raburn right now.

Kudos to Curtis–that was a big hit for us. I’ve been on him some to start producing and that HR off a guy who has shut us down on numerous occasions couldn’t have come at a better time.

Zumaya looked good but he is going to have to locate his pitches to be effective. Seemed to have decent control with the breaking pitch, which is a good sign. Even though he was hitting 94-98 mph, they seemed to have little or no movement. I’d like to see him bust righties inside with the fast ball and then go away with the curve. If he just tries to blow guys away he’ll get tagged. –Ed

try wilkin ramirez platooning with anderson, look for experienced catcher around the others teams specially defensive one the season is too long and laird need to rest he is begin to slump because of lack of rest dolsi is one option if some reliever will begin to struggle the tigers have played 23 games and we have a idea of the deficiencies on the team. incosistent of some pitchers, defensive routine errors and lack of clutch hits in the first innings. guillen and magglio could share the dh. zumaya, rodney, perry , lyon, seay should be the relievers along with two more. priorities right now good backup catcher, a reserve player that can bat and catch, two relievers one right and a left arm.

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