The tarp is off

First pitch is estimated for 7:45 p.m. ET.


That’s the point that has been made about Curtis. Inconsistent. Finishes off his last AB against, arguably, one of the better pithcers of all time, with a HR and next AB can’t get his bat off his shoulder on 3 hight fastballs with very little on them.

G-Man is having trouble getting strikes when he needs them. Defense again not sharp. The way the hitting has been going—it’s gonna be real tough getting at least 4 to climb back into this one.

G-Man is laying the ball in there because he is afraid of walking people.
BTW–I don’t score that squibber to Cab as a hit and an error–I say error all the way or at the very most a FC and an error. he should have been getting the out at 1st to begin with. Then the 360 completely took him out of the play.
How often have wee seen these guys fold up their tent and let mediocre starters dominate them after giveing them an early lead?
This is gonna be one of those games that are gonna scare Tiger Fans. If we play our division rivals this poorly (especialy one that is not playing well) like this then how hopeful will we be able to get.

This offensive funk that the club is in is absurd.
May as well give Sardinha and Raburn some playing time cause this one ain’t likely to go anywhere.

When they’re bad they’re really bad.
Looks like we could use Lidstrom, Zetterberg and Franzen right now.

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