Dontrelle update

He just completed his outing for Triple-A Toledo Friday night at Lehigh Valley, where he allowed three runs on seven hits over five innings with two walks, four strikeouts, a hit batter and a wild pitch. Considering both walks were to the first two batters Dontrelle faced, he could’ve been in huge trouble. By contrast, three of his four strikeouts ended innings, including back-to-back strikeouts to end the first with neither walk coming around to score.

Willis threw 102 pitches, 60 for strikes. According to Jim Weber’s call on Hens radio, the radar gun at the ballpark was a little shaky, so it was hard to get an accurate reading on how hard Dontrelle was throwing.


Well I sure hope management isn’t hoping that Dontrelle is gonna pick this team up.

Yea for Inge! 22 straight Games..
Whoa Boy! Great catch, followed by a big inning with a double, and a HUGE 3 run Homer.. YEA – EL Gato Grande!!!

102 pitches thru 5 innings isn’t anything to brag about in the biggs! It is a huge step forward from a year ago.. but that is the minors too!

Go Tigers.. lets get a win!

Worth mentioning, from Mario and Rod tonight, that Larish hit a homer in the minors.. wish him well. I keep forgetting that Ryan Perry is a rookie, when I think about his WHips , and needs some improvements &, he needs to calm down.
Teams havn’t seen him, and that helps give him an edge before the all star break.

Well just got back from the game and frankly it was another pathetic, anemic performance at the plate by the Tigers batters. Armando was not good and the hitters were impatient and made Carl freaking Pavano look good. Why is it that everyone else he has faced have found him very hittable and well the Tigers are impatient, and really bad right now.
Really tired of going to these game and freezing my tail off only to be completely unimpressed and feeling like I am getting cheated for my money. I think they are better than this and hope they decide to start playing again soon.

Only two of the Detroit hitters had ever faced Pavano and to that I say, so what. He’s a poor excuse for a major league pitcher and we just embarrassed ourselves tonight. As GK says, Carl freakin’ Pavano. This team wouldn’t want to hear what I’d say to them tonight, if I was manager.
Always the same guys beating us. Shoppach, Victor, Delucci, Peralta, then Konerko, Dye, AJ. And now Joe Mauer is back with the Twins, just in time for us.
This was our best bet to win a game in this series. It only gets tougher Saturday and Sunday. This club better get it’s act together and soon. You have a slump now and the season is over.
There has been nothing impressive from these reports on Willis. His expectations are so low that anything short of tripping over the rubber seems good. But I’m sure they’ll haul him back up here to torture us some more.
And what do you do with Nate Robertson? He hasn’t pitched well in three years.
Maybe these guys aren’t as good as we think they are.

Agreed on Pavano. While the Tigers were saying all the right things about his performance after the game, there was definitely a level of frustration. In many ways, it resembled some of those nights last summer when some relative unknown junkballer or green prospect would shut them down and they had to grin and bear it.

Just getting ready to head out for the day. Not really expecting much out of them today. As Jason said they are facing a kid today they called up a few weeks ago, so I fully expect to have the “CURSE OF THE AAA CALLUP” in fully swing today. Has anyone else noticed how since it has turned a little cooler here well like last year they have stopped hitting. Although frankly their offense was fairly anemic in KC, but since KC’s was even worse we were able to get by.
As I said last night when I was really annoyed if they don’t pull their act together soon, well????? We might be looking back at this in September and saying only if they could of done better against teams like the Angel Yankees and Cleveland when they were down??? I know that you can’t win every game but it would be refreshing to see a little effort ya know???

One of our bigger flaws developing is the absence of a southpaw starter. With Seattle, KC, Cleveland, et al. cramming the lineup with leftys, our starters become less aggressive, and are very tentative in their approach; thus the increased walks by Mondo in his last three starts. it is also very disheartening to see 2-5 not very consistent right now.


I just looked up Dennis Eckerlsly’s record. He walked 3 guys in 1989 and 4 guys in 1990!!

We have had closers that walk that many in an inning.
That’s insane control.

That’s a good post Jason. (I hope JL doesn’t read it!!)

Is it just me- or does this season seem like errors and overall poor defensive plays cost us more games than normal? Wasn’t able to watch last night, but once again it sounds like an error bit us big time.
Apparently the Tigers need me me than I thought- so I’ll head down today and see if I can help.


I tried to keep the frustration level down in last night’s post, but it was still very much there. At least I didn’t use curse words. The thing is, you try to stick with these guys, understand that baseball is a very difficult game to play, but sometimes they just flat out let you down. It appears the hitters read the same press clippings we do and think they’ll have an easy time with a given night’s starter, but you still have to go out there and do it. Everett’s taped comments were just as Jason said. He started out tipping his cap to Pavano, then talked about how they were all wondering why they weren’t hitting this guy.
Did anyone understand or receive an explanation on the Anderson collision at firstbase? The announcers on both feeds seemed confused by Diaz’s call on that. It appeared to me that Anderson flew over the bag while Victor didn’t catch the ball, but when he scrambled back to touch the bag, the throw seemed to beat him anyway. Was he rewarded for an amazing feat of airmanship or what? Sully would have been proud. Josh must have played football at some point.

willis is still owed 22mill another bad dombrowski move

I sure would like to see Anderson become the kind of hitter that can find the gaps and occasionally, the fence. He is a gritty exciting ballplayer and one who has had dirt on his shirt every game this year.
We absolutely needed a player like this on the club–another one would be nice too.

Inge is one. He showed leadership last night with his total effort on that foul pop and diving headfirst into second to stretch out a double. All this in a 6-0 game. That sort of thing absolutely can fire up a team, make no mistake.
But I’m here to talk about Anderson. I don’t do stats often, but here are some: He has 248 ABs lifetime, hitting .315 with 13 doubles, 2 triples, and 3 homers. He’s stolen 17 bases in 20 attempts. His slugging pct is .419 and OPS is .781. Oh, and against LH pitchers? 65 ABs and a .262 batting average.
I bring up that last bit because we face 4 LHers in the next 5 games. I’m assuming Raburn will start these four crucial games, and Leyland will be an idiot if he does. I’m also assuming that by about Wednesday of next week, I’ll be calling for Leyland’s head, just like last year. I hate this “no-brainer” stuff.

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