Guillen back at DH

Manager Jim Leyland said he hopes to get Carlos Guillen back in left field for Friday’s series opener against Cleveland, but it sounds very much like a wait-and-see scenario in which they’re hoping his Achilles feels a little better this weekend. He was noticeably hobbled simply running the bases Tuesday. The sooner he can get back in the field, the better as far as Guillen goes, because he’ll get more into the flow of the game. But it won’t be easy.


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Guillen, DH
  6. Laird, C
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Anderson, LF
  9. Santiago, SS

P: Porcello


  1. Jeter, SS
  2. Damon, LF
  3. Teixeira, 1B
  4. Matsui, DH
  5. Cano, 2B
  6. Posada, C
  7. Swisher, RF
  8. Cabrera, CF
  9. Pena, 3B

P: Chamberlain


Guillen, Laird and Ordonez have faced Chamberlain 3 times each, Granderson and Polanco once each. And that’s the only history on either side tonight. Should be interesting.

I feel bad for Carlos but you can’t have your #3 and #5 hitters not driving the ball into the gaps. Ordonez is going to play regardless of how he plays or what anybody thinks. But Carlos being unable to drive the ball, or do much if he slaps a single anyway, beacuse of physical impairment, is hard to grasp.
We have to stop starters from holding us to a handful of hits. Do we have to get Tom Clancy to provide us with a Clear and Present Danger? The heart of the order has to be doing that. Even though he leads off–I consider Grandrson as being “one of those numbers”.
Porcello is going to need some help tonight. Defensively as well as offensively. Glad to see Ramon in there again. Everett has not excited much.

I think they should be moving Inge up to the number 5 spot against lefties anyway. At least for now.

Ya gotta love Baby Huey!!! What a play and what an inning for him. Even the Damon hit he made a nice play on. I predict a good game offensively for him. He’s stoked!

I think the keys for the Tigers this year will be Granderson, Ordonez and what happens with Guillen. If those guys can’t create some action out there we’re in big trouble. And I don’t mean 1 out of 3—they all have to produce.

1 RHB in the lineup for they Yanks.
Sure is nice to have all those switch-hitters

Well that was stupid. I have no overall gripe about Laird but how can let that pitch go by you with Cab running?
They NEED to get to to Chamberlain right away. Before they slip into funk mode.
Curtis right now is back into that zone where it seems improbable that he get a hit.
GK is right—the hitting on this club is a huge concern and just has to become more consistent. It’s so on and off it’s weird.

That’s a shame. Joba was ripe for the picking. He was in serious trouble , having difficulty getting strikes, obviously not supported by and degree of self-confidence, and he got out of it.
We may have gotten a run but that’s a huge lift for the Yanks.

You can’t let the Yankees up for air.

That’s my point.
You could smell this happening when Cabrera struck out.

As usual–JL takes him out —-but 1 batter too late. I guess it would be pretty easy tosay but, in my mind he was finished and when they couldn’t turen the DP (great play by ramon BTW), then you had to bring in the lefty to face Da(e)mon.

Rod says there is lot’s of baseball left tonight. I don’t agree. This one’s over.

Yep, seems like every time they blow a scoring chance the other team comes back with a score. In my opinion Cabrera has done nothing since the first week. And that bullpen. Whoever said that DD again neglected that area has hit the nail on the head.

Again—Matsui proves my point

Welcome back to the bigs, Clay. Don’t let the door hit you on the way back to Toledo….

This is 2 games in a row now where JL shows he has a great deal of difficulty in assessing the needs and the situation when it comes to young pitchers.

Rapada—Hope & Dream!!.
OK someone tell me to shut-up . I can’t stand myself!
But c’mon Leyland–let’s get real.

You can see the confidence Joba has now after getting Cabrera and having a 6-run lead. Before that he was really sweating it. Maybe the next coach to go should be the hitting coach. Last year they were supposed to score 1000 runs and supposedly there are still some good hitters on the team this year But now the NYY have outscored them 20-5 in 3 games.

Playing the top east and west teams really shows up our top 5 offense as lacking the mental toughness to grind pitchers into the dirt and once down, kick the proverbial out of them.
Our hope these two innings (hopefully no more tonight!!)over the past two nights are not season defining moments. Not the lead in we need for the central teams in wait.

They say you’re supposed to put your best reliever in for the most important outs of the game. Might have been nice to see Leyland think outside of the box and go with someone like Seay vs Damon to cut that rally off after the homer. Then pitch him through the 5th and turn it over to our long man.
Do we have a long man?

If he is going to Zoom, the bases had better be empty.

Right now I’m really negative on this team. I guess that’s pretty obvious but the Tiger fans deserve better and the blame rests on management IMO.
The Yankees put on their uni and you know they are also buttoning up their pride.
The Yankee fans can expect their players to perform every year. It seams like the Tigers , who are also mentioned often in terms of baseball history and tradition, have to be prepared to wait about 20 years between monumental accomplishments.
The fans deserve more.

This is a very depressing performance tonight expected but nonetheless, depressing.
I’ll take leave but on a positive note: How impressive was Justin Verlander the other night (in light of the punishment we have seen the Yanks inflict upon our staff)?

don’t believe it yankees work our pitcher the last two nite, and our hitters seem to always swing at the pitcher’s pitch,let chamberlin off the hook.

Right now that is what the Tiger hitters do best—let the pitcher off the hook..
It’s brutal–you could sense the panic in Joba and in the end he pitches a fabulous game.
Time out–I’m tired of these guys. There is no sense of Clear and Present danger.

Although yes the pitching (Perry was disappointing) The hitting to me again is still the big problem here. What do we have a grand total of 4 hits tonight???? The simply are not hitting the ball and they are letting pitchers who have had bad outings look like CY Young lately. I hope that they straighten this out soon. And if I have to hear Rod Allen say that this pitcher did a good job against a good Tigers lineup, I will throw up because they have been anything but good.

how does dombrowski keep his job jurriens for renteria miller for wiillis (22 mill still owing)lyons 4.25 mill 4.47 era last year for a closer?these are pitchers that would help you win with pitching and defence. i like porcello and perry but let them learn in triple a don’t ruin them.let robertson pitch and get bombed (10 mill still wed for next year)last yr 139 mill 75 wins thiyr 115mill 70 wins . its hard to be positive with nthis team after the last two games with the yanks.

Things always look like they’re going down the river after a couple of losses, but we’re 11-10 at the end of April without some of the big sticks………..uh…sticking. But that’s the big picture.
Tonight’s game was over when Cabrera fanned with the bags drunk in the 3rd. I think most of us knew that. That left the rest of the night to observe and wonder about a few things.
Laird takes strike three with Big Cab in motion. You don’t see that very often.
We’re bunting when down 8-1. I realize we’re not hitting but come on.
Raburn must be injured because I can think of no other reason why he didn’t pinch run for Guillen in the 9th inning of an 8-1 ballgame. Unless Leyland didn’t think of it.
Leyland always wait one, or five, hitters too late before he makes a pitching change, unless he’s lifting a dominant starter. I’d have had Rapada in there to face Damon in a heartbeat.
Zumaya looked good. Had the curve working, but I haven’t seen that changeup yet.
You could send Perry down for awhile but who would replace him?
We need it get the offense going! Hopefully that big 9th is a jump start. And I’m liking Dan’s idea of hitting Inge 5th, if he’s going to remain hot. Kind of afraid it would change his mindset at the plate, though. But sometimes you just need to do something.
In the end, while I don’t like losing 2 of 3 to anybody, especially at home, the big games begin Friday. At worst, you need a split to stay viable in the race, but it’s a good time to stake an early claim to the division. Those other teams are struggling just as much as we are.

I absolutely hate losing to the Yanks, the Royals and the Twins. Ugh. Zoom looked good tonight, of course not much pressure when you are already down by 7 runs, but he did look sharp. Poor Perry, not sure what needs to be done with him, but I didn’t agree with trotting him out the next night after a rough outing. I know, they are supposed to throw them back into the fire, but 2 rough outings in a row could really hurt him mentally. Of course, had he done great I would probably be saying what a great move – so much I know. Hindsight is awesome.

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