Rapada up, Larish down

The Tigers will go with a 13-man pitching staff for now. They recalled left-hander Clay Rapada from Triple-A Toledo today and sent utilityman Jeff Larish back to the Mud Hens.

There are two ways to look at this. First, the Tigers were likely going to need another lefty reliever after Bobby Seay worked three straight days. The other is that they really didn’t have much playing time for Larish, who had just 17 at-bats this season. Carlos Guillen’s limitations to DH recently because of his sore right Achilles tendon, plus Josh Anderson’s emergence in left field, worked against Larish.


Didn’t see that coming. Larish yes, but not a 13th pitcher. I guess Robertson isn’t there for lefties. In fact, I’m not sure what Nate is there for. Can we clone Bobby Seay?
Seems Larish may have become more valuable as a PHer for Raburn. I really wanted Clevlen up here, not Raburn. Brent has made a change to his approach, as Inge did, and I thought he looked like a much better hitter. His fielding ability is not in doubt. And we’re talking a long period of time here, with the type of injury Thames sustained. Maybe JL expects injuries to two of his infielders? Well, he likes Raburn and it’s not that “I like him, I like him a lot” garbage either. He really likes him.

yes, i was hoping raburn was going back as well…

No I didn’t see this one coming. And I wonder why and still wonder (especially in that LAA series against all those lefties) Why he never brought Nate out of the pen??? It didn’t make sense to me then and doesn’t now.
Getting ready to leave for the game tonight in a few minutes. I am hoping I don’t freeze my butt off for nothing. You all know how I feel about what I call “THE CURSE OF THE AAA CALL UP”. To me it seems like whenever we face a AAA call up pitcher the hitter fail miserable. Case in point was that dude in LAA last week who coming into the game had been hit in AAA to the tune of a 10+ era. And he made our hitter look pitiful.
Anyway I’ll check in after the game.

JL’s comments about Raburn in spring training showed he was one of the chosen few, without big contract protection, that can do no wrong. Zoom and Rodney are also in the group. In a sense I am sorry for Larish but he was going no where fast.
Bringing a third lefty makes sense as Seay has been overused doing two roles for JL – situational roles and late innings setup. Nate has been forgotten and is obviously still having battles with JL.
Rapada will enable Seay to focus on late innings work. Whilst Rapada has had a slow start in AAA with a 6.0ERA from 6IP, 4ER, OHR and 1 Save, his 2008 stats were impressive with a 4.22ERA from 21IP, 15SO, 14BB and no HR. His one amazing stat is he allowed only 2 runs scored from 24 inherited (8%), almost as big a problem last year for the Tigers as the Closer role. For comparison Dolsi was 35%; Zoom 64%; Rodney 27%; Seay 31%; Miner 42%; Lambert 100% and Lopez 51%. Rapada looks loke he should fit straight into the situational role.


Well this was bound to happen. Perry put in a difficult position and should have been lifted.
Tough break on the fly bal to Anderson. He is human. Looked like a Tiger LF’er on that one.
Gonna have trouble winning games if we don’t have the 3-4-5 hitters hitting the ball to the wall.
When the bats go dead they stone dead don’t they. Can’t figure that out.

a sterling pitching performance wasted by poor pitching substitutions. I don’t like putting perry out there in a 0-0 game aganst the yankees.
And i wouldn’t go to nate in a tight spot no matter who’s at the plate.
of course that would mean more if i had said it before it was 5-0

Yep – golden rule No. 1 – if a pitcher is clearly rattled and can’t get it over the plate, yank him straight away. Doing it now to Nate is just a tad late.

if we had kept this a 3-0 game, we’d have a shot against the yankees bullpen..

I would hate to be Josh right now. Double digits and counting.

6 Hits, 4 Walks 27-54 pitches for strikes.. not good.

I’ll say it one more time – Lyon should not be in this ‘pen. He is a waste of a roster spot. Not that the other guys did any better, but this guy already has a history of blowing games. Why does Leyland insist on using him so much? Something there doesn’t make sense.

There was a good entertaining game shot all to hell. E-Jax was scrappin’ but too many pitches. And not just the foul balls either. Not surprised that Hughes pitched a good game but I don’t think we should have been shut down entirely.
More later. I expect GK to arrive home any minute now. :-)

THE CURSE F THE AAA CALL UP. You called it! And are probably frozen to death. Poor Mr. Jackson.

Can ANYONE besides the GM, explain why Robertson and Lyon are on this team? They are both old, throw slow and limit their strikes to watermelons. When they got a shot of NR waiting for JL to come out and get the ball, he looked like he hadn’t a care in the world. Just didn’t give a sh-t about his appaling performance. I thought then and their, you basta-d, you got yours and don’t even care anymore.

Can tolerate Perry and Anderson for their rookie mistakes thats going to happen. They still might turn out to be something special. But NR and BL, were mediocre at best, are bad now and are going to get worse. Send their butts out of here. I’d try a couple more rookies who might make something of themselves. Besides, come on, could they really be worse than Nate and Lyon?

Yes Rich I just arrived at home, that grand slam was enough to get me out of there, and I in all these years only left about 4 games early. But I am freezing and annoyed. I hate to have been right, but “THE CURSE OF THE AAA CALL UP” still lives. Had a two guys sitting next to me who were from Baltimore hoping to see a good game and here I was when Perry came in raving about him, said that he could be erratic but always seems to get out of it???? Well this time he didn’t get out of it. Anyway I don’t know really what I have to say about the game except it was cold, and boring, and annoying.
And I think that Porcello will get eaten up alive tomorrow.
This was the night we had to win to get the series.

Well, young Mr. Hughes is a top prospect, much as our own Porcello is, and he was tearing it up in triple-A.
Ryan Perry impressed me in spring training with his effortless ability to throw the heater for strikes. That hasn’t happened once the season got underway, and he may be a candidate for more seasoning at Toledo when Bonderman/Willis or whoever rejoins the team. He has a bright future, but it may take a little longer.
I really don’t think management knows what to do with Nate. He’s a guy who’s traded on one good season and now we’re stuck with him. Do you release him too? DD pulls off some excellent trades but oh, those contracts. Mr. Lyon is going to have to put up some good performances at Comerica or he won’t last here. He did himself no favors tonight.
Hated to see the kid Anderson have that happen to him. Obviously he was setting up for the throw before he judged the ball, but he is still learning. I guess everybody understands that, other than the few who booed the play. I think Josh is the kind of guy who will turn the experience into a positive.
It would be nice to take the series from the Yankees, but I have to say, I’m more concerned with the divisional games that begin on Friday. That’s where we stake our claim or not. Chicago split, KC is losing and Minnesota and Cleveland are tied. A typical night in the Central, the way I see it.

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