Sheff's 500-homer gift

sheffphoto.jpg This is the gift that Tigers vice president/baseball legal counsel John
Westhoff presented to Gary Sheffield last week to honor his 500th
career home run. The team had prepared it when Sheffield was still with
the Tigers and ended last season with 499, but Sheff’s release
obviously changed those plans. Westhoff traveled to New York to make the presentation to Sheffield at Citi Field.


Hey, that’s a nice picture. Don’t see him smiling very often. I’d display it right above the gift. I understand that Mr. Westhoff flew to NYC just to give it to him. Too bad we couldn’t have done something at homeplate before a game, but it didn’t work out.
Sorry to hear about Scott Williamson’s release. I was hoping he’d pull off a comeback. This is always the sad part of the game.

Sheff is hitting .136 for the Mets.
Pudge: .230
Renteria: .217
Joyce: .100

The Tigers are a classy bunch.

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