Zumaya to rejoin Tigers this weekend

Tigers manager Jim Leyland said Thursday afternoon that reliever Joel Zumaya will rejoin the club this weekend at Kansas City, indicating he’ll be activated and back in the bullpen to face the Royals.

Leyland didn’t know which specific day, other than it probably wouldn’t be in time for Friday’s series opener.

“They say he’s ready,” Leyland said.

Thus, after opening the year on the disabled list with what was listed as a sore right shoulder following his season-ending stress fracture last August, Zumaya will be ready for his first outing of the year. He made a handful of rehab appearances at Class A Lakeland and Triple-A Toledo.

Pitching on back-to-back days was widely believed to be the final step in Zumaya’s rehab. He did that on Tuesday and Wednesday, pitching a scoreless inning apiece with two strikeouts in each outing.

Once his shoulder felt fine Thursday, he was declared ready to go.

Leyland didn’t specify a role for Zumaya, other than to say he’ll be pitching from the sixth inning on.


Saweeet! However, I am curious to see who he is replacing in the pen!

I’m gonna guess bonine, but i also think that Perry could go down or they may release Rincon.

This is no inside information, but I’d be surprised if it was Perry.

i guess you guys haven’t seen lyon pitch . they should be 10-4, but he blew 2 games. it should be him.

Well it won’t be Lyon. (OT-Wings are in tough tonight eh?)
I think they should keep Perry up here. In my opinion Bonine is the guy who should go down but it all might hinge on how much work management feels Perry needs. Rincon seems to have potential still. Miner has the advantage of the “Versatility” factor that JL has been jazzed up with this year.
There is also the isdue of options. Zumaya is an odds-on chance of re-injury so it would be a shame to send someone down who is short on options.
Will tonight be the night that Ordonez finally gets an extra base hit? how about Laird or Ordonez coming through with their 1st Big Fly?
Be real nice to see Edwin come out and throw a good one again. He was superb in Seattle. I don’t wish to go thru another affair like we witnessed last night. we got a way with one that we didn’t deserve to.

Hey, let’s leave Grilli… whoops, I mean Lyon alone. Sure he blew the game in Toronto, but he’s been decent since. I think Leyland needs to do a better job of putting folks in positions where they can succeed.
Why pitch Lyon for two and Miner for only one? Miner’s clearly the more effective long (if you can call two innings long) reliever. And speaking of folks who should be long relievers, where the heck is Nate? The doghouse? Man hasn’t pitched in 10+ days now. All’s well that ends well, but it might have been nice to see him come in around the 5th last night and take us through the 7th or so. Might’ve stopped the bleeding earlier.

Real surprised if it is anyone besides Eddie with Nate and also likely Zach there long term with Willis and/or Bondo making a return.
Jason, would Bonine have to go through clearing waivers again having done so in February? An unusual case being outrighted to AAA, then coming straight back up.
A great chance to take another series today. Would never have thought they could win 4 on the west coast in April.

Nate will likely find his way back in to the rotation. He has pitched well so far, though, as you say, not very much. that maya be as a result of lipping off to the press in my opinion.
I’m not lobbying for Nate as I think he will never regain what he has lost, but there will be a need for a LHP to start the odd game. Willis is a longshot and one that any basbeball romanticist hopes comes to pass.
Kudos to Curtis for fighting through the slump he was in.
Nice to see Everett turn that very slick DP last night when Perry was throwing. He has looked a little shaky but that play showed his range, his glove and his importance to the pitching staff.

Your right about Nate going missing, not having pitched since his 2 good innings and getting the win against Texas on the 11th. Surprised as this was after Nate had come out recognising he had over reacted in his disapointment. A shame if it is still lingering.
Dan, look how far a bit of hope and dreaming has got us!! A little bit (OK a lot) more and Willis could be huge!!🙂

Speak of hope and dream—Brent Dlugach is tearing things up at Toledo. the SS is hitting almost .360 and hit 2 solo shots today. He is supposed to be a good glove man and I think the knock on him was hitting! We’re ready for a good young prospect to make an impact at this key position.
Let’s go guys–let’s have a good one tonight. Gotta take advantage of them throwing a minor leaguer with control problems.

These official scorers are embarassing to the game of baseball. Abreau gets a “homey” hit and Jackson is unfairly treated. Yesterday Raburn made a horrible error and not charged with one. Tonight Inge boots one and they call it a hit? . Well he just made up for it with #6, but it is a shame to see a major league baseball game not scored properly.

Seems to me that the club is not accomplishing much by keeping Larish with the club. I like Larish, but he will never become a MLB hitter by langusishing on the bench. Tonight would have been a perfect night to give him a start. An inexperiened RHP might just have been what the doctor ordered. To make him stagnate and expect him to come in cold and PH in alte innings is wildly optimistic.
You’d think that with Thames down the need for a power bat, especially from the left side, would provide a few more ABs.
Tigers have to smarten up against this guy. They are letting him off the hook by giving some of their ABs away.

I just can’t figure out why our hitters do this to their struggling starters. Jackson needs a blow after that last innig and they come up hacking instead of trying to work the count. Not sure if they have an overall team batting program. it was clear the Angels have been willing to work the count in all these games. This is something JL an McLendon should be working on. Team concept.

I call this the “TRIPLE A CALL UP CURSE”. Tigers do this every time. They look as though they are going to get the the guy and then he settles in and let the guy off the hook. It doesn’t looks as though they are going to get to him or the angels tonight.
This is what irritates me. They to help matters all the freaking infield hits and more importantly the errors. Unacceptable. For all the spectacular plays there are a lot of bonehead plays.
And all of this mess in this 6th inning is because of infield hits and errors. I don’t believe they have hit anymore the 4 or 5 balls out of the infield. They just look as though they are trying to get on the plane. I don’t believe there is any comeback in this one tonight.
WELL at least the Red Wings won.

There have been a couple reversals on the scoring today.

Well, our consolation in this year, will be that it ended Leyland’s tenure, as the Tigers skipper. To me, it’s mindboggling that he still can’t see, what better observers can see. Or, the dude just exists in a state of denial!?

So…. “they say Zumaya is ready??” WHAT does that mean, do tell, Jimmy? What does it mean? That Joel is going to come on, be a so-so relief pitcher, at best, while once again, like they do with Verlander, spend all their time trying to figure out, what’s wrong with this guy? At, after a few games, he’ll come up with yet another injury. In the meantime, the Tigers will waste valuable time, not dealing this guy to another team, that might jump at the chance to pick up this “legend,” and provide the Tigers with some more talent.

Verlander, does anyone remember the Verlander we saw at the end of 07? YOu know, when the $$ was on the table? What about ALL of last year. Funny??!! How he’s simply picked up where he left off(ALL of last year). Has it dawned on any brass, that, as I’ve said since he came up, that the guy DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO PITCH??? At what point, will “location” mean anything to this guy?? Howabout maybe NOT showing the same batter the SAME pitch, over and over, in the same spot?? for starters. Shoot, Porcello, a 20 year old, understands that there is an ART to pitching in the BIGS…. Meanwhile, there are arms, on every team

Seems to me every damn one of them starts every inning by walking the first man, especially when the game is close.

XBOX360 announced Zumaya will be ready to compete in the All Star video game tourney this week!!!…its just that someone will have to carry the box his joy stick controls are in. He could get hurt if he carries it!

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