Dombrowski: Cabrera rumors "absurd"

It’s very rare that Dombrowski will delve into trade rumors unless they’re wrong enough that he wants to shoot them down. Well, when he was asked before the game if he wanted to comment on the speculation that the Tigers could trade Miguel Cabrera because they might not be able to afford them, Dombrowski pounced to shoot them down.

“I think it’s absurd, absolutely absurd,” Dombrowski said. “We have no interest in trading Miguel Cabrera. We have had no talks regarding Miguel Cabrera. Not only is it one of the last things we would ever consider, we have an owner who would never let that happen. This is our core player who’s our foundation.”

The speculation came from ESPN over the weekend. Dombrowski said he heard it twice, and it made him upset because of what Cabrera might think. So he wanted to stop the speculation in its tracks. He said that season ticket sales aren’t nearly as bad as people are speculating, middle of the pack among Major League teams, and not far off from their levels in 2007, and that owner Mike Ilitch has a proven track record of building teams around star players.

“There’s nothing that can happen this year that’s going to make us think about trading Miguel Cabrera,” Dombrowski said.


an extremely slow pace to this game.. not what the doctor ordered for a 10:00 start.
glad granderson has found his stroke again.

They are certainly getting good wood off of Weaver. And they may need it as G-Man appears to be a bit off tonight.
Sure wish Ordonez knew how to run the bases with 2 out!

G-Man is realy struggling. With the hitters, tha plate and himself. Not sure if he can recover and get a couple more in.
We’re gonna need the bats to come alive in this one.

Precisely what G-Man doesn’t need— a quick 1-2-3 inning.
Sure hope Miner is effective when they bring him in. I don’t think he is ever going to be a premier MLB pitcher but he has stretches where he is very good.

That’s better. He looked a little more aggressive on the mound that inning. I’ll skip the running commentary and start pulling for the bats to get us a few more.

Man–the boys are just not playing smart baseball. Their pitcher is struggling and they are going up there hacking and creating easy and quick innings for their opponents.
Meanwhile, G-Man is unable to really even catch his breath.
Miner in now. Ready for anything.

I guess JL has a lot of faith in Lyon. Lord knows why.
Truth is the Tigs haven’t really deserved to win this game the way they have played. What?? Everett PH for Larish? Geez I wonder what he is going to do?
Smart baseball? Look at what Torii Hunter did on the fly to left. That’s smart.
Leaving Lyon in for 2 and expecting good results is not smart.
Everett couldn’t get the bunt down and Anderson has a brain freeze. Wow! This game has been conducted like a sideshow.
And one final shot at Ordonez—those are legs under you Magglio. Use them properly and move them faster please.

Boy that ump was bad–for both sides mind you.
Sure hope JL doe not get stubborn trying to make Lyon ‘work”. The guy is supposed have great control but he has blown a couple of game already by giving up untimely walks. Not sure why JL felt he should go 2 full innings with him. IMO, if you are stone lucky enough to get past 1 with Lyon why tempt fate.

Well, kinda disappointing how this one was lost. Galarraga never had it and I guess that was the biggest thing, and it lead to our downfall.
Not sure either why he left Lyon in for two. But was really curious as to why he didn’t pinch hit Thames instead of Everett. That was a big no no to me especially since Everett hasn’t played in several days.
And YES the strike zone was aweful – I am not if it effected one team more than the other but that last call to Santiago was horrible – just aweful and a couple of those to Napoli was bad.
Well Verlander on Wednesday – not feeling that. I personally just assume now that we are going to lose all Verlander starts.

Some tough losses in this ballpark the past few years. The walk-offs last year, the 7-run comeback only to lose in 2007, etc. I’m surprised we were even in the game with Galarraga being so off tonight. As it was, he was nearly in line for the win till the Hunter homer. Miner pitched well.
I liked the idea of Everett PHing in the 9th. Larish wasn’t going to hit against the lefty so that left Adam and Thames. However, I would have wanted to have Anderson steal second, then bunt him over to 3rd with one out. That was all messed up as it played out.
There may be a problem with Guillen playing leftfield. I don’t think Hunter can advance to second on that flyball with a real LFer out there. He may have scored from first on Matthews’ double anyway, but that’s beside the point. Bad route, bad positioning on the catch, and a weak throw. Not good. Hope he improves, or else he’s looking like a fulltime DH.
The “strike zone” was a joke, and that was painfully obvious. Nobody on either team had any idea what it was. Just yesterday (I forget which game I was watching), the analyst (whom I can’t remember) had been talking to a baseball person (whom I also can’t remember) but this baseball guy had said that this year’s ball/strike umpiring was terrible. They need to clean this up or we’ll end up with an electronic strike zone. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that could never happen. Not while Bud (let’s be the NFL) Selig is in charge
One more morsel for you all to chew on. Is it possible that, since the steroid era is over, MLB has juiced up the ball? There are an awful lot of homeruns being hit off of weak swings and weak contact. I wouldn’t put that past Bud (fans love offense) Selig either.

Glad to hear the rumors are not true!
10:00 games just aren’t for me – I made it through the 6th inning, but missed the homerun to tie it up, I was dozing and when I saw it was 3-3 I figured I’d best turn it off. Too bad they lost, but the rough game G-man had, I was glad to see he didn’t give up any more – bases loaded with 1 out and they only scored 1 run.

So far I am not impressed with Lyon. I missed Guillen’s poor play in left. He is still my Tiger though – I keep waiting for him to turn it around. His hitting seems to be working itself out though, and his steal came in handy to get him to score.

Way to go Curtis – fun to start the game off with a dinger!

I’m late to this, but I heard Bill Simmons speculate Cabrera distressed trade to the Red Sox earlier in the season and Peter Gammons saying the same thing recently. It strikes me that both of these “pundits” shill for the Sox and their speculation smelled like tampering. Either way, I’m glad Dave Dombrowski address these rumors and kind of wish he would gone further by criticizing Gammons directly.

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