Day-night DH vs. ChiSox July 24

Seems like there's a doubleheader against the White Sox every year (the last two years in Chicago), and the streak will live on, this time in Detroit. Last Tuesday's rainout will be made up as part of a day-night doubleheader on Friday, July 24. The makeup game will be at 1:05 p.m., with the regular game still at 7:05.


The bottom 4 have now batted in more runs than the top 5, 34 to 32, quite incredible with the team coming 2nd in the AL hitting 283 to the Jays 290. Last year we were 5th of 14 in the AL hitting 271.
The Tigers are 6th in pitching with a 3.87 ERA compared to last years 12th of 14 with 4.90 ERA.
By this time last year, we were 2-10 with 4 shutouts. In 2009 we have 2 shutouts of our own, which took the whole season to achieve in 2008!!
Our defense stats have also improved on last year from 13th to currently 6th in the AL with the occasional fluffed easy play more than made up with plenty of team lifting athletic spectacular ones.
Looking forward to tonights game – LA will be tough having a day to regroup from a 4-8 start and a Twins sweep. We have a great opportunity to build on a good start with KC and NY following.


Yea. I’ve always like Adam Everett, but Tigers will be a better team with Ramon at SS. Mistake to not give him that job outright.

^ I don’t think Santiago should beat out Everett.

Although, you may get what you wish, since Everett hasn’t played an entire season in some time, due to injuries.

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