Tigers-White Sox rained out, rotation shuffled

Updated with pitching matchups in bold …

The first cold, rainy day of the season in the Motor City proved too wet for the Tigers and White Sox. Tuesday’s scheduled afternoon game has been postponed.

Rain was intermittent all morning and into the early afternoon. It was expected to continue throughout the day and into the evening.

No announcement was immediately available on a makeup date, but the two teams have plenty of options. In addition to common off-days April 30, June 15 and June 22, the White Sox come back to Detroit for two more series this year, a three-game set July 24-26 and the final weekend of the season, Oct. 2-4.

Tuesday was supposed to be the first career start at Comerica Park for Tigers rookie starter Rick Porcello. Given the conditions and the way they affected starters Zach Miner and Gavin Floyd on Monday, however, it might not have been a fair glimpse for fans at Detroit’s top prospect. Both Miner and Floyd seemingly struggled to find a grip on baseballs, and their command suffered.

With Tuesday’s rainout, plus scheduled off-days coming Thursday and next Monday, the Tigers shuffled their pitching rotation after the announcement. Porcello will make his next start Sunday at Seattle. Armando Galarraga will make his scheduled start Wednesday, followed by Justin Verlander on the road Friday and Edwin Jackson on Saturday. Galarraga is expected to start again next Tuesday against the Angels.

That leaves Zach Miner out of the rotation for the time being until the Tigers need a fifth starter again late next week.


That works fine for me. I get to see Verlander and the 2 new guys (especially Porcello)!
Will be down the the 3rd base line near the ball girl–2nd row.

If the Tigers head honchos don’t just give that SS job to Santiago, they’re stupid. The kid is just about the full package! And, yea… I was thrilled when they picked up Everett, but c’mon here….. the dude’s got pop, and a lot more!!

Agreed re Santiago. I was happy with the Everett pickup because it would give Ramon more PT. I think I’d just make Razor the starter against all RH pitchers. He’s stronger from the left side.
Dan, give us a clue as to what you’ll be wearing in Seattle and we’ll look for you down the line there. Or hold up a “Beck’s Blog” sign. 🙂

Hey Rich–A dark blue Tiger Cap to be sure!
Also have 3 T Shirts that we could be wearing.
A Grey one with “DETROIT” printed on the front and the number “6” on the back

A dark blue one with a HUGE English D on the front


a dark blue with “Tigers” in Script on the front.

It may be difficult to convince my wife to wear one though!
I’m still dealing with hrying to pawn this trip off as a “Birthday Present” for HER!!! She’s not entirely buying it.

I have brought the boys pretty good luck over the years. (Sweep last year in NY) so let’s hope the good luck continues.

Well Dan, you need to take her out to a nice dinner(s) and give her a blank check shopping trip. I shouldn’t say that since my wife will read this. 🙂
With the rainout, I watched a few innings of the Mark Fidrych game. What’s striking is how quickly the game was played back then. I also noticed many of the players didn’t wear shirts under their jerseys (it was hot that night) but I do like that sock look they had. Ken Holtzman’s delivery is absolutely bizarre looking. They mentioned that it was Mickey Stanley’s first start in leftfield, with Ron LeFlore in center. And Bob Uecker doing some of the play by play. I keep waiting for “juuust a little outside.”

Dan – those Fox guys like to find Tiger fans at away games, so make yourself known!

This has been encouraging so far to know the boys are doing better than last spring openers! No complaints from me!..Chew up them White Sox!!

Amonst other news, that Chris Lambert went into 8 innings with a no hitter. Look out bullpen. Somebody is always improving in the minors, and hungry for the biggs!
All it takes is a couple screw ups, and a change could be made. Its not about how much money is paid to play, its about talent to win games!

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