Guillen DHing, Santiago at SS, Laird scratched

Carlos Guillen said his sore Achilles tendon is feeling much better, but he’s going to DH today as a precaution. Jim Leyland said Guillen could be back out in left field Tuesday. Josh Anderson will play left today. Leyland said he wanted to get more left-handed hitters in the lineup against Gavin Floyd, which is partly why he chose today to start Ramon Santiago at short and give Adam Everett the day off.

Meanwhile, Gerald Laird was originally in the starting lineup but was scratched because he’s sick. Thus, Matt Treanor will make his second start of the year behind the plate.


  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Guillen, DH
  6. Santiago, SS
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Anderson, LF
  9. Treanor, C

P: Miner


  1. Brent Lillibridge, 2B
  2. Josh Fields, 3B
  3. Carlos Quentin, LF
  4. Jim Thome, DH
  5. Jermaine Dye, RF
  6. Paul Konerko, 1B
  7. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  8. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  9. Dewayne Wise, CF (former Toledo Mud Hen)

P: Gavin Floyd


How’s the weather?

I wonder who will be the closer today if the situation arises..
Rodney has pitched back to back days but he only threw 5 pitches yesterday, would leyland run him out for the third straight day?
Lyon threw 2 innings yesterday but it only took 17 pitches so could he get the call?
It could be Perry, but he hasn’t thrown enough strikes in his first two outings to show he could be ready for the situation..
Bobby Seay?

Rodney is available, Leyland said before the game.

The game time temperature was listed at 37 degrees. And it feels every bit that cold with the wind gusting. The flags on top of the scoreboard are straight in.

Despite the wind, if you can drive the ball without altitude, you can get some carry today without being hampered by the wind, such as on Dye’s homer.

See also Konerko, Paul. Both Dye and Konerko just hit their 300th career home runs.

thanks for the info jason. nice to see them strings some hits together off of floyd and claw back in it.. too bad granderson couldn’t deliver with bases loaded..

Miner is back to looking like Miner again… 50% strike ratio isn’t gonna get it done.

Miner is back to looking like Miner again… 50% strike ratio isn’t gonna get it done.
2nd straight inning he has thrown 20 pitches without recording the first out.

To rehash Leyland’s quote that he has used a few times this year, Miner has to pitch to get outs instead of pitching not to give up runs.

My husband just e-mailed me, teasing me about the Tigers losing badly. I had not yet checked in, but right when I did, the gameday showed a 3 run jack by Santiago – who knew he had that kind of power? Way to go! Maybe I brought them some luck. I believe our offense can always make a run, but it looks like Miner is having a rough go today after just 3 innings. come on Zach, settle down and get some outs.

Santiago’s HR looked like that scene from Tin Cup where Don Johnson’s character bets he can hit a ball 500 yards or whatever. Santiago lined one into the tunnel in RF, where it bounced and kept going.

In case you’re curious, that was 23 straight batters retired by Tiger relievers before Konerko singled in the fifth.

I would have pulled Zach at 5-1. Obvious he didn’t have anything and didn’t appear to be about to get anything. The hitters have to remain patient, although the chance to get Floyd may be gone. Too bad.

What’s with the strike zone? That umpire called the second strike on Guillen because Carlos “showed him up”? That’s bush league.
Darn, Razor got robbed. He’s stroking today.

Wish I could have seen that last hit by Santiago, the bloggers say it was close to another HR. Still losing, but great day for the newbie Anderson – 3 rbi’s for the day, clutch hitting. Darn these day games when I have a hard time keeping up on the internet while I am supposed to be working!

i cannot continue to follow this game on the internet, it’s giving me a headache. what a wasted offensive effort.

The guys did a good job of battlling back, but Leyland stayed with Miner too long. I have no idea why, but I’m sure he’ll have some reason. Maybe it was one of those no-brainers………
In the end, it’s yet another home loss to the White Sox. This won’t do.

Well got back from the game and it was freaking freaking cold. It was absolutely painful to be there. And I agree that I thought he left Zach in a little too long as well. And was also wondering why he left him in and then I was thinking we haven’t had a day off yet and frankly the pen hasn’t been used a lot yet and Porcello may need help tomorrow as well, so that was my thinking anyway.
Just listening to the news and heard about Mark Fidrych. Very sad, I wonder what happened there???
Anyway I got my Cabrera Homerun champ bobble head and that will have to appease me for today. I wouldn’t get too hard on Miner though, the strike zone was liberal and there wasn’t a pitcher that did well today. (Rincon was okay) Anyway days like today they shouldn’t even play baseball.

I can’t believe we lost The Bird today. He truly was my first Tiger memory. RIP

Hard to be in JL’s shoes, one day he gets it right leaving Jackson in to pitch 6 innings and over 90 pitches and the next he gets it wrong trying to get Miner into 4 innings with less than 80 pitches. Miner just never had it and wondering how he was going to chew up 6 relief innings probably cost us any chance in the game.
To me the key was starting the 4th at the top of the Chisox lineup and having given up 4 runs to the bottom in the 3rd, it was really a no brainer to pull Miner after 3.
Hard to believe we are at 50% with Curtis, Maggs and Carlos off to slow starts. Really glad to see Anderson and Ramon break the ice today. Now for Treanor!!
Casey Fien is off to a shocker blowing 2 of 2 saves and Clay took a loss in the 14th.

The timing of Mark “The Bird” Fidrych’s passing is eerie. MLB Network just a few days ago presented the Bird’s famous start against the Yankees on June 28, 1976. I put it on DVR and began to watch it just last night. I even had my wife join me for a couple of innings so she could see what all that Bird hoopla was about.
On top of that, I’d been planning for the past few days to post a comment here which detailed my somewhat hilarious failed attempt to get into Tiger Stadium that very night in 1976. The blog technical problems stopped me from posting it. Now it seems somewhat inappropriate so I’ll indefinitely delay that story.
Fly on, Bird.

Hey Tiger Fanatics. I just read the sad report about the Byrd and his tragic passing. For those of you who are too young to remember him, what a joy he brought to the game of baseball and to the city of Detroit. Not only did he have the magic with the fans, he had the magic in his arm that one glorious year.
Baseball desperately needs more heroes like Mark Fidrych, and this world needs more humble people like he was. My prayers to his wife and daughter. Thanks Mark, for those magical memories.


Rich – don’t forget to some day tell us that story, I am interested.

Too bad baseball has lost yet another person this week. The Bird was awesome, I was pretty young when he was a pitcher, but I clearly remember him from growing up in a Tiger’s household. the Tiger organization can be proud to have him as a part of their history.

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