Guillen day-to-day with sore Achilles

Guillen’s right Achilles tendon was sore on him before Sunday’s game, and running out the double in the eighth inning only worsened it. He’s day-to-day. One could envision him being the designated hitter tomorrow to kind of limit his running.


When Guillen went up to try and catch that homer off Lyon in Toronto last week, it looked like it hurt when he landed. So this is why. This will probably nag him for quite some time.
I originally thought my comment today would begin with “too much Kevin Millwood.” I guess we all know exactly how Texas feels this evening. They must be going nuts down there. They’ll probably blame Washington for pulling Millwood although it was probably the right call. I did disagree with Washington when he brought in his RHer then had him intentionally walk Thames. That tends to make a pitcher wild and it sure enough happened. Laird should have known this, but instead he swung at ball four several times. The Ordonez AB that inning was terrible too, but that’s all the negative things I have to say on today’s game.
Edwin Jackson made one or two bad pitches. I’m not sure if the one to Hamilton was all that bad. Other than that, he was lights out again, with a little good fortune. It was important to keep battling, to keep the team in the game, and he did just that.
Inge’s hitting heroics today have been well documented, but equally important was his sparkling play on Cruz’s bunt to open the 9th. If Cruz gets on, and Rodney is on the mound, who knows what happens? Anyway, the bullpen has been incredibly good this weekend. What is it, about seven consecutive perfect innings?
This type of win this early can really start things rolling, it happens to winning teams nearly every season. Not to get overly optimistic, but there just might be something happening here.

Rich, I agree with that on Guillen, I thought he looked like he hopped up oddly after making the jump too.

Texas, we know how it feels to have a starter pitch a great game only to have the bullpen blow it – nice to be on the other end of that deal for once!

Way to go Tigs!

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