Zumaya starts off rehab stint with one inning

Joel Zumaya’s Minor League rehab stint began Saturday night with a two-run inning at Class A Lakeland against the Tampa Yankees.

Zumaya began the season on the disabled list with a sore shoulder after suffering a setback in early March from his shoulder recovery. He walked the first two batters he faced Saturday before a double-steal set up one run on a fielding error from third baseman Shawn Roof. Another run came home on a single from Yankees prospect Brandon Laird, younger brother of Tigers catcher Gerald Laird.

From there, Zumaya regrouped to retire the next three batters in order. Damon Sublett popped out to short. Austin Romine grounded into a fielder’s choice. Then, after a wild pitch advanced the runners, Zumaya got a called third strike on Wady Rufino to end the inning.

It marked Zumaya’s second rough outing this week, having done so in an extended Spring Training game on a windy afternoon in Lakeland. While the statistics weren’t good again Saturday, the important part for the Tigers from this stint is whether Zumaya’s arm feels fine the next day. If he can continue to do that while maintaining a good velocity, he’ll continue to progress, eventually going to Double-A Erie or Triple-A Toledo to face more advanced hitters before the Tigers decide whether to bring him to Detroit.


I would think the Tigers will take their good sweet time with Zoom. First and foremost, not to induce further injury. Two,
to have him at 100% velocity and locating. Three, to have a
look at the rest of the pen. Somebody’s gotta go. Bonine?
Rincon? Lyon?…doubtful. They all need 3 or 4 appearances
to sort out the pretender. Plus Bondo’s gonna displace one,

I would think the Tigers will take their good sweet time with
Zoom. First and foremost, to not induce further injury. Two,
to make sure he’s firing at 100% and locating. And three, to
take a good look at the pen that’s there. They need 3 or 4
appearances each to decide who to send down.

Love Zumuya, but the guy has to grow up. What a B/S story concocted off season injurgy. The injury definately due to partying.

Also unless he gets control that hurcky jerky motion, he’ll be another Kerry Wood, to much stress on arm.

I would not count on him, Velosity down, not allot of movement pitches, make Ryan Perry new closer.

Totally agree with you, ’68 Tiger!
They need to see who’s not worthy , and who can save the games when the game is on the line!
Right now, its looking like Robertson finally had some sense talked into him.. the only way to prove yourself, is not moving your mouth, but by putting the pitches in the catchers mitt!

I like seeing a good showing by Nate , and Bobby Seay. I hope they lock up the middle relief this year. Maybe?

Definately, a better showing for the offense , this spring. THats good baseball.

Hi, I am posting from El Salvador (Central America). I have been a Tiger Fan since ’84 (great season to became a fan). I been reading this blog since 2007 and I think I already know some of you. I enjoy reading comments by Rich, Dan, Matt, Tracey, to mention some names. I strongly believe that the Tigers are in rout to a great season, and that they are going to be contenders in the AL Central. Kudos to all the team, they have shown a really good team effort…

Greetings Jose. Glad to have you. I’m seeing that team effort too. This could be a lot of fun.

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