HRs in first 3 games of season

Twenty-one other players have homered in the first three games of a season, according to home-run expert David Vincent from SABR. Here’s the list:

Mark McGwire, St. Louis 1998
Dean Palmer, Texas 1992

Kevin Mitchell, San Francisco 1991
Mike Greenwell, Boston 1989
Glenn Davis, Houston 1988
Willie Mays, San Francisco 1971
Frank Howard, Washington 1969
Frank Robinson, Baltimore

Carl Furillo, Brooklyn 1955
Doerr, Boston 1941

Bob Johnson, Philadelphia A’s 1937
Gary Sheffield, Atlanta 2002
Darryl Strawberry, NY Mets 1987
Billy Williams, Chicago Cubs 1971
Dave Winfield, NY Yankees

Jim Wynn, Dodgers 1974
Derrek Lee, Florida 2002
Fernando Tatis, St. Louis 1999
Lance Berkman, Houston

Chris Truby, Houston 2001
Grady Sizemore, Cleveland 2007


Brandon looks like a power hitter right now. I just hope that he doesn’t always swing for the fences because that usually doesn’t work for most guys. But if he can (and I have seen that it is possible) Can hit around 20 homeruns and bat 250 or so, that would be great, and anything else would be gravy. But it looks as though his new approach is working for him. Good Job Brandon.
It is nice to get that first win out of the way, and not have to wait until 8 games in like last year. That is the way a pen is supposed to work. What was interesting to me last night is that Rodney didn’t look scared. He looked confident to me and relieved when Curtis caught that ball at the wall.
But nice job all the way around. Would like to see Polanco start hitting the ball.
Can’t wait unti Friday and the weather report is looking better. It will be intesting to see if they can keep the hitting up or if they will blame the cold on not hitting.

OK…I can breath a little better now, with a least 1 win under our belt…
Seen Van Slyke in the helmet (that he loves sooooo much) and had to do a double take…was Rogers and Van Slyke seperated at birth?
Speaking of Rogers, I wonder if there was any thought of bringing him in as an assistant pitching coach?

Just happy to see something work out for Brandon, in a new batting technique. Any time a player can start out the gate hot, that is great. – how many have repeated, asking how great a year MCab would have had , had he not been in a slump starting for a month and a half last year? An extra couple dozen hits on the year, and we could be looking at Brandon hit .265 or better! It might not last, but I sure hope it does.. and spreads to the other teammates!

Keep it up!.. Your “D” has always been top level, but offense has been sub par.
Huge shot hit by Cabrerra last night.. wow…

Did anyone see the night cap, of Pudge hitting one out of his new park? How come he never did that in Comerica?

Good night for the pitchers.. really a surprise that Zach pitched a decent game. I thought for sure he would come unraveled!

– Who leads the Tigers with home runs wearing the English “D” ?

I love Brandon at 3rd but he’s never been one of my favorite Tigers. This year, I have a renewed respect for him because he finally overcame his stubborness and got help from Lloyd McClendon during the off-season. He’s overcome some sort of psychological block and looks like a new man at the plate.

My thoughts go out to the family of Nick Adenhart, the Angels organization and their fan. A tragic accident and so incredibly sad for a kid with so much potential.

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