No alcohol at game tonight

It’s very much a coincidence, since the news came out over the weekend well before Monday’s game, but there will be no alcohol sold at Tuesday’s Jays-Tigers game. It’s one of three nights at Rogers Centre that will be alcohol-free (two for the Jays, one for the Argonauts in August). I would still expect the Magglio chants to be going, though.


On last night’s rowdiness, I was reading fan comments on different sites and saw several exclamations that “this would never happen in Detroit.” That gave me a chuckle.
I’ll do umpire Montague one better and go back to Opening Day, 1970, Tiger Stadium. I was in my usual bleacher spot and the surrounding natives were getting restless. Some guy threw a roll of toilet paper in the direction of the field. The roll created a beautiful arc, with the white paper streaming out behind, right up until the time it sailed directly over centerfielder Reggie Smith’s left shoulder. Reggie jumped like a ghost had pinched him, which was pretty comical, much like a person falling down and getting hurt is comical. He had good reason to jump. Three years before, some yahoo had thrown a lit M-80 from the RF overhang which hit Reggie’s teammate Ken Harrelson in the back before dropping to the ground behind him and exploding. I was at both of these games.
Then there’s opening day of 1974, at the height of the streaking craze. There were at least a dozen streakers in the bleachers that day, with one guy actually strolling up the steps while waving and shaking hands with cheering onlookers. That’s probably the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in a ballpark.
And let’s not forget Jim Campbell having to close the bleachers for a spell there in the 70s.

Wow. That’s strangely coincidental Jason. Well good, now everyone in attendance will have a chance to actually “see” the game. Always a positive. And an added bonus, children in attendance have a chance to see “adults” exhibiting relatively good baseball behavior.

On a related note, I recall one Michigan/OSU game in the early ’80s (don’t remember the year), when it had snowed a good 6″ or so before the game. By game time, it had warmed up just enough to be really good packing snow. I watched a *lot* of OSU band members get hit by ice balls thrown from a great height.
If there’s one thing that we shouldn’t crow about, it’s fan behavior.
On the subject of the Magglio taunts. I was at Fenway two years ago for one of the Tigers games. I was sitting in the right field corner, by Pesky’s Pole. There was a guy behind me going on and on the whole game about Magglio’s hair, his mother, etc., screaming at the top of his lungs. It was not related to Hugo Chavez, I can tell you that much. I think people just like to yell at him.

So you’re saying there’s nothing new under-wear the sun don’t shine Rich?:-)
Anyway I tried blogging and it got dropped for some reason. Let’s see if it’s funny this time around. Highly unlikely.
What I tried to say was that no alcohol being served tonight was a strange coincidence, but at least everyone in attendance would be able to “see” the later innings of the game.
Also I mentioned that children in attendance would be able to see adults behaving like adults. Refreshing.
And Dan, Rich nailed it. This kind of shenanigans has been going on even before the Three Stooges came along. It ain’t just a Toronto thing…….
Nice job last night Nate. That’s all you gotta do.

Don’t want to get too down after last nites’ debacle, it is after all only one game. But we said the same thing last year and before we knew it it was 2,3,4,. . . until we were out of it before the end of May. Maybe not mathematically but for a lot of us the handwriting was on the wall. What I find disturbing is the way we lost. Not a 1-0 or 2-1 game where your “ACE” pitches well but comes out on the short end. That’s really all you can ask of your starter. I have a feeling that losses like last nite tend to stay in JV’s head awhile. We have become all too familiar with the same scenario—2 outs, nobody on and then all heck breaks loose. Somebody has to take charge in those situations, whether its an infielder going to the mound or Laird slowing JV down . Too many times it appears that he is just rushing himself right into these messes. That is the kind of outing you might expect from a rookie but not from someone touted as your ace. Somewhere along the line, Verlander has to learn to minimize the damage, because this team is capable of comebacks if given half a chance.


Hopefully the nerves on display will just be a case of first day jitters and we play good ball today.
Got to feel for Kansas. Throw the ball to Farnsworth after Meche went 7 innings. Trying to protect a 2-1 lead, he gives up 4 hits including a 3 run homer. Amazes me how teams fail to learn and go through the same mistakes made by others. Reminds me of Rodney all over.
Fernando, please make me and many others eat humble pie!! As Dan so rightly puts it, a lot of hope and dreaming is going on.

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