Robertson would welcome a trade

Just had a long conversation this morning with Nate Robertson, who made no secret of his desire to be a starting pitcher somewhere else rather than a relief pitcher here.

“I think the cycle of a player’s time in certain places, it comes and it goes,” Robertson said. “This is my seventh year in the organization, and maybe my time here is nearing its end. And I’m fine with that. I’ll tell you what, this is a first-class organization, and I appreciate everything that’s been done for me.

I don’t go home and say, ‘Man, I feel like these guys are really sticking it to me.’ But at the same time, I’m 31 years old and I’ve got to think about my career. I can be very productive as a starting pitcher. That’s what I believe. I think I can go out there and be durable, take the ball every fifth day, give you a chance to win as a starting pitcher in the big leagues. There’s no doubt in my mind.”

The Tigers obviously feel differently. And Jim Leyland’s response seemed to make it perfectly clear that he probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“I don’t want to start on a negative note here,” Leyland said. “I think Nate Robertson has an excellent opportunity to be a huge part of our ballclub. You don’t always finish how you start. But at the same time, the best way to get yourself in the position that you want to be is prove you that you’re supposed to be in that position.”

Robertson also made it pretty clear that he was unwilling to accept a Minor League option, even for short-term stint to stretch out as a starter.

“I don’t think I can learn anything there,” Robertson said. “Honestly, that’s my opinion. I don’t think you can go down there and learn anything in my position and where I’m at in my career. What am I going to learn? How to get so-and-so out in the three hole for Richmond?”


Geez Nate. I thnk the club and the fans would welcome a trade too. Trouble is he is making too much money for a team to be really interested. Perhaps the Chunichi Dragons?
Nate can still help this ballclub, and right now they need a lefty in the pen. If he can prove his worth there maybe he can pick up the slack later for Zack.
Given what has happened with Sheffield and the way Rapada pitched during spring, Nate should be grateful he is on the 25 man roster at all.

While Nate is one of my favorite Tigers, I really have a problem with him complaining about his new position on the team. In 2007 and to a certian extent in 2008 he was the recipient of some bad luck and in 2007 a lack of run support. He has flashes of dominence for a game or two then he’ll give up a bunch of runs in the next game. I think that he may very well be suited to a life in the pen. He seems to have good luck once through the batting order
But frankly he is in the pen because most of his outing were not very good this spring. And again he had a couple of really good outing but then his last one, was crap?? So I don’t think he won the position. And I am suprised that he is complaining already. He is lucky that he is getting paid to play a game. Suck it up and stop acting like Allen Iverson you are better than that.

I agree that a minor league option isn’t what I would want either as a veteran of the major’s, but no matter how much you “know” you can contribute, the proof is in the pudding and he can’t dispute his numbers of recent past. I like Nate, but he has to earn back that spot, suck it up, and become a star reliever for them in the meantime. At this point a trade would be great, but like it is said above, would anyone take him right now at his price?

By the way all of a sudden I am sklant on here, (which is okay) but it is me GK

I’m sure there’s a market for Nate out there, but the Tigers would have to eat part of the contract. I really like Nate and want him to get back where he was – he’s a gritty guy.
I hope this isn’t like the Jay Cutler situation in Denver and that Nate keeps an open mind. If he can show something in relief, I think there will be an opportunity for him to get back out there. Porcello and/or Miner might not work out, there might be (God forbid) an injury or two – it’s only a matter of time if he pitches well. And once he gets that chance, the job will be his to lose.

This is very disappointing. When you look at all of the uncertainty in the Tigers’ rotation and realize that Nate could easily win a job by pitching well out of the ‘pen, then you have to question what he is thinking. Coupled with the fact that his salary is way too high and it is just disappointing that he’s taken such a negative stance. I know we’d love to trade Nate and get rid of his salary… there’s just no way that someone’s gonna do that…

it looks like Nate has come down with Brandon Inge syndrome..
Terrible at his job.. MASSIVELY overpaid.. and all he can do is whine about wanting to keep his old position or be traded.
Tell him to give back half the money he is owed on his contract and he can have his outright release.
If nate can’t start for this team that is virtually devoid of a solid 4th and 5th starter candidate, who is gonna start him and pay him? NO ONE.. otherwise i’m sure he would have been traded long long ago.
Suck it up and EARN it.

Gotta like Nate but he hasn’t been a consistently good starter for awhile now and that’s pretty obvious. I think the bullpen is a great place for him since it seems he doesn’t get lit up till the second time through an order.

You gotta love that Leyland is playing who he thinks is best and not going by contracts. If he wants to get his contract renewed there better be a lot more W’s this year and he is doing what he has to do. Can’t wait till the real deal starts Monday.

Nothing much I can add that you all haven’t already said very well. I mean, I think Nate can get hitters out too, but he doesn’t go out and do it on a consistent basis. I don’t know, sometimes you have to reach a low point to get straightened out. Obviously, he’s not buying into the relief role as I had hoped at times.

At what point in your career do you say, I am a big leaguer, and not taking any crap. I would have thought, individuals would say, I have a hell of a great contract, for what they expect of me, I have been trusted on this team for some time now, but I’ll do or try anything. What the heck, boss!.. sure, (humbly) I’llgive it a try! Anything for the team. I kind of think Nate is seeing himself asRog Clemens, or CC Sabathia , sorry chum.. you ain’t them!

In defense of Inge..yes, he objected, but he did the catchers job giving up 3rd for C Guillen, and he was error free till the near end of last season.. showed he had diversity.. of OF, a cannon for an arm at 3B, and decent for a Catcher. ANy NL club would be interested in those stats.
He did win back his job.. if only they could sprinkle some majic dust on his bats!…

Same thing they need to sprinkle on Nate’s arm! ha ha ha..

Sounds like he could learn a lesson from Dontrelle Willis on how to approach it, or at least on how to speak publicly about it.

Note to Nate.
There no longer is a team in Richmond!!!! If you’re headed to the bushes you might want to look at the affiliation charts!

What Nate is saying” Golly, heck,gee whiz Dave, there are a lot of teams out there with pitchers like me who have .500 records .and are starters. Let me play too!!”. The trouble is Nate, you don’t win championships with a staff of .500 pitchers. I am Not an Inge fan, but he stood up and took one for the team last year. You might try doing the same thing and be grateful you are on a team like Detroit.

I am sorry to hear this from Nate, cause I really like him. I understand why he’s feels this way, but it would have served him to wait a few days for his emotions to settle before speaking publicly about this.
I sure know alot of people around here that have lost their jobs, completely unrelated to poor performance, and are trying to support their familes on $375/week unemployment. He’s not going to find much sympathy from Detroit fans, I’m afraid.
Nate’s a good guy. I expect a totally different attitude from him soon.

Nate should read the above comments, especially this last one from Tracey.

Couldn’t agree with you more Tracey!

For many of us in Northern Michigan- Tiger Stadium its a vacation setting, or a planned and long awated trip. We would either drive down, or take a chartered tour bus down to see the Tigers play!
For many of us , exactly as stated.. lack of business has eroded our jobs, and families on unemployment, we will most certainly not be able to spend $85 each, for a chance to see our favorites play, on a bus ticket to the game!
Times are hard. Unemployment up here is around 17% in our counties. Cable Fsn will be the closest we get to see the Tigers this year, thats if some of us keep that luxery. Newspapers subscriptions are at an all time high cancel rate. Shame on some people.

Its an ugly truth, that when you look at the millions some expect to turn out to the park , the majority of your fan base will be laid off this summer! This might be the only bright spot we have to turn to with the economy looking so poor.

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