Larish will make Tigers roster

Look for Jeff Larish to officially be announced for the final bench spot on Detroit’s 25-man roster on Friday, when the Tigers will have a roster move to announce on outfielder Brent Clevlen. He’s out of Minor League options, so the Tigers have to try to pass him through waivers in order to outright his contract to Triple-A Toledo.

The decision had been expected once the Tigers traded for center fielder Josh Anderson and released Gary Sheffield in favor of Marcus Thames earlier this week.


Glad to see Larish get the final bench spot.

Gee whizz Nate, you should have remembered the old “gum time” days and stuck a big wad of gum in your mouth to keep it shut.

I guess we’ve finally got a roster. Okay, open the gates and let the people in. The show’s about to begin.
While it’s been proven that “closer by committee” rarely works, there may be a method to Leyland’s madness. Beside the fact that nobody stepped up to claim the job, there’s this: it’s entirely possible that the closer, in the end, will be Ryan Perry. Doing it this way allows the youngster to move into it slowly, rather than being dubbed the saviour from the outset. Okay Jim, I’ll play along. What the heck.
I know Zumaya is out there, but you all know I don’t count on that.
I hope Clevlen can stick with us, but I doubt he’ll go through waivers unclaimed. The potential is still there. Meanwhile, it’s reported that no one claimed Nate, so I don’t know where you’d trade him to. Nate ol’ buddy, you’re just going to have to deal with it, just like the rest of us do on a daily basis.

The more I think about Nate the more ungrateful and self indulgent I think he is. He has been horrible at best and pathetic at worst over the course of last season. he was given EVERY opportunity to win a starting job and had a huge advantage being a LHP and still could not do the job.
When the whining and complaining sets in it is time to part company. Good-Bye Nate Robertson. The writing is on the wall and you signed it yourself.

Well Nate, sometimes you go fishin’, you might be surprised with what you catch. Judging by the comments on this blog, it wasn’t sympathy. You can’t really blame anyone.
Tracey, you had the best and most fair post and I agree with you. I think Nate is a lot bigger than that, and probably wishes he had never said it. Nate, you were one guy whose character I never questioned. I’m believing this was just a moment of weakness.
Everyone here has felt sorry for him/herself or felt wronged at some point in life. Most of us multiple times. You’re held to a higher standard, like it or not, because you’re a professional ballplayer and yeah because of the money you make. It’s a privilege to be in a position to play ball for a living, regardless of the money. It’s a God given talent. No doubt in my mind Nate, you take it seriously and work hard.
And while I’m on the subject, yeah these contracts are absurd. And they’re getting grosser by the year. In defense of Nate (all ballplayers), sure they want to get as much as they can, and they see someone else getting the big contract and they feel they deserve one too. And it’s the agents and owners and us fans(consumers) that really make it possible. Crazy money.
That’s a lot of pressure. And if a player doesn’t play up to the level of the contract, best to keep it humble. How can I help coach?
Nate, you’re a better person than that so just pick it up, work hard, be the team player, and see what happens. Never pass up an opportunity to be thankful.

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